IS-8 review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 350, GTX 760,
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  1. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    2 vids in 2 days? would be nice if kept this amount of vids/wekk up!

  2. love you foch nice video :)

  3. 4:50 Conqueror has the best dpm of t9 heavies.

  4. 2:30 700 armor! NO problem! Made out of staling himself. XFD

  5. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    by the way , when are you going to finish wolfenstein? on sunday or
    tomorrow, maybe the day after?

  6. So the gun is one of the best in the Russian lines? That will be nice once
    I get it unlocked, currently on the IS3 :)

  7. omnomnomnom IS8. omnomnom.

  8. Foch, how come you don’t upload in 60fps? 

  9. Foch, when will you announce the winners of the Willitderp contest?

  10. i really like the si-8 and because im weird i prefer it to the e-75 purely
    because the speed with the epicly powerful gun is such a nice combination
    in my opinion. then again i have my insane crew in mine so that helps with
    vert stabs, a gun laying drive and a rammer. in my opinion the best non
    auto loading mobile heavy in the game.

  11. intro: Hello ladies and metalgen 

  12. HAHAHA, 700mm sidearmor, why not?!

  13. I got this tank and the M103 at the same time, and compare the 2 as a
    mobile and high DPM heavy tank, I like the IS-8 much more.. The turret of
    IS-8 is much better than m103. the speed limit and the viewrange makes the
    IS-8 a real medium tank and it can actually catch up with other mediums and
    flank, while M103 can only be a no-armor HT. In addition for some reason I
    never hit high row on m103’s gun.. 9 out of the 10 shots the gun hit less
    than 390, which is super annoying..

  14. Side armor is that strong because the actual side armor is angled towards
    “the inside”, it’s something you cannot see because the spaced armor covers

  15. My first tier 9 tank, I really enjoyed it! Also saw that game live, was
    really fun through Circon’s percpective :D

  16. Your review came at a perfect timing, I just bought my IS8 yesterday and
    I’m very excited to start the grinding.
    I enjoyed the IS3, still have and still consider it a beast tank, but I
    can’t wait to get my hands on the IS7, the highlight of the whole line if
    you ask me.
    Thanks for the review :)

  17. 1:58, “you can penetrate it next to the turret”, stronk english!

  18. Fun tank 🙂


  19. Is it just me or is it the russian tanks that get the ludicrous armour
    stats on certain points of the tank, like the is-7 500 mm armour on side
    skirts and yea 600mm gun mantlet here. 

  20. You forget the conqueror has around 200 more Dpm than the is8, other than
    that thanks for a great video!

  21. Well, if you look at the armor and mobility, E-50 and IS-8 fall into the
    same category.
    A medium-heavy hybrid.
    Only the E-50 is a medium-heavy and the IS-8 a heavy-medium, this seemingly
    dubious distinction making a lot of sense once you factor in their very
    different guns.

  22. I quit wot for a while because of this tank, it broke me lol is7 is worth
    it tho

  23. People WILL moan at you for not doing a ‘heavies’ job…ignore them. Unless
    there is only 2 or 3 heavies on your Team then play it as a medium with a
    BIG gun. The aim time only really applies to long range sniping, it will
    fuck you off if you don’t let it aim, short to medium ranges though it is
    excellent even more so with a decent crew.

  24. Dude I love you, I just got the amx 50 120 and is8 two weeks ago and you
    review them both. Perfect timing!

  25. “oversized slow medium tank” says it all

  26. hey foch, is there a chance you could share your XVM config? i would like
    to get those stats above the tank etc.

  27. Nice vid Foch! The IS-3 is one of the tanks I’m grinding and I love it but
    it can trade better than the IS-8 in up front battles (from what I saw in
    this vid). Seems like the IS-8 plays like the French heavy autoloaders and
    the med T54E1 which I love to play, like a medium that can’t trade with the
    superheavies. As long as they are played like that they are awesome. This
    has been one of the more enjoyable grinds for sure. Well played man! +1 

  28. i have to agree i liked this tank so much i kept it after getting the is-7.
    i had some trouble with it at first but once i learned what kind of
    situations it is good in, it is quite flexible. you just have to think like
    a medium and realize the best thing to do in that particular battle might
    not always be the typical “heavy tank” thing. once i realized that it was
    butter grinding for the is-7. towards the end of the grind i even found you
    can sometimes “parry” shots with the pike nose by presenting a very steep
    angle and baiting your enemies into shooting it.

    this is definitely one of those high skill ceiling tanks but the play style
    can be very rewarding imo. 

  29. Stalin Mustacium OP

  30. I have this one unlocked… waiting for X-mas discounts to buy it, the
    T110E5 and the 50 100… meanwhile the credit grind is real…

  31. Foch why are you so sexy?

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