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  1. Baron! You shall try out the su-85 and is-2 in heroes and generals and
    record them plez?

  2. They should make this a separate game

  3. They can make a full independent game of this. It will be amazing.

  4. I bet you didn’t know that this really did happen on April 1st in ww2

  5. Unwatchable, learn to zoom out bruh

  6. Barron have you ever thought About submarines

  7. Răzvan A (AssaultRazvan)

    +BaronVonGamez Hey Baron why you don’t play Wot on your channel?

  8. I’m surprised Rocket League doesn’t sue War Gaming for ripping off their

  9. Too bad normal WoT sucks major ass.

  10. I know I am not the first one to tell you but here are 2 good tips for
    driving the IS 8 Ball:
    1. Zoom out (mousewheel)
    2. Use autoame for precise shots on the move. (right click on target)

  11. MeKanism Lastname

    Play more World of Tanks pls

  12. ~ I WAS HOPING we could get an interior view once in the Lunar hanger. I
    was really interested in seeing where the engine, armor, gunner and driver
    seats were positioned in a tank shaped like a sphere.

  13. Baron, you dont know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say you were
    going to do a series of world of tanks. You should DO IT!

  14. Please start playing more WoT

  15. not sure if anyone noticed but the ships in the background are from the new
    master of orion game

  16. Baron, you’re playing WoT, not WT simulator, so zoom the fk out!

  17. Game is fun but not realistic at all in tank combat.

  18. This is what the company does with all the money people pour into this game
    instead of making it actually good ;)

  19. For once in history, pc master race is jealous of console peasants. Console
    gets TOG Boats.

  20. Bruh, on XBox, we play as the fucking HMS TOGS ll. BRUH.

  21. Stalin’s balls of steel

  22. You’re in a small ball, zoom the f**k out! To see whats actually happening.

  23. N00Bvonscrub

    Jk love the vid

  24. Jared Fitzgerald

    In case some don’t get it, the joke is that the tank is the IS 8-BALL, like
    in pool! Thus the pool table-like map!

  25. Ponczuszek Zboczuszek

    stop driving like that zoom out

  26. Jared Fitzgerald

    Is it just my OCD or does he NOT KNOW HE CAN ZOOM

  27. Baron have you played the April fools day Xbox one world of tanks its
    actual tog 2 battleships love the channel

  28. randomcat gameing

    should be in snoopavison lol

  29. U are awesome

  30. I’m not the only one who screamed at him to zoom the fuck out, right?

  31. How did we wind up with Russian sphere tanks, the sphere tank is a German

  32. Is this the first time he played WOT?

  33. In the game they are calling them… Stalin’s Balls

  34. seriously!!!!! why the fuck doesnt wargaming do shit like this all the
    time. this is awesoem

  35. i dont hardly play WOT anymore, but this looks awesome, almost as cool as
    the pirate ships in war thunder, i wish Wargaming would make this an actual
    game mode though. does anyone remember the war thunders april fools last
    year when they had the bubble shermans that shot carrots and potatoes, that
    was funny

  36. Baron you suck

  37. this mode is so derp

  38. War thunder for sure has the beat april fools joke

  39. i thought this was an april fools that WoT made

  40. Moon commies confirmed.

  41. war thunder plz

    Sherman firefly vs. Sherman jumbo with 76mm

  42. carlondus Ardoin

    omg really

  43. I play WOT on console and we got tog boars not is8 spheres

  44. Damnit, now Gaijin’s gonna put these in War Thunder under the excuse that
    they found “sekret dokuments” proving it…

  45. Shadowknight5518

    Wows definitely had the funniest one

  46. I think Men of War Mondays needs an IS 8-Ball

  47. Baron zoom the fuck out so we can actually see what’s going on. Sorry to
    sound like ass.

  48. Stay away from my peanut butter

    Wargaming should turn their april fools jokes into full games, i’d totally
    play the fuck out of these Sphere tanks if they had their own game.

  49. You can say this game was… out of this world XD bud dum pss


    did the squad break up? (phly,baron,slick)

  51. I guess this years April Fool War won…. Rocket League!

    If you know what they did you’ll love it ^^

  52. whats the http for the golden eagles thing?

  53. Men of War Monday’s IS-8 sphere !!!

  54. Nipple cannons hahahahhaahhaha

  55. Eight ball

  56. APRIL FOOLS! he knew you could zoom out but didnt! get mad nerds!

  57. Play more mount&blade Napoleonic wars

  58. War ship thunder

  59. April fools

  60. I think WoT won the April fools war this year

  61. The Kugelpanzer xD

  62. Holy moly just realized that those space ships in the back ground are from
    master of orion 4 :D

  63. what happened to your old wot account?

  64. Baron zoom the hell out…

  65. 3rd person?….. love your videos baron but please think…

  66. Colin McLenaghan

    Houston we have a problem

  67. reminds of the kugelpanzer

  68. Baron i need help!!!
    i need to switch from US to EU servers on War Thunder but how?

  69. Last time I came this early I had to pay Child Care.

    Sorry, I had to.


  71. Dont you know you can zoom out in wot!?!?!?!?!?

  72. BlackCatTheGreat

    Nice to see these shitlords learn how to have multiple guns fire on a tank.
    Fuck the only reason i don’t play WoT really is because of how all these
    tanks don’t utilise all there weapons.

  73. those 7.62s are captured mashcinepistoles

  74. Play some WOT

  75. This makes me want to redownload World of Tanks.

  76. Technically there called IS-360 but they call them “IS-8 ball” like 8 ball

  77. Elliott Noriega-Waite

    I hope this is the future of tanks space balls

  78. Wow on the moon nice and wtf

  79. this is heavy object

  80. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Learn to zoom out….

  81. Try the mouse wheel ;)

  82. Matias Pirttilahti

    This is the kugelball XD

  83. Russian SPACESHIPS are overpowered (WTF) !!!

  84. Baron if you don’t play a game then don’t play it because you fucking suck
    sooooooo much. Please NEVER play this game again. EVER.

  85. Had 4 games and the best one I got 3 kills.

  86. Balls of stalinium….

  87. motivational shia


  88. BlueRosse Gaming

    i my mind im remembar your fraze Baron ( get of my nutz mate) wel here it
    is :))

  89. The heck you doin?

  90. Galaxy Wolf Gaming

    Zoom out with scroll button

  91. Stalin’s NUTZ. HAH GOT EEEEM

  92. Jobdecoolegozer hazendonk


  93. Really? IS-8 Sphere? It’s the IS-8 Ball!!

  94. Baron did you get pranked at all today???

  95. Anton Anktonkovich

    Early 9 minutes mofos! Viewer 393!

  96. The Best Buisness Cyan

    what about world of warplanes?

  97. I hope they keep this gamemode in! :c

  98. If baron comments on this I will shit myself

  99. So early lol

  100. Russian Bias? Aliens? Where did these Sphere Tanks come from?

    Happy April Fools earthlings…these Soviet Deathballs are pretty fun.
    So…who won April Fools this year? Wargaming, Gaijin? World of Tanks, War
    Thunder or World of Warships?

  101. Hell yea baron


  103. This is why there are moon Nazis

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