IS-8 TANK – MOON BATTLE – (World Of Tanks April Fools Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

- TANK Ó MOON BATTLE Ó ( Gameplay)

April Fools Info –

Playing with CIRCON!


  1. This is soooo much better than war thunder April fools I’m dispointed );

  2. Uhh, Kormade, the JS-8 is the upgraded IS-3, not… a ball…

  3. What will a meteor do with 3 premium days?

  4. When WOT copies War Thunder and does a terrible job of it…

  5. They should’ve made them into countryballs for the lolz.

  6. MeKanism Lastname

    Why doesn’t Phly play more World of Tanks?

  7. Nicholas Campbell

    should have been t-14 Armata to exterminate capitalist pigs

  8. magecraft! the starcraft 2 custom gamemode!

  9. 18:57 stamped of red balls with guns

  10. Lol just play the cavalry song t make it sound more dumb and funny.
    18:57 OMG so many reds chasing one guy!!!

  11. Hey Phly ? what gpu are you using?

  12. @phlydaily. What happend to you, baron and slickbee. Y’all never play
    together anymore.

  13. the gamer star wars

    on ps4 you have a boat tank

  14. phly, do you have an opinion on the [100] clan and their cancerous
    playstyle in war thunder?

  15. Никола Кољо

    what is funny?

  16. So he never leave the game… Wow

  17. And world of warplanes is the joke.

  18. what about the tog boats

  19. Anyone else think Wargaming was like. “Hey, you guys like pool?” “Yea”
    “Well lets make an april fools joke about pool. And this is what came.

  20. hey phlydaily i know you may not do it but its worth a try… do another
    challenge video and the challenge is to drop a bomb on any aircraft with
    any aircraft that carries bombs in war thunder

  21. I really hope WoT keep this. It looks so much fun

  22. plz more WoT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Do you exsep

  24. Play I have a change do a plane vid in first person

  25. where is polandball IS-8 : l

  26. Nice one phly so funny

  27. Russian bias

  28. Phly this tank design isn’t of soviet origins. the soviets captured a weird
    tanks/steel ball being delivered from Germany to imperial japan. You can
    actually find this tank in a Russian ww2 armour museum (the captured German
    built one that this is based upon)

  29. the lava is re-textured water

  30. genericusername769

    Nice try WG, still never going back

  31. can i be your friend ?

  32. phly play panzermadels, you’ll laugh your ass off

  33. April fools? I can’t spot any difference to normal WoT :)

  34. i can not like

  35. This is easily the best April Fool’s this season for me. Not a huge fan of
    this game as I like WoWs and WT better, but dayum this was fun!

  36. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    It was 555 likes, I made it 556.

  37. My xbox might work

  38. You should play more world of tanks

  39. anyone notice the map is a jiant pool table and really all you are without
    the IS is an 8 Ball on a pool table????

  40. Balázs Szabolcs Nyiri

    Ph3lan itt? Hmmm ne tudom ki néz még phly-t magyarok közül de szaisztok

  41. can you play war thunder has ships :))

  42. IS-8 Ball for Pool. Seems legit.

  43. How do you get the engine temp an stuff in war thunder in battle?

  44. There’s an April fools one on the ps4 version where you can play as tug
    boats, it’s pretty cool

  45. There’s this thing called auto aim. Try using it.

  46. Thomas Aaron Mulligan

    Will you ever play with Baron and Slick again?

  47. Anyone else watching this in SnoopaVision?

  48. Dog Shit Burrito

    Somebody grab the Benny Hill theme!


  50. Stealthy Icytail

    18:50 Mine mine mine

  51. Panzerführer Chavez


  52. Have to admit, WoT > WT for this april fools.

  53. Does anyone know what other games had april fools updates like this?

  54. Looks like something out of CC Red Alert

  55. Пробитие )

  56. you need nerves of steel for these balls of steel

  57. *WHAT-*

  58. quality options.. 1080p or 144… Really? o-0

  59. The whole scene from 18:50 to 19:00 was so amusing. Admiring that guy
    stumbling all over the place, while Ph3lan was chased by all the enemy team
    like you see in the cartoons :))

  60. Balls of Steel!!!

  61. I was really getting down to that music, and then you turned it down. Why,

  62. HuskyArtz 好流

    May i make you a new intro

  63. Scheisse! Stalin stole mein Kugelpanzer!!! =(

  64. I miss the 2014 T62 Special …. tank-soccer was funnier :p

  65. I was confused for couple seconds, I thought this was War Thunder.

  66. Dammn Phly. I just saw this live and you already made a vid of it. Fast
    editing skillz bro.

  67. Proof that Communism has BIGGER BALLS.

  68. phly play on xbox

  69. I think Wargaming has been watching some Heavy Object

  70. Cesar augusto Villatoro hernandez

    yeaah only can see in 1080p (when only have 1 mb of internet) thanks
    youtube :v

  71. LOL. does this remind anyone of “Heavy Object” The anime/manga? lol

  72. Finally.. a little more variation on engine sounds…

  73. Keep it up phly! I love your videos!! btw can u battle with me on

  74. HellHawX Omega (Lord Of Hellish Chrome)

    E V I L B A L L S

  75. Dam playback error how dare you stop me from watch a awesome vid

  76. My first reaction: wtf is happening

  77. Chris Bromborsky

    did they just add this?

  78. No it’s not loading

  79. _SebaX4X_ YTaccount


  80. Great Stalin balls!

  81. nice 😀 thank you phly!

  82. One of the rare times to see you play WoT. Console got to play as the HMS
    TOG. 😀 It was so much fun. :D

  83. First

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