Is E-50M God-Tier Now? | World of Tanks Big Medium Tank Rebalance – Update 1.10.1

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World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Medium Tank Rebalance, Buffed 121, Buffed Object 140, Buffed E-50M. Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Test Server Review. World of Tanks Объект 140.

► World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Notes:

Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
01:45 | German tank buffs
05:40 | Chinese tank buffs
10:17 | Leopard Nerf
11:45 | Object 140 buff
12:40 | Conclusion

Today let’s talk about the medium tank coming with update 1.10.1 patch. We get some long-awaited buffs to the E-50M’s 121’s line, which definitely makes those vehicles a lot better!

What do you think?


  1. Which buffs are you most excited about? I dig both, E50M and 121… Looking forward to it!
    Keep enjoying your weekend! 😉

  2. … but this horrible module-grind of the Chinese line still exists. I really vote for “Blueprints for Modules”.

  3. I love E 50M and OBJ140…i cant wait…when the patch come out?

  4. The Russian meds are woefully under powered and in desperate need of a buff. The E50 line is fine, and could do with a minor nerf to be honest.

  5. Sure WG nerf the Leopard PT A it is a medium with lowest WR and buff Obj.140 that is one of the best Tier X mediums. WTF are you sniffing WG? Buff Obj.140 who is ever going to play T-62A now? You mixed T-62A and Obj.140 I see?

  6. They make op or crap tanks.. cmon

  7. Lol the buffs of the 121 is not going to do anything, the gun is still awful… and the depression of the gun still bad

  8. I think the reason why Leo pta has worse win rate among all meds is not because it’s bad, it’s because there are so many good games on YouTube and bunch of scrubs think they can do the same but they can’t.

  9. Στελιος Κορδας

    maybe the leo pta has low wir rate cuz the people care only about their score and just run from place to place to pick up more dmg..

  10. T-62a cries in corner

  11. And yet Again American Med tanks dont get a buff. especially my KR patton cant pen anything in tier 9 yet the game makes me play 9 and 10.

  12. The panther 88 meanwhile becomes a lean mean DMP machine sitting at a base of 2.4k which arises a question: is it actually decent now?

  13. i’ll be back when this drops, my 8.8 and e50 will be happy to be dusted off.

  14. No tier 7 panther buff?

  15. They could throw a buff to the t62 no?

  16. AusCan Plant Support

    Another great vid Dez, thanks. Makes me want to start on the German mediums, E50 would be fun I think!

  17. once I believed that E100 will be buffed. But they lied for 2 years. I dont think this will happen.

  18. The Problem with the e50m is the gun. Horrible accuracy

  19. E50m is great now feels like an armoured med but 121 is still trash
    430u can bounce heat rounds on the front plate when angled properly and it’s turret is also very tough
    121 facing heat is auto pen turret hull angle or not
    Plus the gun needs a little love 430 u has the blyat effect it can shoot half it’s shit without aim not the same for 121 it needs a higher alpha to make it unique or the gun needs to be better
    I find the wz light gun Bette than 121

  20. side chicks huehuehue

  21. Can WG just bring back frontal weakpoints so people would stop using fucking Gold ammo?

  22. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    They will definitely nerf it again, just like the turret of E5

  23. Conspiracy Theory – I started grinding the Leo line last few days and with a credit booster it makes 20k+ credits per battle. WG doesn’t want non premium tanks making credits.

  24. They are nerfing the pta. Are u serious mate.

  25. Because of the mts buff f2p needs to grind tds to counter those buffs Chinese TD American TD Russian TD German TD..

  26. This has always been my favorite medium but I stopped playing it when the gun power and speed creep passed it by. Now I might even reinstall and check it out.

  27. That’s a nerf for the t34-2 if you ask me. I was a big fan of the 390 alpha damage.

    • Ђорђе Добрић

      Kind of stupid that the Guard with 122mm does 390 alpha , Revalorisé with a 105MM DOES 390 AS WELL but the only tank next to T44 that you can put a 122mm on ,will do 360, if you ask me they shouldn’t change the damage but like put the average reload at 11 seconds

  28. 😴😴😴😴😴😴

  29. So 270 mm armor can bounce standard shell >50% of the times, but would still mean nothing cuz most shell fired at t10 are gold anyways haha

  30. Just press 2, all problems solved. Yay…

  31. So let me give you the conclusion: previously you could easily pen all these places with standard ammo (talking about tier 10 tanks). Now you can easily pen with gold ammo.
    If you look at the values they just increased it so it’s a little above standard pen on most tanks
    GG wargaming, GG…

  32. Gold still nullifies these changes

  33. Im still waiting for light tank buffs

  34. I just started the german medium line so this is motivating news

  35. I wanna Panther 8,8 from referral cuz I’m going on E50M and I wanna something for crew training. I’m happy it’ll get buffed

  36. Not enough to play my panther tanks, thats really bad.

  37. Pz iii/iv : ohh shit here we go again

  38. WG are idiots killed the PTA it was balanced …

  39. Dez: “Stay naked”
    Me at work: Aight, sure

  40. E100: I am the Best
    E50M: I am you, but with speeeeeeeeeed

  41. Don’t want any of these changes. Revert the armor changes…

  42. Heavies buffed
    Mediums buffed
    How about TD’s?

  43. I would like them to buff centurion AX especialy turet frontal armor

  44. Finally! I have been waiting years and years on this.

  45. An ‘increasement’, yay, a new word in the English language! Like it, well skookum…

  46. WG how about you delete some more tanks from German tech tree?

  47. Click bait
    Its not god tier, it will still be shit, and every other tank that gets cheesed trough turret front with gold will always be shit unless they get a super conqueror turret treatment with spaced armour on turret front and pixels which are vulnerable to gold

  48. It is amazing that WG can do something remotely decent and not going waaaaay too much over the top.

  49. Why Panther 8.8 armor still not being buff……sob sob…..

  50. when will the wtf e 110 be available.
    in my country you call it fraud and you punish it.
    nice thieves you are all thank you for the scam.
    the scam is in the terms of the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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