Is Gaijin Actually Listening To Players?

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Source: Spookston

Some of you guys have asked me to cover the economy change roadmap was released by Gaijin prior to update La Royale going live. While I do think the changes are overwhelmingly positive and I appreciate how communicative the developers have been recently, I am slightly skeptical of some aspects.

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Is Gaijin Actually Listening To Players?


  1. If bushes are destructible if that applies to anything fired at them I can see players “shaving” teammates of bushes off their vehicles

  2. And then they nuke the forum the next day, completely out of the blue with zero communication, breaking all the links and locking 10 years and millions and millions of posts of discussion, information, advice and everything to showcase they have not changed at all.

  3. Did we just… win?

  4. Just nerf russian tree and game is fine.

  5. Gaijin doesnt need to listen the games is the best realistic its so good that wot looks like a stupid joke

  6. When is it coming out?

  7. Snail Dev’s:
    “Going forwards we will be more open, comunicate better and revert changes the community do not like.”

    (5 minutes later)

    Snail Dev’s:

    “We’ve nuked the forums overnight with no warning, in two years we’ll delete the old archived site… don’t like it: tough.”

    Snail hasn’t changed… I’m shocked.

  8. Day 52 of asking @Spookston to play the Type 93 :=)

  9. Lmao 1 step forward 2 steps back

  10. day 4 asking for the Type 75 SPH

  11. I don’t thrusts gaijin ive been burn to many time 😂

  12. looks like im downloading WT again!

  13. Gaijin is probably starting to see dropping player counts and premium purchases because people are fed up with the bullshit. I don’t play anymore for that reason

  14. Review bombings will continue until morale is improved.

  15. They do? impossible

  16. Gaijin doesn’t listen until the fucking spirit of Arthur Harris manifests within the playerbase lmao

  17. Im the dumb premium guy lols

  18. Rainbow factory pony playz

    I hope this fixes the game I am still tier 1 and I have been playing for over 1 year. When does this stuff come out anyway!

  19. The mid tier aircraft thing needs hell of a decompression! I’m sick of facing Mig-15’s and La-200’s in my B-29A BN!

  20. I think you should have the option to remove bushes from (other player’s) vehicles, as well as to turn them to a signal color of your choice.

  21. Until people forget about it and they slowly reinstate the shi!ty repair system


  23. Bakunin Cervantes

    I uninstalled this game. Not convinced. They have to deliver big time and I might check back in winter.

  24. I personally did not noticed the presumed”so gain increase across the board”. My top tier tanks still have 140-150% so multiplier. Do anyone know how they “improved” it?

  25. Commander override nerfed?!?! Thank the heavens fr

  26. Ive once played a game where not once or twice but three times. Ive killed a team mate with artillery and i just back out of the match if i start getting kicked from games because idiots wlll drive into on coming artillery barrage im just gonna quit the game.

  27. Im gaining less RP now thanks to their soviet economic state update 💀

  28. they should fire BVVD if they actually listened

  29. Red Barrel Entertainment

    For the longest time, American vehicles have basically been like this: Best vehicles have mid-repair costs and the shitty ones have absurd repair costs. Gaijin basically (at least for some vehicles) flipped that around. The 5.7 Corsair that used to cost 12k to repair now costs 6k, and then the only all-round decent American prop, the F8F at 6.3, costs 10k instead of 6k. The 8.3 F9F is also around 17k to repair instead of 21k. While these repairs still suck (also the Maus being under half the repair cost of the T95), it’s MUCH better than paying the repair cost of 3 F-16s just for a WWII relic that fights jets.

  30. Chuột đường hầm

    Listen the Bv-238 has more bomb load outs then gaijin gives it only 1 loadout. Please make a video on it, it has potential.

  31. If you listen to players, then why you cannot test flight all the objects???

  32. Theyll backtrack soon enough. Don’t think we’ve won.

  33. The area im concerned about, is that they have gone into detail about possible future changes for AB and RB, but have basically not touched SB. Whilst prehaps not your wheel house as a tanker. As an SB Air Main, Im not sure how any of these changes will work with the SB we have currently

  34. The in-game economy was the only – and I mean ONLY – reason I don’t recommend War Thunder to my gamer friends. I knew they would feel tricked.

  35. “we are going to lower the repair cost, we promise”

    lowers it by 1%



  37. If you do a video showing the changes in place, I might reinstall the game.

    I deleted after losing all my SL because spawning in was instant death in the spawn zone, and still came in the top 4 after each match from getting a single kill at the start.

  38. Sounds actually nice, I think about maybe returning to the game if those changes make it in. Sounds a lot less stressful

  39. Geez please go italian, 4,3-5.0 is the best br ingame (breda +r3) if you don’t got the 234/4 !
    It almost makes FUN!

  40. i did not listen too a single word i just watched in awe at how he ground pounded those panzers

  41. I hope they stay true to their words and don’t just revert it. It feels like it may be empty words

  42. lets be honest, give it a year, they’ll go back to fucking the economy again

  43. I will revert my negative feedback if these get ingame

    But. The moment they even THINK about spoiling these, at least the most significant ones like RP and SL gain, that review is going negative again.

  44. King Dude Thingy

    (Sorry to ask but) Video 42 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay PLEASE SPOOKSTON

  45. damn if they actually implement these changes i might start playing again.

  46. i do some game with france today, i died 4 time in a game, was my worst game today and i earn lot of SL with premium, when before the update i would have lost like 10k to 20k even with a premium

  47. I don’t like the last sentence though. Like it is good if just a quarter of these changes get into the game. I feel like this and even MORE better should be added to the game, please let’s not relative that there are other companies who focus more on getting an improved game out than Gaijin.

  48. I am of the belief Gaijin also needs to slightly boost arcade’s RP to incentivize more casual players to come back.
    RB can still have higher RP rewards. sure. but Casual players who want to just play for fun, especially in air battles. I’ve noticed just leave.

  49. i wish that different era vehicles where in different tech trees like the blue water fleet and coastal fleet, and to they are unlocked to start researching similar to the helicopter tech tree where you need to have a rank whatever vehicle before researching it form using a cold war tank but letting someone who is good at the game have post ww2 jet planes.

  50. How and why was the B-29’s repair cost so high. It’s average stats are consistently lower and the play rate is low as well.

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