Is Gaijin Running Out Of Vehicles?

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constant addition new content is essential to the continued success of War Thunder. With that in mind, some WT players are worried that Gaijin are starting to run out of vehicles to add to the game, that they’ll start running out soon. I’m not much an expert on military aircraft, but I think that there are still plenty of tanks and other armored fighting vehicles Gaijin can add.

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  1. With the new modes they could add prototype trees and keep them to their own battles or even like the dawn of tank design and let the older scraps battle it out

  2. Better Maps, better game modes. Then some other rewards then just vehicles. Things like progressive skins, etc. whatever.

  3. i could give their ideals
    but they dont listen

  4. They need add chat back the reasoning for them taking it down is stupid

  5. News_Internationale

    No, because they still haven’t added BTRs besides the 152 and no BRDMs.

  6. Gaigin running our of vehicles? Might have to actually balance the game properly

  7. I Think Gaijin Should Be Add Indonesian Military Vehicle Like PT-76M,AMX-10PAC-90,Leopard 2 RI,Etc.

  8. I am not worried about Gaijin running out of vehicles. If we don’t have any more real world earth tanks Gaijin can always start inserting combat vehicles from sci-fi franchises. Can’t wait for the At-At and the At-St from star wars.

  9. Lone Wolf Powertrain Solutions

    Lol they should start adding current day technicals.

  10. Well, I could just get into german politics and expand its Tech Tree in War Thunder.

  11. It would be awesome to have Gaijin change their attitude towards paper vehicles, and make vehicles like the IS-7, E-100, Coelian etc. aviable to everyone.

  12. They’re running out of MODERN stuff (that isn’t classified). There’s plenty of older things they haven’t added yet, the problem is it’s harder for them to get people hyped about things from those eras.

  13. Leonardo Christophe

    Gaijin should add the BTR series

  14. Generic Scottish Channel

    The day gaijin gets me to play 30k hours is the day the games good

  15. Imagine if they add a separated game Mode with ww1 vehicles

  16. Hold community events I.e “Community Map of the week votes” or just use community surveys to see where the majority of the community stands on certain issues.

  17. China is missing a shit ton of vehicles. They’ll be fine.

  18. The real question is will you ever run out of useless videos to post?

  19. Just living ma life

    New fantasy tanks how world of tanks do it lmao

  20. Gaijin cannot afford to run out of vehicles, but I wonder how ‘rona changed the ability of modelers/3D scan staff. Warthunder income is reliant on whales and dolphins paying to get and spade new vehicles and buy premiums, as the amount of people who suffer from gotta-have-everything syndrome is immense. Grind events where at most only the top rank reward can be earned, but there are three top rank rewards and six low and middle rewards, are great earners. There’s a lot of fair justified vehicles that can be added with historical accuracy by merely changing textures but why are we not seeing that happen? (Swedish tree, captures & leases by Finland, etc)

  21. Modern vehicles are more fun bc you don’t have to wait for the gunners in the m10 to hand crank the god damned turret at like 1 degree a minute my god that turret is awful

  22. Theres still a ton of interwar and wwii designs they could add, but the emphasis on modern vehicles does mean eventually they gotta go back to that point anyways so…..

  23. Omg this is happening! They are finally going to run out of vehicles and fix matchmaking! Right? right??

  24. Bruh that steroided M1 would have to be at 12.7 lmfao

  25. To a degree: yes and no.

    The Abrams on steroids you mentioned would probably be an event vehicle which would be unfortunate but point is that test vehicles like that that aren’t super well known probably won’t be added to the tech trees. Small nations that would have vehicles for modern day I think should be clumped together in a single tree with lots of options or maybe a NATO vs warsaw nation. I think the combination would be better as it could get political with what’s going on but anyway I think theres a decent amount of ground units, plenty of naval, but not much for aircraft at least. Unless we’re getting f22s or something, I see air fairly complete unless they decide to break off from ground forces. What I mean by that is we have certain ground vehicles from the current century that are fighting jets from the 60s and 70s at the same br. Ok obviously the f16 for example is better than the f4 and would need a higher br, but does that mean ground forces will have to adjust to the increase? Will the f4 be booted down? I don’t think 10.0s fighting laser guided bombs is very fun but its already in the game. Either air will have higher ranks for air battles only or they do something to one of the branches. Either way, I don’t see ground forces being able to compete with jets from the 70s/80s.

    Bottom line either ground forces need to rebrand to allow the upcoming 4th gen fighters in game or we have separate brs for planes in ground battles (which should be a thing anyway)

  26. Yes, yes they are.
    Soon some other company will make a better game and put WT to sleep.
    It’s a vicious cycle.

  27. Daniel Kimberley

    Don’t worry WW3 will add more

  28. well theres a warrior that has 40mm gun and stabilized that isnt added

  29. Every video I watch I just notice how bad I am for the game lmao

  30. The short answer: No.

  31. Bro, i have a list of chinese vehicles they could add (that’s the only tanks i know alot about so no other tech trees), there is more than 100 vehicles on that list. they could rework the fucking tech tree to one of the major ones with the list i have.

  32. We need Canada. Yeah I know it’ll be a mix of Britain America and Germany but I think it would be a good addition.

  33. No, I don’t think so. They’re just being really lazy about them. There’s all sorts of sub-trees and variants they could add to the minor nations that Gaijin seem to enjoy neglecting. Besides, some new game modes would be absolutely fantastic.

  34. RaversFantasy KB

    Well there is also the idea that when they do run out, they would redo older events for old event vehicles, bring back April fools events like what they are doing with Tail Spin and so on. There is also addition of maps, game modes, improvements and even reworks of sounds and the game engine, would is already going on. With even no vehicles, they can back track to WW1 and bring vehicles from there into their own sub game mode, where you basically switch from the current map and setting, to another, like when you switch a port in World of Warships. (Add more ideas, let’s make this happen for WW1 :DDDD)

  35. yes , you can tell that by seeing flea market on vehicle appear .

  36. They could always add the submarine game mode back, or even add the ww1 tanks

  37. Many people don’t even have one country’s tech trees fully unlocked, and besides the tech trees, there are many premium vehicles that can only be unlocked with special requirements. It is difficult to unlock all vehicles.

  38. well maybe they will finally fix the game once they run out of new vehicles

  39. Brasilian tech tree

  40. Maybe when they run out of tanks they’ll give us Navy players some content? Right? Maybe?
    Who am I kidding…

  41. hoping for a huge globally-spanning non-nuclear conflict so countries will make cool new vehicles for the silly tank game :^)

  42. You guys seen the “Chat is unavailable” feature they just released during the Ukraine update?

  43. I think you nailed it. As an overall strategy, they are filling out the current tech trees up until current day and then will fill in more “gap vehicles” after. There are some glaring holes, even in the US tech tree. There are no AA between about 4.3 and 8.0. In addition, even if they run out of vehicles, I hope they have the foresight right now to start thinking about new game modes and new maps. Plus, if they were smart, they would revisit some older maps that are torture to play right now. Many are probably on most people’s “banned” list and could be tweaked to be “almost fun”. I think they have a few good years ahead of them if they are smart and pay attention to their fan base while offering enough to interest new players. Cheers.

  44. Once they’ve caught up with Air and Ground vehicles, they may move to Naval vehicles as it’s fairly neglected.

  45. If that were to happen maybe they’d focus on fixing all the broken shit

  46. 4:21 Gaijin putting ROC and PRC vehicles in tech tree: *imma pretend i didn’t hear that*


    Wish we get lower tiers for France and Japan, specially France, the jump from rank 1 to 2 is pretty brutal with the gaps there are

  48. They can add some new trees also, Yugoslav tree would be fun to have.

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