IS IT A LIGHT, OR A MEDIUM? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of Tanks the T-54 Lightweight is a hybrid that combines the best of light and medium tanks… or does it?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Aye, GG Quicky

  2. Omg man… Wtf you doing? After this video, the idiots will no longer stumble with that tank, but will come to your story that it is a medium tank and that it is not a spotter..
    There are already a good number of idiots who claim that the t49 is not an light tank and do not stumble with it, so the team loses the word because it is blind.
    Stop confusing jerks, a light tank is a light tank and its job is to spot.

  3. I’ve returned to this game after 4 years, and I’m glad you still produce videos.. so much has changed there.

  4. Playing light is realy hard these days. Playing the tank is not hard. Get a team that can take advantage of you is well hard. The amout 0f games iv hard to shoot and not spot because my team can not aim. Or just wont won’t fire is stupid iove playing scout. Im sick of the low skilled players who make it difficult.

  5. “Gift whores in the mouth”? Never heard that one.. but it makes sense.

  6. Tier 9 WZ> t 54 l

  7. trash game

  8. Is WOT still worth playing? I’d be starting from the beginning so I’m a bit worried about the annoying f2p progression and pay to win aspects. Anyone have thoughts? I haven’t played for like 5 years, but it was the first PC game I ever really played and this got me real nostalgic

  9. Now all we need is a Maus Lightweight as a replacement for T10 German LT

  10. HazMatt Container

    I understand you don’t feed the trolls, but if see any of your content without seeing the ” worst_noob_in_wot” trying to troll you, I am surprised. The guy is persistent, I will give him that…

  11. Hunter Biden is a pedo

    That t95 has been spending some time in the library with reads like that!

  12. Is it a light tank? or is it a medium tank? no, it’s a Soviet bias tank.

  13. A game of “team vs. team”? Nah, it is 1 vs. 29 most of the time.

  14. Yea he shot premium rounds but how is your total credit profit before expenses only 49k from winning so well. It’s like here is nothing you had fun now pay for it.

  15. The only real advantage the T54 has over the T54 lwt is the gun. The armour is meaningless as everyone just fires gold ammo at high tiers.

  16. he knows because you used the same trick 1 minute before

  17. Shout out to the T-95 pilot, he almost made this video a crow-eating show.

  18. why no one is talking about how amazing of a sidescraper this tank is. a true light tank bully

  19. T95 was too much big brain.

  20. Ahhh, i was wondering how accurate the ALT hp bars were and whether they needed to be reported by teammates. Gonna be honest, i haven’t used that feature much yet.

  21. Don’t have a great win rate, but the T54 LW is one of my best. Fun tank. Was more fun before bloody EBRs showed up

  22. Planterak's drawing time!!

    It’s a shmedium.

  23. I think the recent changes to this game are shit. Fights I would have won now I’m losing forcing me to load gold. WG fucking over free to play players. Game is dead.

  24. When you’re tricking on somebody, you might as well be tricked at the same time. LOL

  25. Fingerprint Gamer

    We Blitzer alredy have this tank and its not good for welfare of other players and they say its Balanced lol

  26. HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar

    flup! just like that not an easy trickiest trick and hope so for that armour blown, 1 in a million spg exploded..nice

  27. spell19-20 healing

    so lucky that T-95 miss

  28. The T95 almost outsmarted you, but you outsmarted him. Nice game..

  29. when the T54 medium was first added, wasn’t it effectively the same size as T-54 ltwt but with the T54 mediums armor and gun, and it was overpowered so they nerfed it by increasing it size to the actual medium?

  30. The T-54 has good armour and speed. So i guess it is fast as a light tank, and good armour as a medium tank. IDK

  31. Which you record your videos

  32. T54 is at best when you use a Supercharger…

  33. Hey QB. Any plans at all to try WarThunder? A game where Ammo racking is not a random occurance?

  34. Andrija Brankovic

    God, I hated every moment of T-54 lw. As a matter of fact I hated all Soviet LTs, except LTTB, that I loved.
    Love my Frenchies though.

  35. holy shit did he really just said this game is TEAM vs TEAM? wow never saw that one coming

  36. Every Russian tank ever.
    Is it a Medium… is it a Heavy…
    Is it a Tank? Is it a UFO?
    It’s neither, it’s just a piece of blue paper!

  37. actually “pretending to go in a direction, but going in the other one” is a 50-50 bet, if they are not kids

  38. This is my favorite light tank. Fit my playstyle amazingly and worked well for someone with the clan tag Bully. That and the ST-I was also amazing for a scouting heavy 😅

  39. T95 should have backed up to the red line…

  40. well that was brown alert moment XD

  41. and cost you 35k in ISK – play to win then.

  42. All of my stats in the T-54ltwt are higher than in the T-54, T-54ltwt is a tier 11 tank with tier 9 hitpoints.

  43. Really loved the t 54 lite until WG added wheeled vehicles. After more than half my matches were in tier 10 , I parked it in my garage hardly ever playing it again. Easily out spotted and the 105 hits so much harder. Got tired hitting tires for no damage and even if I got lucky and penned I did less than 250 damage. sorry no thank you. Great job wargaming.

    • yep same i stop playing any lite from 7and up still pop there tier 6 out now and then but even there you see the 7&8 BS ebr’s with there 300mm of rubber armor

  44. QB: more armour than all the t10 light tanks

    EBR: are you sure about that

  45. Again WHAT is your crew skills? So level 7 are they poor show killer

  46. well then it’s a light-medium! or is it a medium-light… fuck.

  47. This was a -36500 credits game with premium account. Sure WoT, whatever you say.

  48. That 54-LT had to be pissed, should have killed QB, but RNG said no.

  49. a great tank and the russian bias helps out as well

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