Is It Finally the SUPER Pershing? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Super Pershing was just buffed in World Tanks – but does it still suck?


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Always loved the SP, had some of my best games in it by just pointing the nose at the enemy and murdering them while they bounced

  2. Square_jackal Gaming

    wtf when did quicky baby grown a fucking beard ????? holy shit

  3. QB, I love ya but you’re smoking crack.

    The SP has better DPM than the FV4202, better standard and gold pen than the T-44-100, better view range than a Larsen, better gun depression than the CS-52 LIS, and better accuracy than the Bourrasque.

    It also has more hit points than all of those because it brought an extra tank turret for additional armor and decoration.

    Oh, and it NEVER sees tier X tanks.

  4. Cyka Pershing*

  5. Now blitz need to follow suit.

  6. Kalle Kumpulainen

    last time it was charioteer where you first got 1000xp average

  7. i thought it was good before this buff i have it 3 marked

  8. Super Pershing is hands down better than the Bisonte. Bisonte has trash DPM, even using it as a single shot tank. However, I tend to not get many shots off because my ammo rack has been detonated in 80% of my Bisonte games.

  9. Great i exchange the tank 1 year ago with e75 ts 😫

  10. i have 150 games on this tank, still hate it

  11. Retropaintball clips

    Remember the good old time then I bought it and it was bouncing more shots on the turret then a super angling obj 140. Today it’s not…

  12. When Wargaming buff the Jadgtiger 88 like they did with the Super Pershing, I’ll consider coming back…

  13. I’ve been playing mine lately, it’s a much better tank than it was before the buff.

  14. This was my first 3 mark tank!!

  15. I never had good battle, always tier 9-10 battles were everyone from red team knows how to make holes in this tank…

  16. I had a bug last night while playing…

  17. The Strv had a good game too at 3.8k. I think he made the right call to give up. he’ll get courageous resistance bonus and no repair bill.

  18. We honestly, really, genuinely, well & truly need a FCM 50t buff now -_-

  19. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I think wargaming should have “tax” returns in the game, how ever much money you spend on gold per year, you get back a percentage of it. Lol

  20. Wow have not watched ur vids in a couple years. What did u do with ur hair and facial hair? Looks bad, not you at all

  21. Tried using this 3 days before the patch, my client was bug. My shells were not travelling, they explode in my spot as if some wall that was hit. It is most noticable in HE rounds. My client is back to normal, and ill never try that again 😅.

  22. I miss my super persing 😢😢 i sell it Ooh WG hahay

  23. Panda shitting TDs are ALWAYS gonna panda shit. They are worse than arty IMO.

  24. Hi! QuickyBaby! I had this bug in 1.11 patch before. Try to turn off some graphical option like Tesselation effect and lighting quality. If it doesn’t work, then use standard graphics. Standard graph has not have theese bugs but the tanks have the only beauty thing in that option. 🙂

  25. So let me get this straight. I’ve been play WOT the last two months and the MOMENT I begin engaging with the super Pershing medium tank and do extraordinary well with this tank. You make a video about how great it is now, when it’s been out for like what since the beginning….

    I’m not gonna lie I might sound off as if this is happening because of me lol right. But I digress…; This must be a coincidence.

  26. I hope they buff CDC someday, bc now it’s laking vs all the other premiums

  27. I started playing in August, and i remember, though i am not sure from where exactly, that the Super Pershing were initially considered OverPowered, and i think it was nerfed in 2013? I may be mis remembering.

    But one thing is for sure, I SOLD MY FUCKING SOUL to get this tank, during 2014 the Marathon, we had 28 days to get 7 times x 75 thousand XP, for each nation in the game at that time. My luck was that, back in the day, it was XP and not BASE xp, and because World of Warplanes came out a bit earlier i got a good chunk of premium days from being a Tester(or that chunk of Premium days, which intially were a whopping 48 days, i think, got me into buying Premium Time), and that helped enourmously on the grind. My first Premium tank, i still remember even in 2014-2015 people sturggling to go through the frontal armour.

  28. I want to see that video

  29. Love the super p since its previous buff when its standard pen got buffed. It just seems to make so much credit, maybe because of the super cheap shell cost.

  30. that s1 screwed up, he is impervious to your 90mm guns.

  31. My first ever premium and my favourite premium to this day

  32. Super pershing sitll has better pen than M46 Patton KR and T25 Pilot 1 lol

  33. Quackybaby says the Super P is now a decent tank with the buffs. But then shows it only fighting small amount of tier 8’s and a bunch of tier 7 & 6’s. Hardly a good test to see if the tank can now be described as good.

  34. I felt QB’s soul leave as he said he would be playing the Panzer VII

  35. I prefer the old super pershing, when it had armor and its cupolas are weakly armored

  36. Too bad it still sucks when not playing a perfect crew, cola, bond eq tank vs tier 6.

  37. That’s not a bug QB, it’s the sign of a GPU dying. I watch your stream and there has been graphical artifacts on your stream since at least January.

  38. It still has the same issues before, since the gun overall is the problem. All the new tanks have good pen and high Alpha, the S. Pershing, is just left behind.

  39. The matchmaking of that pershing screams pay2win xD. That pershing cant be penned by tier 8 but somehow wg thought it was nice to put it against tier 7 xD. They milk the last $$ from the players… WOT is dying so quickly. They even put bots to fill some games..

  40. I just sold the tank few years ago..

  41. I so regret selling it for gold all those years ago…

  42. I gotta recover my Super Pershing before it is scrapped!

  43. The Super Pershing was, and always has been the absolute best vehicle to bring into the test servers where everyone sloshed around HEAT.

  44. Next could come AMX CDC buff…

  45. This graphic glitch happens to me whenever i alt-tab from the game, maybe its that…

  46. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    IMO it was the pen buff back in the day which pushed this tank from being frustrating (fired more premium when the standard rounds only had 178mm, 202 was a huge help) to solid. Not great by any means, but solid. Seeing the new mobility stats are definitely something though, now I’ll bet this thing would be an absolute gas to drive.

    Also I respect that S-Tenk driver for not going in. The HP pools weren’t the deciding factor, the problem was that QB’s team had a Russian TD with a big gun, a semi-traversible turret, two remaining allies and sufficient approximate knowledge of the STRV’s position after the Tiger’s reckless charge. At best the STRV could have caught the Pantera and scored another kill, but without knowing exactly which tank was where (for all he knew the Pantera was in the cap while the SU was covering from mid) there was barely a single shot’s worth of damage to earn out of an aggressive move and an all but certain death in exchange. Also it’s Redshire, the sheer amount of concealment in the bushes on either side of the map ensured that even QB’s Spershing would be able to spot an approaching TD without being seen until after firing, so needless to say the SU was in an even better position to do exactly that.

  47. Street Rocket Joe

    One of my favorite tanks and one of first premium tanks.

  48. They should rename the tank to Mediocre Pershing, and since Mad Max: Fury Road we know what that means.

  49. Why did he say five four fweeee two one?😂

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