Is it worth it? – AC 4 Experimental Review

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Source: osirish

The sixty-second video in the “Is it?” series where I’ll be reviewing all the premium tanks in the game starting at 2.


  1. First!
    do i get a cookie now?

  2. Hope you felling better bud, glad you back :)

  3. How do you record wot or how is the program called? I tried but i get black
    bars and a low quality.

  4. Strangely shaped machine gun ? Now another one thinks the rest of the world
    call it something else ;)

  5. they should release the double howitzer version ;p and buff the ground
    resistances. i just wish it was available from the tech tree and not just
    the shop.
    and ten degrees of gun depression? how? that cannot be historical. speaking
    of gun depression, why do you think that the churchills get such bad

  6. You are sooooooo far behind the tank coming out your review matters not so
    why bother!!!

  7. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    hey osirish i have Miss you in the larst 2 weeks !! thx for make a new
    video ??? Hope you make many new videos in the furtre !! :)

  8. Not first!

  9. The 17 pounder was not very accurate in real world

  10. I agree with you I love my ac 4

  11. sounds like a premium firefly lol
    I actually bought it for the 17pdr and it seems perfect as I love the
    firefly as a td

  12. Great to see you back

  13. welcome back, missed you

  14. I might be a monster but i’m looking forward to the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
    review lol =P love the design of the tank but sooo disappointing. Glad
    you’re back Irish and looking forward to your future content =)

  15. I read the viedo description where you wrote “The sixty-second video in the
    “Is it worth it?” series”.
    I thought to myself ‘is he on drugs? This video is much more than sixty
    seconds long’…

    Yeah.. I’m an idiot, lol!

  16. Yaaayyyyyy…!!!! you’re back 🙂 Hope all is well with you

  17. From what I gather from Aussie pals, AC stands for “Alright, C^%t” – I love
    this thing, prefer interesting vehicles. What are your thoughts on the
    calendar this year? I was hoping to get the A45 and maybe T14/Ram II but
    its been mostly high tiers I either have or dont want (Type 62 etc)

  18. Србија, бато

    Where is he from?

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