Is it worth it? – Churchill III Review

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Source: osirish

The thirtieth video in the “Is it worth it?” series where I’ll be reviewing all the premium tanks in the game starting at Tier 2.

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  1. And a very good tank for inexperienced players! You can get away with lots
    of mistakes and survive. 

  2. why does the Churchill III get such bad gun depression ? -6 🙁
    LOVE my Churchill III for crew training
    next review Excelsior 🙂
    its tracks ruin the tank , super bad terrain resistance , bad aiming circle
    spread during hull movement/traverse. 

  3. “the you-ess-ess-ohr” I don’t know your regional english but damn that
    pronunciation @__@

    If the church’s ingame were buffed a bit, they’d be the perfect corridor
    holders… but alas, that distinction is held by the russo tanks. All hail
    the queen!

  4. Churchill III great tank I don’t play it enough. Longest review I think I
    have ever watched lol.

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