IS-M review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 90 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 0 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. i would rather be in a defender, IS-3 or patriot.

  2. Great content thanks Foch.

  3. Apart from the fucked SU-101 I felt as if this was the only balanced tank added. The “heavy tank” mobility this has is actually super fucking garbage and it can’t turn for shit etc.

  4. Good thing I’m disassembling my PC today and selling everything, then I won’t even be tempted to log in to this shit game anymore.

  5. Actually Jingles, you were pointing at the idler wheel when you said road wheel…

    I’ll go get me coat.

  6. Instant *like* , because of the *intro* !
    Keep it up SirFoch!

  7. Foch knows what he’s talking about but I really wish he’d stop calling sprocket wheels “road wheels”. It’s like calling hands feet.

  8. So Foch, when you are going to play artillery?????

  9. This is the stupidest patch ever. Not even the rubicon can match it. I don’t know what the fuck the retards at Wargaming are doing or what drug they are smoking.

  10. finally! (btw, wg should make a special version for EU without the Russian supremacy shit)

  11. Hitler est pas si mechant en vrai

    when the video started i was thinking (hemmm it’s not the best tier10 but if well used it’s better then the IS4 and IS7) and then i heared that this was a tier 8……….
    fuck wargaming i will never regret stoping this game

  12. The_Prophecy [PINK]

    Fun fact: In WoT Blitz we have the same tank called IS-2Sh which has better pen (has the IS-3A gun), better gunhandling but the amour is epic shit, the turret has 170mm amour and the hull is penetrable through the tracks while sidescraping in literally any angle. Surprised it’s good on PC…

  13. Željko Kovačević

    World of Russian bias

  14. when you finally manage to set up your internet and see foch uploaded a new video, nothing feels better.

  15. Only played wot on on console for 2 year so I have no clue about the B’s on console (other than the bullshit defender)

  16. Great to see your no BS reviews are back, and look forward to the other reviews on the rest of Russian OP tanks and TDs.

  17. another reason to avoid T8+

  18. I won’t be playing any of these new lines just because they’re boring fake tanks with no skill involved to play them

  19. Cool, they’ve taken a model from WoT Blitz and made it op. Not the first time 🙂

  20. why does the replay show the Object 704 and the tier 9 AMX as tier 10 tanks?

    that’s why you thought it was the tier 10 french heavy, but that has 2200 HP not 1900

  21. Hey Foch, have you seen the Chrysler k gf? That tank makes this one look like child’s play

  22. IS-M is… average…

  23. 10:06 acctually that Strv hit… UFP… #+25%/-25%

  24. Somebody say powercreep ? Nah is russian so is fine camarad dah!!! Im feel sorry for the poor souls in tier 6 tanks that cross the is-m.

  25. Wow, the turret has a similar armor layout to the E-100, only it’s better in every way.


  27. Well isn’t the caenarvon better than this or at least on par?Many people seem to forget about the fact that it got a monstrous buff not too long ago..

  28. So, its an HT with a pretty average to poor gun, that is forced to fight in close quarters & has been given enough armour to be able to do that ok? Low pen for a tier 8 HT when you will be facing Tier 10s most of the time. Seems balanced to me, maybe not for top tier 8 battles but how often do they happen?

    Its no different to the Chrysler and that in hindsight has not been OP at all (hence you never see it in CW).

  29. So how are tier six tank meant do deal with this War Gaming? Fire gold at it? Sorry nothing happens because of the totally balanced armour.

  30. Subbed to Foch for over five years. He used to be entertaining. Nowadays the only thing more fun than a Foch video is watching all his sad little fanbois queuing up to kiss his ass. “Oh Foch, you’re so honest!”

  31. Lets hope they rebalance these tanks in 1.0.
    Also 257 is shit.

  32. Yeah, gonna stick to low-tier games for now as grinding all my tier 8s doesn’t look like it’s about to get any easier 🙁

  33. Ah yes, wargaming has done it yet again, the power creep constantly drives me farther and farther away from this game because my old favorite tanks just get stomped, great video Foch!

  34. Fuck it. Still going to go all the way up to the IS-4. I did stupidly use all of my discounts on that side of the tech tree, and I like trying to make mediocre/average tanks sort-of perform well.

  35. 268 4, 430u or 705A?

  36. so glad I’m done with this bullshit game

  37. if you keep saying “what’s up guys” instead of “hello ladies and mentlegen”, i’m gonna unsub you on YT and twitch………………..or not

  38. It certainly is shit when stock though. Then its a slower IS-6 with a turret that wont bounce anything.

  39. T57 Heavy Tank Project

    Hold on, why is the IS-2Sh premium tier VIII from WotBlitz in the PC edition as a non-premium?Everything, aside from the rate of fire is the same on the IS_2Sh.

  40. 9:10 “Bulldog Heat wouldn’t have much trouble pennig the front plate” But the bulldog has 210 heat and the ufp was 220-230 though wasn’t it?

  41. Screw it. I’m playing tier 5 from now on.

  42. New patch and new broken Rooskie tonk? *GASP* I am shock! ?

  43. Best idea of wg, ever: introduce a bunch of tanks with seriously sub -par penetration but seriously op armor so they all spam gold at each other 🙂

  44. 6:30

    every unicum ever?

  45. What?! Not a 4 minute rant on how op it is? that creates a internet storm?

  46. I kind of lost it when they’ve introduced tanks which had less armour, less volume than the counterpart and it still weighed 10-50 tons more.. American crew?… sorry guys…;))

  47. This tanks armor stops NOTHING ! About 6 out of 8 non-gold shots will smoke right thru you.
    The Object 257 on the other hand is truly ridiculous I pity all the tier 7 and 8 tanks that have to face it. Including this IS-M tank

  48. So it outplays chrysler?

  49. I personaly dont think it is as OP as you made it out to be

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