Is the 122 TM Lunar Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???

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Source: QuickyBaby

The 122 TM Lunar challenge requires huge amounts of play – is even possible? I answer!


is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. If only the extra exp carried over. I hate finishing one mission where I only needed 50xp but the I happen to get 1000 base xp and I only get the 50xp from it

  2. dont have tier 9 so i guess i wont get this tank

  3. I have done two of these mission marathons previously; after the second one I was so fed up with the glaring issues in the game, I simply stopped playing. The 💰 I saved by stopping has been great; I bought my first triple A title in years using the money I saved on this game, far more enjoyable. Only reason I am here is to support QB 👍

  4. on your service record thingy, where it says your avg exp per battle, is that base exp? , how do you tell your avg base exp?

  5. do you think they will give us more time ? did that ever happened in a event like this ? 10 days ?

  6. Nobody remembers the IS-6 and Super Pershing marathons back in the day. Those were easy, for the Super Pershing you needed to grind 75 000 xp on all 6 nations with tier 6 tanks and for the IS-6 you needed 100 000 xp on 7 nations, but I’m not sure on the tier limit on this one. And you had four weeks to do them. Someone should do a video on those marathons…

    • Those were easy if you had tanks from all the nations. Not so easy if you played 3-5 nations. That was a stupid design and it’s good they changed it to this.

    • @VioletStatPedder – I think I had all tanks for the Super Pershing but had to grind to tier 6 in japanese tech tree for the IS-6, but since it was so much easier I liked it much more. I have grinded the Caernarvon AX or what ever the british T8 heavy premium marathon was, but I’m not doing it again, it was not that much fun after all.

  7. I would like to see you do a post event video, where you provide actual data how much you used to do missions. We have seen your video several times telling us how much you will need to do some stage, but never how much time/games you have actually spent to complete stages.

  8. Wasn’t t25 pilot the first marathon? Or it was something else? I remember that I got it for free.

  9. I have to play for roughly 17.5 hours a day to complete the challenge. And I am average at 500 xp a game… how is anyone supposed to do this?

  10. A fun tank that nobody actually needs – just wait for it to feature in the lootboxes at Xmas instead 😁

  11. 1372 DPM !!!!
    Never want that tank..

  12. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    Super lucky of the 10 days it latest I have 9 days vacation

  13. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    Yea yeA Only 💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴

  14. AGAIN, totally made for pro tanks and people with lots of time on their hands, srry common people who have a job, WG doesn’t care about you, only yr wallet

  15. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    This game its sucks more and more eg do f fix a lot butt the want ure 💰

  16. Another great analysis QB

  17. Many people will buy this tank with the full price…
    I never understand that…

  18. Tank looks kinda fun, and the first part of of the marathon doesn’t look bad so I might give it a go. Could be fun, but I don’t think it’s worth my time to go past half way.

  19. when u want 122 TM u can have some t10 tech tree tank because u need 250 000 xp

  20. WOT is the worst game I have played recently… a shell of its former self.

  21. These challenges just take the fun out of playing WOT. A waste of time IMO

  22. Go play Panzer Elite: Special edition rather than this garbage game.

  23. To every marathon the same Excel calculation :/ What would we do without him?

  24. The question is how much will the tank cost so we can see how worth the discount is. I bet its a 70-100€ Bundle shit so with a achievable discount you will pay even 30-40€. So like any other T8 premium medium in the store. But here you have spend first 3-6h a day.

  25. Christ this is rigged against the average player hardcore, I’m out

  26. Wg being asses as always. Things never change. Stop giving money to this shit company guys

  27. I want the tank, and I will be going to stage 7. after that, it simply becomes ridiculous.

  28. lol……cant even get a primium…..hahaha

  29. Sunken cost challenge! Pog

  30. I have screentime so i can play max 2 hours per day 🙁
    maybe i can get some discount i hope my parents allow me to buy it

  31. i must quit playing other games and get my first pernium tank (grinding hard lost almost 30 battles and won just 10 battles playing 5 hrs)

  32. Looking forward to one more China target… The Chinese tanks are all weird.

  33. I am not allowed to spend money so R.I.P me but i do get average 700 base EXP sooooo……
    Possible or Impossile

  34. WG can take their grindfest events and shove them up their asses! WG has no interest in players. All they want are payers. This game is freaking 10 years old and has serious balance issues because of p2w mechanics. I come back to WoT from time to time and everytime i revisit WoT it got (somehow) worse than last time. I love tanks. I love videogames. I hate World of Tanks. How is this possible? Cheers WG! Oh and dont even let me getting starten on how frustrated and toxic the majority of the playerbase is.

  35. So for most people, Wargaming is betting on the Sunk Cost Fallacy. People will grind out hours and hours without recognising the true time investment required and then on day 10 will just pay the gap because they don’t want to feel like their time over the last 9 days has been completely wasted.

  36. Is my conqueror a good choice?

  37. Well I dont even have any tier 8s and higher yet so this should be fun

  38. Grind your life away for a tank that kinda sucks? Hard pass.

  39. hell nope!

  40. That impossible for the averable player who got a life…Does wargamings know that some of us must work for a living!

  41. my usual marthon tactics: play as usual, do not give a crap on the goals and get all rewards I reach for free. The tank is not worth a word if you have 3-4 Tier 8 tanks. Not any marathon worths your time…get 40-60% discount and buy it…

  42. well no thnx good luck to anyone who is gonna try it

  43. I’ll probably just end up doing the same thing i do for every event, get 60/70% discount and then just buy it, Wargaming have my number..

  44. Every fucking challenge same video…

  45. Qb , im not gonan sleep 48hours straight. I MUST GET THE CAMOO , fk the tank i dont need it.

  46. but how much time for players who do 900/1000xp a game sir quickybaby

  47. “I think, all in all, it’s a pretty cool thing that Wargaming do here” – shills gonna shill.

  48. MrDoritosMan The One and Only

    2,5k WN8 here and still, it’s just too much stress around the marathon, it’s just not worth it. Just play for fun, forget about the marathon and play like you normally would, if you get the tank good for you, if not then whatever 🙂

  49. Tks for info man!!

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