Is the AE Phase I Worth It in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Getting the AE Phase I in World of Tanks can take up to 300 hours… it worth it?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Hi everyone, I want to clarify something that many people are misunderstanding. I’m not disappointed with this tank because it’s balanced, but because, as I stressed in the video, it’s a lazy clone of the Conqueror/M103. I believe this was a missed opportunity to reward several hundred hours of Frontline dedication with novel gameplay mechanics. Sure the extra features of the tank like the four sets of tracks and repair kit are interesting, but they don’t change the way the tank plays.

    Some cynical individuals are suggesting I’m not happy with this because it’s not overpowered… Far from it. There are many tanks that Wargaming have introduced that are both fun while also being balanced and multiple ways Wargaming could have adjusted the statistics of the AE Phase I to make it more interesting without breaking the game.

    • Ppl will hear what they wanna hear sadly. Won’t matter how many times u stress that it’s not because of if it’s OP or not that will make it worth the grind.

    • The good thing about this vehicle isn’t the fact that the stats are good or OP, but the fact that it’s stats are completely average all-round with some excellent features like armor. This makes it have a high skillcap so good players can really make use of this thing, something the conqueror and m103 just don’t quite have.
      Is basically a tier 9 chieftain.
      Oh, and if you’re being shot in the side in a heavy tank you’re doing something wrong… Or your team is ded, on a basically open map…

    • I get your point QB, but there are hundreds of tanks in the game. I would guess creating novel tanks is quite difficult. I think they did pretty ok with this tank, not perfect but ok.

    • Just A RandomComment

      Yeah yeah. Should have been italian autoreloading TD or Arty. Then everyones happy happy happy

    • Tbh you can’t expect them to invent novel (and balanced) gameplay mechanics for every reward tank there is. I think this tank is fine, maybe the accuracy could be slightly better but that’s all. After the 279-e and IS-3A stuff I think this is great from WG, but then again it’s not russian ofc.

  2. It would be nice if the AE phase 1 could move a little when one of the tracks are broken

  3. nice enough tank, wish it actually made credits like a normal premium. instead of just crew training bonus.

  4. Its a shitty tank

  5. @QuickyBaby on console we have two tier 10 premiums. The first one is the M60 and the other is the VK 72.01 (K)

  6. “The Average expectation Phase 1” – QB

  7. Not worth the grind . Only the way it would be is if you need a US heavy trainer. But since the tier 10 US heavies aren’t fun why bother? I will just get the sta I guess.

  8. Peter H. van Leeuwen

    Frontline is a special. Not my piece of cake. Then you miss these special vehicules and that is a pitty. Apart from the result with this kind of tank specials are ofcourse always nice to have in the garage. Thanks QB for the evaluation

  9. Coll, another reason not to plat Frontline, other than it being a repetitive life sink steaming turd of a mode.

  10. Remember when you could re-train your crew with a discount ON CREDITS?

  11. QB you’re the best. LOL wargaming made a non-OP tank and now people that complain about power kreep and OP tanks are now complaining because this tank is too well balanced. LOL freagin WOT community is hilarious. I would never play enough to get any of the reward tanks.

  12. Balanced bcz its FREE

  13. War Gaming ruined what could have been a very fun game mode by making it a horrendous grind. The player base that should be catered to, the ones with jobs and income to spend supporting the platform we’re all but excluded from the rewards of Frontline, not just the tanks btw and I’m willing to bet this has turned off more than me to the game. There was no need to make this such a time sink and by pointlessly doing so all the enjoyment that could of come from this novel mode was lost, at least on me. I really don’t understand why this company makes everything in WoT such a grindfest for the player base. That’s something I wish made a little more sense.

  14. They should have made the unique tracks actually effect gameplay.

  15. you could have waited till chirstmass to get it with the loot boxes…..

  16. The tanks is just meh ?

  17. Frontline is crap. When I did play it, it wasn’t fun and made no credits.

  18. Nice tank … but just not worth the time you need to sink in to acquire it.

  19. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The tank is average and honestly, the Conqueror is A LOT better than this tank. This tank IS NOT OP, it’s balanced. What worries me is the fact that QB spammed HEAT with 340 mm pen to a Defender and the Defender simply laughed. If you are a tank collector then go for the grinding process, if not then yuou can just stop at the EMIL 1951 and that’s more tan enough of pain in the butt respect to the Frontline. In my opinion Steelhunter event was 10 times more funny tan the Frontlinme and that game mode should be avalaiable at least for a week every month. Note: Of course it’s balanced, it’s not soviet. Can’t wait to see the soviet tier 9 heavy the guys have ready to be released in the future.

  20. Definitely not worth it!

  21. A tier 9 heavy reward tank is cool,, good reason to play tier 9 : )

  22. now if only they had the best AE tank.
    the AE86!

    an absolute weapon in the mountains xd

  23. Summary:
    QuickyBaby: Thank you Wargaming for this balanced reward tank
    Wargaming: Thx, enjoy
    Also QuickyBaby: This tank is no fun

    Dont u recgonise this ironical behaviour?
    You are worried about tanks being OP, but u complain about AE Phase’s gun handling, which conversely would have made this tank even more better than M103, if it had better stats

    You always say that u like playing not OP tanks due to the personal challenge to make a specific tank work, why doesnt it apply to this one?

  24. Денис Подскальнюк
  25. Your front tracks need tensioning! =)

  26. It’s a unicunt wanker reward tank… of *course* it’s going to be OP as fuck all.

  27. why all other rewards for the FL are 100 % premium tanks,and this one,pearl of the crown,is just a “reward”??

  28. What gets me about capolas is most of them do not have view points on them, but they can be spotted.
    So if your capolas pokes over a ridge you get spotted but do not spot the enemy.
    I thought the point of capolas IRL is to poke them over a ridge and spot without exposing the whole tank, but apparently in WOT it is opposite.

  29. of course the pay2win unicum QuackyBaby doesn’t worry about the price of premium consumables!!! lololol

    Like the benefits of frontline wasn’t enough of a reward lol

  30. me big mouse you small cat 🙂

  31. it’s great Wargaming are introducing new tanks that are balanced. 😀

  32. Balanced becease its not Russian!!
    Rewad tank 400dmg
    New Double gun ST2 800+Dmg
    That Defender on end laught on you:)

  33. shot a HE shell with my Super Conq into the sides of the AE, did 550dmg :p
    Tank looks cool but not better or worse than any other T9, free repair kit is a plus though

    Will stop grinding frontline for this tank and exchange the tokens for gold or bonds end of the year instead 🙂

  34. American Balance is better than Russian Bias

  35. Is there a chance we could get some insight on the Great Race? How does it work as a mode and maybe some play tips? Is auto-aim possible? Do you shoot while racing at the track? How do you keep your tank from spinning around?

  36. I’m at Prestige 6, tier 19. I am still going to try and get this thing, even though my wife will hate me in the final two weeks of Frontline.

  37. Frontline is the best game mode. So this tank isn’t that bad to get if you like frontline

  38. You didn’t missed the broadside of the defender, you just hit the tracks.

    Remembers me on one game I had in a Skorpion G, I hit the track 4 times in row, on a E25, without any damage. Sometimes RNGesus just says, NO

  39. Can’t agree, I like that wargaming has put in a tank that is OP, if they put OP tanks people complain, if they put a good balanced tank, people complain. I like the second choice better because either way people are going to complain, may as well have it not ruin the game

  40. Lol i had a match with that tank on my team i had an is3 and i remember de red hull and all that we got the murovanka map and went hill he was the first one to die lol, really seen a few ppl use that tank and its not good at all well at least from my point of view

  41. Quickybaby type of a guy to not change his headset for 8 years

  42. This tank ate me up hull down in my conqueror. The copula is more difficult to hit than the conqueror.




  46. I’m an ex-real life tanker and this is the most unrealistic tank in the game. Stupid…

  47. I really like it except the numerous bounces. It bounces to many shots even when fully aimed green circled, and the target is still. The 1951 Emil is fun for me, and I like frontline mode. It was all worth it for me. So, it was free, but would like a better penetration rate.

  48. Idk why but I’ve always felt like WoT had the most stunning graphics…anyone else feel that way?

  49. Balanced good job WG

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