Is the Bisonte TRASH in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of Tanks the Bisonte C45 has been met with mixed reviews today I ask if it totally sucks?


World of Tanks is a online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. Can you play the Covenanter with the howitzer gun? (Slowest shell velocity in game! 182 m/s) Please!?

  2. @Robert McDougle no pc dev team is a different company

  3. And also I quit console a few months before the update

  4. Great work QB! we smashed it 🙂

  5. Try ram build with turbo vents and spall c45

  6. Stephan Chrissostomidis

    This Tank ist for me balanced
    Instead of The progetto 46

  7. The whole game is trash, with its EBR spaceships and broken MM

  8. uhhm sorry QuickyBaby but isn’t that already the case , when at 2:26 u say that WoT doesn’t want you to pay and having OP tanks , what did they give to us?? oh yeah nothing… we only have to pay , pay and pay , while on WaR Thunder they give us prem tanks that aren’t OP , and thats why War Thunder is better than World of Pay excuse tanks

  9. in world of tanks u pay u already got an advantage…. , premium rounds… etc et c

  10. Hunk of shit this tank is. Played 2 battles n sold it for credits, best use imo

  11. WG needs to sort their bloody artas out every battle 3 tier X kiss goodbye to any fun

    • the only solution to that is to delete arty. and they wont. so dont develop any expectations other than that you will continue to play with arty in your games

  12. This tank is bad!!

    Yeah you’re salty bcs you didn’t have it

  13. CC’s influential in regard to WG’s opinion?

    On what fucking planet?

    Ow wait, this isn’t WoWs… still WG doesn’t give a shit about CC’s opinion, as long as they spreadshite ‘agrees’ with them

  14. i think its a good tank, but you need to master it, i hope wargaming gives to Bisonte a little more penetration with standard rounds.

  15. The main issue with why it’s considered so bad, a standard has already been set by tanks like the progetto 46, the 252u, wz120g ft, ebr 75, and other really strong, borderline to actually over powered tanks. It’s being compared to vehicles that are basically equal to being tier 8.5/9 in effectiveness and as a result it just gets the rep of “mediocre and bad”.

    Is it a terrible tank by any means? No of course not, uf you were to put this tank in back during like 2016 when the Japanese heavies were first introduced, it would be a very strong and competitive vehicle by the standards of those times. However, as of current day meta in 2020, it just looks lack luster to most people since it’s not the next chieftain or 268v4 or a heavy tank version of the progetto 46 with crazy carry potential.

    Honestly I like the tank, it has strengths but it also has glaring weaknesses, such as the maneuverability and its mobility on medium and soft terrain, the gun being absolutely potato, and the fact that while the armor is good against heat, against same tier apcr only the turret stands a chance of a non pen. Not to mention the burst ability being obviously and rightly weaker than the rest of the autoloaders/autoreloaders, and it being a massive squishy target for artillery to do like 400-600 on a splash. Lot of things to be taken into consideration while playing the vehicle and its refreshing to get that old world of tanks vibe where weak spots and tank knowledge actually mattered.

  16. I prefer good gun handling (preferably with good pen) over anything else.
    Once I have seen the Bisonte’s dispersion values and base accuracy, I lost all interest.

    I own both Caernarvons.
    Both have the tough turret and the gun depression but their DPM and gun handling are superior.
    So why would I need a Bisonte?

  17. its been ‘the world of op autoloaders’ for a while.

  18. it is so unpleasant to play because of its trashy gun handling!
    The same reason, why the Bourrasque is so overpowered btw…
    And no, you can’t compensate for it even with equipment 2.0, because every other tank can be tuned with it as well, and get even better in that regard.

  19. I don’t very like it for the 3sec between shots. It’s a very long time, and in most situations I can’t shot second time, and it’s frustrating when you use a tank with clipgun.. The long time for reload clip isn’t so bad for me (it can be better anyway)

  20. For a premium for money: yes. its trash

  21. very well done on the fund raising. a great cause! kudos to you and your followers

  22. How much bots and bad players with Bisonte in game, this is unreal. So far, Lowe was like tank that represents red tomaties in game and total bots, but this Bisonte now is the new presenter of bots

  23. The Bisonte feels good. Why do people cry?

  24. They did nerf the type 59 when it first came out after it broke the game and everyone and thier dog had one on the NA server

  25. I still don’t really understand how that reloading system works, so you get a refund when you fire in the last 2 seconds? Does the shell just go through it what happens? Sorry if that’s a dumb question to ask

  26. Jeffri_'s World of Tanks

    8:45 all u need

  27. You should’ve waited a day to film this video. you sound really tired which is understandable <3

  28. Not Trash, its Trashanter! 🙂
    Only thing that can save it its reversed autoreloader like on IS-3A, if it have still 1800 DPM then would be avesome tank even with that poor gunhandling….

  29. I’ve been kicking the crap out of them on my STB 1 best medium tank by a mile in my eye

  30. QB: Says to go in the woods
    Team: Actually goes there
    Me:Says to go in the city
    Amazing video <3

  31. showing two battles as top Tier (~20% of the games) for judging how this tank works in WOT2020 is so Childish. And at the end you said yourself that everyone has different opinion, But after 2 min you broke your word.

    I don’t understand you, when you have other purposes in mind; so Childish as I said!

  32. Trashonte

  33. Trash, no. But I will always call it the Bisonmeh.

  34. I would give this tank a better gun.

  35. Bad Tank because it’s not overpowered… There’s your problem. Welcome to World of Tanks.

  36. Something I’ve noticed, both in games and IRL, is that there are only two ways to rate something. “The Best” and “Trash”. Nothing inbetween.

    I once had an “discusion” with a guy in WoWs about two ships and he thought that since one reloaded 0.5 seconds faster that was good and the other was trash.

    I don’t understand this.


  38. It’s just that most people who play it are trash at it… They need some time to get into it

  39. gunhandling…

  40. Theodor Sandvad Bernstein

    Think the gun handling is unnecesary bad. But i like that its balanced tho, seems like wg finaly understood that people wont be playing their game forever if they keep up their shit balancing

  41. There’s a difference between good and fun, the bisonte is not good, statistically, but it is unique and therefore fun

  42. ACE Internet Fighter Pilot

    Bisonte C45 = garbage

  43. Wot console sucks

  44. Not to panic in the secaond battle is cool as ice, Qickybaby. Noice.

  45. I hated it at first but its growing on me. Its the gun handling and pen that kills it.

  46. ive done fine with it, an average premium tank for once
    a heavier progetto that works quite well without breaking the limits

  47. players driving bisonte as of now always dies first. they thought its a progetto 46 gameplay

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