Is the Conqueror Super in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Super Conqueror. Today I’m asking if the Conqueror is Super yet and Kret2000 of the RU is going to show us!

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  1. I have no idea what he’s talking about in the video, i’m only at tier 3 tanks xD

  2. † Куре771 †

    2400hp,good speed ,great reload, dont know what to say , only cant to cry with type4 heavy

  3. I don’t know , am not impressed by this thing so far , maybe playing it will change my mind . I really like my FV  so if I get this for free then its fine but I would not go through the line just for this . what do you guys think ?

  4. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    flooding the server with these? time to grind my crew in Conqueror GC.

  5. yea more power creep?

  6. i think its b/s that WOT takes money for a good match… i understand gold but for any tank in the game you have a optioin to lose money for having a good game even without gold rounds…

  7. Then there is us on the SEA server who have to wait a week longer than everyone else as well as having terrible connection and ridiculous language barriers 24/7.

  8. Question, what’s the point of T110E5 at this point?

  9. The cupola/view port/hatch thing is a range finder.

  10. A little too good you say? Noooo, noo nooo, absolutely noo. The British tech tree deserves to have such a good heavy tank : ).

  11. Russian bias

  12. “I’ve got an idea. How about we buff the super conq to pretty much be the chieftain but not release the chieftain?” “Genius dimitri. genius. vodka for all!”

  13. if u have 215b u would be awarded with a free S.conqueror.

  14. Hi QB have you seen this battle 14k in 6 minutes? If not this is link
    Can you please make YT video about it ? thanks a lot!

  15. what about bound that should be win after this game?

  16. Super conquerer has been in NA, was there an update?

  17. I think devs are just buffing everything to counter maus..

  18. Mystogan .Ravenheart

    The patch is dropping for us the 18th too QB

  19. so skilled…. can’t damaging it??? press the 2 key… yeah..

  20. did u noticed the lack of skill and the weekspot aimbot in use ?!?!?!

  21. Wow the standard shells are not very impressive. I guess we will need to purchase gold shells to make this tank work properly.

  22. Coming next on 9.22…. Super T-54 and Super IS-7

  23. Mandatory quality British ammo rack still in place.

  24. That guy is so fucking bad look at his shots omfg!!

  25. Face-hugging the IS-7 #likeaboss.

  26. The is7 drivers had to much vodka, bcs if they had fired HE at him he would be death

  27. lol the number of obj. 260 on the russian server… Seems that missions are far easier to do over there huh?

  28. @QuickyBaby How do you release your cam in replays? Is there a mod u use? I cant find how to free-fly around the map.

  29. the auiees are getting there own saver

  30. Pretty surprise Super Conqueror can penetrate IS-7 while face hug.

  31. Looks a bit like aimbot sometimes, look in the end of the battle how the retical is jumping.

  32. yea wg just fucking care other tech tries garman tanks just not that gud now

  33. Total retatd on this replay…

  34. European plebs???

  35. how the hell did he miss that first shot at 0:34?!

  36. Kret means mole in Polish, I’m assuming its the same in Russian. Might not be the best tank ever but I think this would suit my play style.

  37. Strong Tanks need weak points it’s stupid to force people to flub around not doing any damage

  38. @quickybaby, I can’t even have the Jgpz IV…. Still don’t have all the missions done for the 1st tank yet

  39. Map like Harkiff? 😀

  40. When is IS4 getting buffed??? its so underperforming now compairng to all heavy tanks

  41. Kaspars Maksims Vidiņš

    Well quickybaby i did almost same results in with T9 conqueror and playing like a boss in the same map. check it out this awesome carry and rng love for me 🙂

  42. Sheridan good?

  43. server down till 11:30… watching this to skip time 😀

  44. if your working the personal missions will they be caring your progress forwards

  45. The KV-2 shoud be able to get into tier 10 fights again, lol. Imagine you meet a Super Conqueror in your KV-2 and overmatch his hull and take 700 hp away.

  46. When will you be publishing your mod pack, QB?

  47. This game started to suck hard… why?? all mechanics are negated by pressing 2 $$ :F

  48. WG should make the first 5 premium rounds available for credits, and then you have to pay with gold. I always use 5 premium rounds, but i never use them tho… but they can be handy. So i think this would help.

  49. aaaand watching the RU server answers a lot of questions. nothing but heavies just mindlessly face brawling…

  50. Why are the EU servers down?

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