Is the Crystal Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???

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Source: QuickyBaby

The World of Tanks Kampfpanzer 07 RH Crystal Challenge requires huge amounts of play – is it even possible? I answer!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. If I had any interest in the Kpz 07 RH, I’d care whether the marathon is achievable. But a paper-turreted medium isn’t really my style.

  2. Bolivar PH Gaming

    when this new tanks marathon i haven’t get any of this reward tanks, i can’t do it in 10days, WOT should know people need to rest and work also.

  3. No its not at all

  4. Simply put, a total waste of time for a pixel tank. No thanks.

  5. They’re making us sweat and spend all our time just to get this new tank for free (almost impossible unless you no-life the missions).
    Then when it comes to their greed, they’re taking no effort to *SHAMELESSLY* sellout overpowered premiums and promote these “Daily Deals” Aka “Daily Scams” that we’re proven to be false advertising / marketing and a blatant scam that doesn’t give any discounts whatsoever.

  6. Stumpy the Dwarf

    Nope. No more of this for me. Boring boring boring.

  7. I was getting really hopeful at the beginning that this marathon was going to be fun instead of the mindless shlog through hudreds of games like most of them are.

  8. Martine Maxine Caulfield

    Thank you Quickybaby for your genuine advice, you made of me a less adictive player of this game (but not less adictive to your videos) and Im just pretty fine with my Mutz, I don’t want another German prem medium, also a fake one 😀 Take care QuickyBaby!

  9. wannabetheminority

    I’ve learned my lesson after trying to beat these kind of challenges. You lose more than you get no matter how you see it, its always the same result. Every time I tried to finish this challenge, I’ve ended up away from the game for more than half a year.

  10. thanks for info!

  11. Americans have never heard of The Crystal Maze. Except me because I love Richard Ayoade.

  12. I’d rather do just about anything else than grind for a tank I could just get in a Christmas loot box later. 😮

  13. There will always be enough stupid people who will be lured into this idiocy by Wargaming.
    WOT is basically worthless as a game today. There is no fun playing anymore.
    Wargaming allow all these morons to sit and camp in the back in heavy and mediums so many games end in a draw.
    You can report them but nothing happens to them. WOT is simply a waste of time today.

  14. I mean, moneywise… even Stage 1 is a pretty bad worth 😀

  15. Right so 15mins spent outlining that only a moron would play it all the way though and then he volunteers to be said moron?

  16. Not happening

  17. 5000 battles it is boys. Let’s gooooo

  18. This game is more like work

    • Doesn’t it? I feel like loser, when i get back to it after break, because i lost so many occasions. The notifications just pop up like mushrooms after solid rainfall every time i log in, non stop time limited events going on. How you suppouse to particieate in all of this without losing your marbels? If everything is special, nothing anymore is… (I know, beta boomer cry)

  19. the new teir 8 kpz i think is not worth grinding honestly there is way more competive tanks in teir 8 meds i think are better them the kpz

  20. It’s actually very easy. Just ignore it. All these challenges are a complete waste of time. Just play like you usually do, not a minute more.

  21. Of course it’s impossible for most people, giving away FREE things isn’t conducive to good business. To not make $60 per tank, or to make $60 per tank.. Logic says making $60 is better than not, but it’s WG we’re talking about. They don’t give a shit about their customers, you can see that with these, and with the new HE changes they are pushing through anyway, even though people hate it.

  22. These games are designed to get you to buy the new tank with rewards via price reduction for those who really commit to it. But in the end you will be expected to pay cash to get the prize. Not worth the time and effort so enjoy whatever you get while hammering out other missions.

  23. yeh i have a life WG…it’s only another prem tank for the gold noobs to spam..

  24. Theodore Wallaace

    Same marathon no point of this video

  25. the tank is SHIT WHY whould i want to grind that shit tank???

  26. Kevin Vandenameele

    Saved me a lot of usefull time ,a lot of energydrinks and a fight with my spaus! Thnx QB!

  27. maisja sentjens

    exualy u have tto play even more because of each stadium starts at 0 so atleast 9 games extra 🙁

  28. I ground put the EBR FL-75 for free. And then took a 6 month break from wot.

    Technically yes, practically no.

  29. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was fairer – i.e. the measurement wasn’t based so much on having to win. I am averaging 3k combined dmg today and yet have 100% loss rate – this is screwed. I am aiming for 70% completion at best as I am not going to get hung up on this. One battle I came 7th on our team and got 53 exp – we lost 1-15 …….. Put that one into the spreadsheet QB.

    • Over how many games did you lose every single one?

    • @Rudolf Jelín IIRC – 6 straight losses to start the day with – overall now 30% win rate in 21 and in 2 of those wins I got blown up by the first shot without firing after a clown car lit us all up. ok I am a 50%ish mr joe average but it pains me when I try hard but give up eventually as this seems to happen every time we have a challenge/grind fest.

    • Just to clarify I have only scored significant points ( in terms of the challenge ) in 3 games for the whole day.. I much prefer the Battle Pass system where there’s still an incentive win but not such a huge disparity in the scoring system.

  30. The mm this weekend with 3 arty and clown cars in most games was beyond ridiculous. Taking a break until the marathon is over.

  31. Nell Patrick Mendoza

    Lets just Accept that WeeGee wants us to Spend more money

  32. I started playing in 2016 but rarely play anymore. Primarily because of these pay to win/play areas of the game. Though I still enjoy watching others play, I just don’t have the money to shoot any gold or buy any tanks.

  33. Honestly, for a F2P player that has much more important obligations IRL like me would probably care more for the credit rewards, equipment, boosters and directives than the tank itself probably because it feels like the challenges associated for acquiring those are more fulfilling and maybe would result in them acting like a tryhard every battle (maybe at stage 1-5);

    After all, F2P struggle with credit income alrd, giving them a bone would be much better than make them overly exhaust themselves over something that (tbh) they’d abandon freely over more important stuff or well, another game that’s meant to be more fun for them

  34. QB for new crystal maze host! haha i really bought into the the intro

  35. Cameron Renwick

    I never bother with these mission marathons. 1. They take the FUN out of playing. 2. very unhealthy, physically and mentally. 3. I could earn the money very easy to just buy the tank. 4. I don’t need or really want the tank. 5. It’s unfair for new or not so good players. I much prefer “Tank Rewards” as everyone can do it and you get a choice of prizes.

  36. I take no… it trolled med with 3.5sec relod with 200 dmg per shoot.

    Good luck using pz rh7 perma tracking.

  37. Let me just tell all of you before you buy this tank (if you buy it), be prepared to burn through a lot of credits if you shoot a lot of gold rounds and the DPM will leak your bank.

  38. Bjorne Fellhanded

    Sunk cost fallacy

  39. NutEnough Sleep

    Spend almost 3 million just for stage 4.

  40. Anyone remember the T25 Pilot 1 marathon, when wargaming haven’t yet figured out the optimal money extracting formula marathons we have today? That was a proper marathon.

  41. For the average player (like me) its too hard!

  42. For many obvious reasons they just want you to pay (not play) for the tank

  43. Waste of time comparing with previous tanks..spahetto, renegade, borat, LIS…

  44. Quickie you NEED to do a video on how shitty Console WOT is. They literally have the WT auf E100 unlockable ALONGSIDE the Grille 15.

  45. I have the time to complete it but just do not want to grind for this tank, nor do I want to pay more than maybe £10 for it so its a no from me. HAve won/bought all the other challenge tanks and for a decent one I am happy to get to 60-70% discount and then buy.

  46. Hard? easy two battles two stages, after 23 batles maked 3third stage buy the tank and after first battle maked first second misions. 🙂

  47. use a churchill III if you do the base xp grind, it’s very unique in that it boosts the *base xp*

  48. American Patriot

    Watched the review of this tank, and having played against it in the past few days. It’s not worth it. I did pick up a KV-5 and the T77, have been loving it

  49. QB wrong mate! here in the UK (where you live) we now have many Covid19 restrictions ending this week Friday 21st ~ and following weeks more coming to an end ~ outside and early Summer is looking promising, not a chair in a dark small room (don’t get me wrong if your a no-life person whom is playing WOT doing nothing else, then yeah) so for most players a 40% discount is realistic balancing life/ WOT over weekends

  50. WG don’t want you to complete the mission because they will lose money they estimate a lot of players will get 50% off

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