Is the FERDINAND any good in 2020? – World of Tanks

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  1. Enjoy! 😀

  2. I choose the Ferdi because the Jagdtiger needs an extra loader, which means if you get the JPanther 2 you will need to start an extra loader when you move up because tier 9 and tier 10 td need extra loader.

    • Namegoeshere Orhere

      Seems like kind of a dumb reason. The JP2 is a far better tank currently, what does it matter when you start the second loader? It’s not like you need a crap ton of skills on a second loader anyway. Throw a book on a new loader and you have BIA(most crews should have BIA by tier 9) and 50% repairs. I wouldn’t waste a 0 skill crew on a second loader but if you did then you’d end up with 100% repairs and 50% camo.

  3. It’s a solid hitter if you play it right. However it’s also a solid hit taker with that upper plate.

  4. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I still have my highest damage of all time in this… 7k… but that was years ago, the game has changed a lot since and sadly not all for the better…

    This entire line needs a rework… but how, i’m not sure.

    • Pretty much if it’s slow moving it needs excellent gun handing and DPM.
      HP increases are pointless, armor improvements are usually pointless and just TRIGGERS the crotchrocket riders something fierce crying about WG making the game P2W (despite their gold spammo usage being the same), and speed increases throw away the entire play style of the tank.

  5. I actually naturally aced the Ferdi without trying, not like that hard though. However I did really good, matter of fact I know there is a YT channel featuring my game play.

  6. Ferdinand is long gone in the meta especially with all these premium P2W T8s and powercreeped by newer tanks as well.

  7. shh…now WG will nerf it to make it “better balanced” against whatever the next Russian Premium.

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I like about the Ferdi is that it had armor (but mostly flat), Good gun depression wide gun traverse and high HP is a touch better than the JPanther 2

    (Of course the the stock grind is bad cause the JPanther 2 can mount the top gun with the stock tracks)

    • Anything on a Ferdinand that ain’t the 128mm is a waste of time. I love my Ferdinand so much JagTiger kinda felt like a downgrade.

  9. Short Answer: Just go for the Jagdpanther II

    • Ferdie great in city. I aced mine on Siegfried line. Bullied a KV2 against the wall and he was vertical. Ferdie great in close quarters brawling as enemy panic and not many know where to pen now.

    • @Shaun Holmes I have an old video saved in my replays of me in the JPII out brawling a ferdi and doing over 5k damage in a map that’s been removed. I don’t remember the name but it was a winter city map with windmills.
      Anyway, the JPII is a pretty solid brawler against tanks like the Ferdinand because they’re so slow they’re useless.

    • @psnmadracer27 I believe that map was Windstorm

  10. Is your pronunciation of auto-aim and auto-loader as ‘owto’ rather than the English ‘orto’ a throwback to the Dutch language?
    Not trolling, just genuinely interested.

  11. Holy shit, those 500 IQ allusions to American history at 7:15 “Making the great migration”, while also going to the west. GG, well played

  12. I hated Ferdinand when I had to grind it few years ago, and I apparently hated it a lot because I still remember how painful the grind was, while I don’t remember most of other T8 tanks I was grinding. However, my tastes are changing (I no longer like St. Emil) so I’ll give Ferdinand a try.
    Edit: I still hate it. Unbelievably boring TD.

  13. Is the any good in 2020?

  14. like a boss. commentary and battle.

  15. Paid actors

  16. The Tiger II for sure isn’t

  17. Just go with the JPanther II a d have like 3 times the fun

  18. NoPenguinsOnKharak

    Ferdiwhat is awful. You shine like a christmas tree, no speed, no camo, gun is good but with that armor and mobility no one will give you a chance to get that damage for good use. I just can’t make this shit work for me to the point that one day few years ago it was so painful to pay that I uninstalled the game and went back a couple of years later… only to find this trash is even worse. Any advice for avg player on how to grind this?

  19. No. 5 second video

    edit: dammit 4hrs to late

  20. The Ferdinand will always be good. It is as timeless as the mountain.

  21. why does this thing have a slower reverse speed than the faster-accelerating, turreted T28 prototype which has fewer weakspots than the ferd?

  22. Can I just have a floating 128mm without the Ferdi chassis? This thing used to be wonderful but it got pooped all over.

  23. okay so let me fix that for you .. you play an real WW2 Tank against some Blueprint fantasie tanks .. sure its not good .. Yeah i know the game have to progress .. So maybe .. WG better make the step into post WW2 and Tier XI and above .. than bring tanks that are fantasy in all ways 🙂

  24. very well played Circon. a one in a million battle

  25. It wasn’t good in 1943/44, but It was OK a couple years ago when gold ammo was less common.

  26. jagdpanther 2 is so juicy to play, the ferdinand fells so slow…

  27. Sadly they nerfed the JP2 so the ferditank is almost competitive with it.

  28. Catur trisnanto Aji

    I name my kid this tank designer…

  29. Fly like a G6

  30. In a word: no.

  31. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Almost all my shots fly crazilly inside de reticle. Your accuracy in this game was not german one, not regular.

  32. Answer: Jagdpanther II.

  33. The time difference is 6 seconds. Also you shoot the obstacle in the base when he is almost reloaded. He then thinks, you might be still around there.

  34. One thing I like about the Ferdinand vs the Jpanther 2 is it has a just a bit more gun depression and a larger gun arc, which can really help out sometimes

  35. Gotta love the nerd raging cromwell trying to be a typewriter general

  36. My clan told me how you posted a ferdi gameplay, i play the Ferdinand and try my best to keep it a fearful tank in the US server. I did 3 mark it. But as of late, i see more ferdis than jp2 since hp is a issue

  37. Ferdinand is the best tech tank destroyer for its tier. Love it ?

  38. Wg never buff the normal tanks, many tanks need buffs

  39. I never liked the Ferd back when I played it years ago. The Jagdpanther was always better.

  40. Ferdi feels to me like it’s armor isn’t true armor like an AT or such, but rather it’s like RNG bait, where you sit far away and hope their RNG sucks enough to hit the stronger parts of your armor

  41. Really good replay, enjoyed your commentary, just subscribed on YT (if that actually means anything).

  42. Аlmost all German tanks could be tier lower without breaking the game …honestly the game is shit anyway.

  43. Why not use the different commander nationality voices? I don’t know how this guy can stand the same freakin voice tank after tank after tank, game after game after game, day after day after day……boring!

  44. I only play the Ferdinand, this is how all Ferdinand games go… I also have a bridge to sell.

  45. no, its fucking trash

  46. I love my Ferdinand. Almost have it 3 marked as well. My favorite tier 8 td. I like it more than the send UDES 03?

  47. Really enjoyed this Video. This Map is always a puzzler for me where to go, but not so much now, so thank you ?
    I have the JP2 right now & enjoy it, but I want to finish the German TD line. I have both the Ferdinand & the Jagdtiger sitting ready but uncrewed. From what I have read, the Jagdtiger is the better route to go, but would anyone here disagree?

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