Is the Fun event Ruined already? | World of Tanks Sturmtiger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks The Sturmtiger Gameplay – Crouching Tiger Special Tank Event in World of Tanks. World of Tanks Sturmtiger Best Battle, Highest Damage Battle. World of Tanks 2020 10th Anniversary – ACT 3. World of Tanks 25,000 Gold Winners.

► The Sturmtiger’s event article: https://.eu/en//general-news/anniversary-act-III-event/

Let’s talk about the Sturmtiger Crouching Tiger special event. was really fun, I can even say I loved it… that 30 minute which I was able to play the event, because it has been limited down to 4 hours per day… Why?

Let’s talk about this!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Well I still like the game mode even after 85 kills. It’s fast and it’s silly fun. I don’t take is seriously. I think some people are way too focused on wins or kills or stats and they lose the fact that it’s just for fun.

  2. I played two games in this mode. I concluded that it’s a bumper cars mode with HEAT flung everywhere, and haven’t bothered to play more.

  3. Had fun and profited from the 8 bit(16?) Special event several years ago…..Trained several 4/5 skill crews. Not even bothering with this one….too many other ‘events’ with actual rewards. e.g Battle Pass with potential to scrounge more bonds.

  4. I collected 100 kills in 2 days then stopped playing this garbage because the mode has problems:
    Big problems with game mode:
    1) 0 economy the way they did it is very bad:
    a) Only kills count. Really WG?
    b) Missions reward unsaleable emblems. You don’t progress crews (via crew books), can’t research tanks (blueprints or free exp) and don’t gain credits (nor modules / consumables)
    2) HEAT can 2 shot players, so since only kills count, you must wait for an ally to do the 1st shot and then kill-steal.
    3) Games where you make 0 progress are frustrating.
    4) Time gated – 4h a day, really? That’s more of a military regime than a fun mode.
    Small problems with game mode:
    1) You can’t switch ammo types, but you shoot “ammo 2” 95% of the times.
    2) No repair boxes, but you tap 5 5 or 4 5 by instinct.

  5. Should be damage or assist damage, not only kills.. It got old real quick

  6. 0 credits, 0 xp, just anni coins and boring event. so yes it was ruined as soon as WG thought it up.

  7. *@DezGamez*
    You have fun in this mode? WTF is wrong with you?!?! Is your IQ about 20 or something?

  8. The game is to fast for my reaction speed. Combined with a lot of kill stealing. Not fun at all. I did 10 kills and i am done with it

  9. And I cannot play because I work in this time…

  10. I didn’t even play it yet and I want a refund

  11. I played one match in this mode, and found that “fun” must be a very individual concept.

  12. Awesome info on the game Dez!! Great replays and commentary as well my friend!! Take care, Vern ..,…,,.,the old man

  13. the game mode is boring since the first game. It doesn’t matter how high the damage is, if that damage is contained in one game mode. It’s like comparing the damage from WOT to shadow raid legends.

    Next thing. You need kills. So everything I do is waiting to kill someone near the end of the game. It should be about damage.

    The tank is turning too slow. You have to follow your team mates. Alone dying is the typical thing. Sometimes it feels like a dog fight (with jets) but you can’t do any kind of rolls etc. So playing with your team mates together is necessary, but annoying because they steal kills.
    Then, as you said there is no money. getting in average 2 kills per game, you need 80 games to finish the mission, so maybe around 160+ min, around 3 hours. Not too much, but after a whole evening you got no money at all. Not everyone has so much time.
    And I can’t imagine that even you have fun for so long, since every game is really similar and that only on 4 maps.

  14. i got bored of this mode even before i tried that mode. then, the other day, i was VERY bored and thought…, instead i started sharpening and counting my toothpicks…
    and unlocking a mode, how stupid it may be, for only 4 hours a day is maximum bullshit.
    and the reward is just another shit camo or a badge or a damn stupid and completely useless nonsense.

  15. I hate it. Winning 10-0 and no kills

  16. i have played 3 games than stopped

  17. Michael Schneider

    i played 1 game in this gamemode and it was boring from the get go

  18. luckly i had reached the time to play it 😀
    sad for the others 🙁 Good luck to reach it 😀

  19. total lame event, no money reards or anything, who make sheit like this, so lame

  20. Yeah just not worth the time when you can’t even play because you are busy 80% of the 4 hour’s it’s available

  21. played 2 games, destroyed 1 ST… found boring.

  22. This event sucks so damn boring!!

  23. 9 kills, no wonder you are bored .

  24. The rewards are sooo bad. I don’t need the coins because I don’t like most items in the store.

    The emblems and inscriptions are ok but rarely use them (most of the time I just use special styles)

  25. Played one battle. Not interesting.

  26. 0 games played in this gamemode bc WG does it only between 2:00 and 6:00 on the NA server in EU time… So yeahhh

  27. When i first time saw this tank i was think that will be encounter for KV-2 🙂

  28. they are closing this game mode too early for me 🙁 I’m back home from work at about 22:00, so after I eat and do some life stuff event is already closed that day :.(…

  29. Nikola Jovanović

    0 battles played, cause I work during event prime time, everyday

  30. Did 90 of the killz in the first 4 hours this ever was available. 😀

  31. Played about 10 games, got bored with it. Not really interested with the rewards. , waste of time

  32. I haven’t tried it, it’s not the type of game play i like, going fast, having to aim fast and shoot at a split second. But it seems to be a great game mode – lots of people like it, so i think that’s a good thing.
    [reads comments]
    Well… it *did* seem that people were happy about it the other day… eh.

  33. James Irwin-McConnell

    i played 7 rounds to get the 10 kills mission. That’s it

  34. James Irwin-McConnell

    Why does EU get the Army Gals screens but USC just gets a lame ass plain banner? I want army gals dammit!

  35. The curfew was a real killer for me. I was pretty excited for the pure crazy fun. With curfews… I’ve played a total of 5 times.

  36. I’m with you I can’t play in the evening due to work so yea I’m pissed about that shit

  37. Me on console: “Hah Sturmtiger who?”

  38. I am almost surprised they didn’t pay wall extra play time to play when ever you want

  39. Got bored after the first battle, i do not feel like its worth my time and also the time restrictions are so ridiculous… My evening/night shifts alone would allready prevent me from playing this gamemode, even if i wanted to play it. Bad call WG, bad call …

  40. Played 3 times, all 3 lost in 1-2 minutes. Same retarded teams as in the normal battles. No fun, no credit, no xp, nothing just the same sh*t as usual in this game

  41. Played 3 then yawned and fell asleep.😁 Fun quickly wore off as the goal was not worth it.

  42. eclipsegaming 573

    If they ever put this tank in the tech tree it’s gonna be the German Version of the ISU152 or SU152

  43. Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs

    same thing here, I can play for 1h a day because I go to sleep super early. Work begins at 04:00, so I’m waking up at 3. In the fucken morning.
    Now I have free sunday I can’t play. :/

  44. the only problem of that event is the schedule..on HK server it’s curfew..and you can only play on ANZ server during 4 until 8pm..can’t play on that time because i only play at 9am until 1pm..

  45. i still havent played a single round in this mode, wargaming you havr to let me play or im suing you

  46. Looks like fun, but with time restrictions it just feels like another stampede-the-players thing. I understand that they want the thing to be fast-paced, full of players, and perhaps not impact RB and other game modes outside those hours, so I’m not complaining. I’m just not doing it.

  47. We ain’t gonna talk about that last guy who clutched the first game

  48. I’m not sure if anyone has pieced this together, but I’m pretty sure WG is using this mode as a test for adding ATGMs into the game.

  49. It’s fun

  50. Is anyone even playing this event ?

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