Is the IS-3A too good in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. The is the first Soviet autoreloading tank arriving in update 1.3. But is it too good?


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.



  2. And they stole the auto-reloading system from the italian tanks..which was unique.. completely biased.

  3. I stopped playing about 2 years after launch. The game in the beginning was good it was about positional play and attrition. Now it purely is a twitch game about reflexes. No thx but I appreciate the videos Quicky, nostalgic

  4. Wg gg nexst stupid move please dont bay , this ruchia tanks are 2much love now its total bullshit this game got dead if the dont fix the rest

  5. “Hey, you know that mehanic we implemented for the italians? That was interesting, lets put it on a soviet tank”
    “da comrade, but we must make it better, we must make it more powerful, because this is a russian tank. Make it make no sense, make it tactially uninteresting but make it OP. No russian bias”

  6. Youre playing on a russian server. From outside of Russia. And you have 35-50 ping. I hate you a lot! 馃槢

  7. Well one thing I can see happening is that people who are playing from Tiers 6 – 8…might not want to play this game.based on the fact that it is basically an IS-3 on steroids. And speaking from a personal point聽of view, taking out an IS-3聽with regular rounds in a tier 6,7 and some tier 8’s is quite hard without team help.And is seems that even with team help, this IS-3 A is going to be a LONE WOLF. I think it is broken, and could quite possible hold a flank on its own, if not overwhelmed. So all-in-all I agree with you Quickybaby. And I really hope Wargaming makes this a take for sale as you said in your video…But even then, World Of Tanks is slowly becoming more pay to win again…actually聽when was it ever not pay to win ?

  8. As Wargaming released the Video about the IS3A Autoreloade, i watched it and automatically unsubscribed to their Youtube-Channel. I will not play this game anymore

  9. unless you get lucky… I bought the 25 box loot package, got an M4 Improved, an E25, an IS-3A, Turian III, KV 220-2, a lefe18bh2 arta, camo for the t57 heavy and bat25t, 8000 gold, 13 days premium and 1.3 mil credits. already had the e25 and the lefefefe, so extra gold.

    Last year, I also bought the 25 box pack, and got a T26E5, lorraine 40t (plus some extra lower tier tanks), around 10k gold, 1.5 mil credits and 14 days premium.

    Final word: dont buy these boxes for the tanks, buy them for the gold. Additional stuff = happy surprises. The boxes are worth it just for the gold anyway, considering you are willing to pay yourself a virtual happiness in the first place.

    The trick? buy the boxes on the first 3 days or so.

  10. I鈥檓 looking to get into WoT is the gameplay always move an inch shoot get back into cover repeat or is there a bit of action sometimes?

  11. StrangerInAStrangeLand

    Suka blyat!! Had this thing sitting in my garage for years, well i guess its time to make some money! $_$ (If i decide to reinstall WOT…)

  12. GG wargaming

  13. You forgot to mention how much did it cost you in rounds the average game …. You will realize you are a cash cow at the end .

  14. sounds like a preparation for introducing a T72A

  15. What do you think about Youtubers leaving WoT like LuckyLeopard?

  16. it does not matter how op they make it 99% of its games will be tier 10 anyway and balanced by tier t10 guns

  17. Namegoeshere Orhere

    More worried about them putting this mechanic in a better tank.

  18. Pay to win AGAIN. They are killing WoT.

  19. I am calling BS. You are all in on the marketing scam. Now everyone is going to want to buy this tank. Sounds like same scam as with the Crysler CK, go on buy it, will be nerved overtime. Shame on you QB!

  20. world of tanks blitz – IS 3 DEFENDER

  21. tier 9-10 not enjoyable because of the paywall
    tier 8 ruined by mm and powercreeps
    now lower tiers getting their share of beating with more e25s and leffes
    Guess im back to the loltractor

  22. Pc IS3 defender

  23. NA,EU and Asian server are dying so bring out an over powered Russian tier 8 heavy so the Russian servers spend lots and of of money, classic money grabbing WG

  24. not that you promoted the tank, and folks go for it, and numbers go up on sales, how soon before it gets nerfed.

  25. Stuff like this really makes me so happy Ive stopped playing this game.

  26. Bought 12 boxes got is3A will be testing tonight

  27. loooool, three boxes 5,99: first box IS3-A :):):)

  28. please say to WG to create new medals 馃榾 if you destroy 6or more premiums you earned premium warrior… premium kolobanovs …etc….:DD

  29. Chronis Chochlidakis

    QB I think you are going light on WG about this…

  30. GREED, GREED EVERYWHERE! This shows that WG doesn’t consider to atleast try and make an enjoyable game anymore. This is just blatantly another GRAB as much money as you can before the community quit the game altogether.

  31. The tier X holiday ops gift is a surprise. Guessing everyone gets an IS3A.

  32. Black prince op ps we still have the waffletracktor e100 on console

  33. Comparison to defender

  34. did WG even realise it has an effective dpm of 3120? (with equipment and crewskills). Imagine getting behind a tracked Maus, he’d last a minute.

  35. Hahaha so much bullshit. Good thing I quit WoT this year. What’s going to happen next? Autoreloading German premium? Actually they won’t, cuz it’s not Russian.

  36. It was for sale aaaages ago. I’ve had it collecting dust in my garage and blew the cobwebs off last night. It’s a great tank when top tier, but very meh when you’re more often in tier X games.

    Unlike the Defender tier 6 tanks can actually cause damage to you. There are other things that are more broken in the game – if you meet a tank you should at least be able to pen it – even if you have to use premium rounds. There are tanks at Tier X that cannot be penned by some tier 8 tanks, some tier 8 that can’t be penned by tier 6 etc.

    I have no issue with the pure X MM either – but whenever I’m in those it seems to be a pure premium shell-fest which negates a lot of angling/skill/etc.

  37. time to avoid t8 games, good thing I’m on SEA server and can spam my op t6 prems

  38. makiz the Macedonian

    QB, more cities skylines pls!

  39. Got it in a box now it’s going to get nerfed 馃檨

  40. wg is killing their game feels bad for those ppl who actually love it

  41. I got one in a loot box.

  42. S谩ndor Ott贸 Plesk贸

    Nice advertisement bro… Little boys will buy two.

  43. Where to get IS-3A? I can’t find it in the shop.

  44. Well I hope There is a autoloading german tank(high tier)

  45. Might as well give the Defender an autoloader.

  46. Seems like WG really has given up. They don’t try to fix the game or how they run the game, they are just trying to get as much money as fast as possible and hope that the game stays profitable for another quarter. Just my guess but seeing how much there has been talk about the renewed WoWp and how fast WG has spread their company, I would say they are in a bit of money trouble. I love to use Rovio as an example of a company that did a great product but didn’t know how to run business in long run (putting all your eggs in a single basket is a bad decision, especially if you like to use that basket everywhere) and it seems WG has done quite the different things but ended up in the same situation.

    WoT has been the money cow for a long time for WG and they have really burned the candle from the both ends. Just looking at how much they have done experimental stuff with WoT and how many places they have put it, they have really burned money on it and quite often with little to no returns. Great example for this money burning: WoT VR, VR world got quite interested about it when it was announced, but then WG blew it by letting people only play it at certain VR arcades. I don’t even want to know how much money WG used to develope and market WoT VR and how low the profits must be because they sold it (or worse gave it) to the one business that seems very good at first but when looked at who uses money on games and in which situations, is not really that good (VR Arcades are like paintball, people go there once or twice and if they get into it in no time they get their own equipments and with VR that’s a loss of customer for the arcade). I can quarantee that WG would have yielded more profits if they would have just put the WoT VR into Steam and sold it for 10-20鈧/$/拢 (also a bit more marketing, first anouncment and then complete silence and forgotting isn’t the best way to get players). Not to even talk about how much they must have burned money to sponsor events and run WG GL Finals which probably past year or two have probably been complete losses because people already know WoT and have played it and/or don’t care about it and the big money is in getting new players.

  47. In blitz is the defender
    Now in PC they have one too
    I wonder it鈥檚 more OP than the 252U

  48. OP. Will kill the game.

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