Is the KV-4 worth playing?

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Source: Circonflexes

In todays video, awnser the question, if the KV-4 is worth playing!


  1. I loved my kv-4

  2. will you do the ST-1 next would like to see some gameplay of that tank by sir memelord

  3. Gone from the kv4tress to the kv what for

  4. Your point of view is quite biased Circon. As a really good player with deep knowledge of the mechanics, you know it’s not a good tank on paper. But think about your average Steves, they WILL give you lots of blocked damage

    • No, because a lot of guns that it faces, went from 175 pen to 183+ over the years, so a lot of the kv-4 is almost an auto pen now.

    • Ooooh good point. Still, the slightest amount of angling would be enough

    • @ChaosPotato Still no good. Even fully angled the front of the hull is still a 50/50 for most recent T8 guns. The turret cant be angled, ergo its impossible to make it work. Everyone knows where the weak points are and the only thing that will let you bounce is if RNG is trolling the enemy guns. Circons right in that you need a 5 skill crew to make it worthwhile and even then you need a good cityfight map to get anything out of it. Also bear in mind that 90% of the rounds he fired were gold in the video. Imagine trying to fight something like a defender or a VK100.01p without that kind of loadout.

  5. Vincent The Keeper

    The power creep in this game is what it is. There was a time it was considered a premier Tier 8 super heavy. He’s mistaken if he’s talking like it was always considered a poor tank.

  6. Basil Abeysekera

    I researched the kv4 and St1 before gold ammo even became available for credits, is3s and Ferdinands struggle to pen you if u side scrap really well, and God forbid the T32 with its terrible 198 base pen, you basically just brush everything of your shoulders and if fighting tier 7s and below, u basically can W forward in the open and angle 45° and laugh as nothing pens u, literally unkillable, but now in 2020 when so many new tanks came in the game, and gold ammo, kv4 just xp and credit pinata for skorpion g and tier 8 premiums. It lost its ‘fear factor’ in todays wot. Well I guess wg never buffed it, as to counter the community with their saying of Russian bias. And just left this old girl in time.

  7. This is the first tank I marked. By pure accident. I didnt even know it. It was easy. But I kinda liked it WAAAAAY back.

  8. Thank you papa Circon

  9. The IS-3 is just as bad. Same 350 view range, the gun is more RNG than lootboxes, armor is non existent (t6 meds have a 50/50 or higher chance to pen u frontally with gold, like what), it has that god awful 20mm turret roof combined with the low profile of the tank u get a hugh weakspot only an amx 13 57, MT25 and a stock 59 15 cant overmatch. The tank is not fast either. And then u get the polish t8 with higher alpha, DPM, 8 depression, thicc turret without weakspots *AND* is also faster. Powercreep at its finest

  10. They didnt buff the KV4 just so they can say not all Russki tanks are OP lol

  11. Sti same as kv4 WOT left them to root like Is4.

  12. As somebody who went through the line, I will tell you that right now KV4 is horrible. Gun is ok, but everything else is trash.

  13. back in days was nice but today is gold, gold every time…

    • I actually think that because most of the armor is 180, a lot of guns had 175 or less in back in teh day, they all got buffed to 183+ so its even more paper now vs regular ammo.

  14. sandro Gzirishvili

    Show the post game stats please. It is a perfect climax for a great battle.

  15. the last time i played wot, the t28 120mm couldnt pen the top turrent,

  16. This thing is awesome to do bounce missions in. There’s one for the 279 where you have to bounce 8 shots per game for 5 games in an union tank. Tier 9 and 10 tanks are tough to do this in because the opposition has low firerate / high alpha guns. The kv-4 is ideal because not only can you sidescrape like hell with 150 millimeters of side armor, people don’t know this tank and will actually try and shoot and overmatch your side a lot.

  17. Best thing about the KV-4? The next tank in the tree.

  18. I recently got this tank, and I’ll be honest, the fact it is so forgotten makes it slightly op in certain situations.
    If you do get a building to sidescrape off of, you can often solo hold a corner for a few minutes because people just don’t know how to fight against this tank. It is very counter intuitive. It has garbage front armor and turret armor, but the side armor is RIDICULOUS. If you overangle it to as far as 45 degrees, depending on what tier vehicles you are fighting, you can bait people into shooting your side. The tank is so long, and the angle you give out on the side is so deep, that everyone just thinks “oh, I’ll shoot the side, it’s an easier shot than the turret, and at this angle it is clearly going to pen”. And then they don’t. And then they keep shooting the side, and you keep bouncing. It goes against every inch of every players being NOT to shoot the side, and go for the turret instead. In the current meta of hulldown, unpennable tanks, everybody has a subconscious aversion to shooting turrets. And this tank plays into that instinct to an extreme degree.
    If you know how to play it, against bad to average players, this thing can be a beast.

    • No idea what world your driving this in, every time i take it out everyone just goes straight through the turret front or catches the mini turret. Its worthless

    • Exactly my doctrine in the kv-4 (3 barrel marks). Every player in WoT will always try to fire at a hull, especially a seemingly overangled side.

    • @Jamie Merton they can’t go through the turret if you don’t show it. Sidescrape a corner and only pull put when they have fired. Always angle your turret as well, you can get 200 mm that way

    • Well to be honest, most of the players are straight out trashcans in wot. Sure it can work from time to time.
      But good luck with this fighting T9-10 tanks and players being able to use their brains and hands at the same time.

  19. Agnieszka Wildhirt

    Isnt the gun getting a buff

  20. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    WG is as blind as the KV4tress when comes to revamping old trees and tanks lol

  21. I still remember this one game in my kv-4 where the only enemy t8 was an IS-6. And he didn’t shoot gold ammo. That was honestly rather hilarious

  22. Man the KV-4tress is so good! look at this wargaming!
    Why is wargaming buffing this thing on the supertest??? plz nerf it like the progretto!
    Also release this tank with more mobility, viewrange and armor as a tier 8 premium in 2021 k thank

    In all seriousness, Id love to see you cover the ST-I

  23. That sarcastic nickname of KV-Foretress is… suboptimal. I tried telling a lot of people that the armour was shit, back in the day when i grinded my way through it (with the stock gun of the IS ) and most people said something along the lines of: “You’re just playing it wrong, they call it the KV-Foretress, it has really good armour”

  24. Painfull grind indeed! Just finished it, han’t had so much fun since the ChiRi lol.

  25. Kv4 is not a problem, tank is pretty ok… problem is nowadays gameplay and pay2win aspect

  26. So the tank isn’t very good after 10 years. Feelsbad. What do you think could be done to bring it up to today’s standards? It seems the gun’s pretty alright, so perhaps increasing the turret cheeks and lower plate armor to 200mm?

  27. Imagine having to play it Stock….

  28. Its got a decent gun but its a tank that Wg can say hey look this Russian tank isn’t op so we totally aren’t biased towards Russian tanks

  29. No, it’s garbage. The end.

  30. I like the post game check. That being said I really enjoy listening to Circon talk so he could be reading a dissertation on what shit stinks the most and I’d listen to the entire thing.

  31. kv-4 was a fortress back in the day when prem ammo for credits was introduced and it was considered a bad thing to use. You could bounce for days in top mm against even own tiers. Some reason people kept avoiding to shoot at the turret. you angled your hull at 45 degrees and you were set. Also i miss the days when potatos kept shooting my side scraping kv-4. Now it’s just collects dust in my garage. Thanks circon for bringing up my nostalgia for the old days when xvm gave you massive advantage against potatos with their vanilla clients.

  32. i think the answer has been no for years now

  33. My Tiger 2 80mm of cheek armor wants a buff

  34. You can have good games on St.Emil tho. Think my best game in that was mopping up half the enemy team while brawling on Ensk, even, which was surreal.

  35. John Tamosaitis 2006

    Is it getting a buff along with the IS4, if that ever happens?

  36. Beaumont The Frenchie

    I absolutely loved the KV4 a few years ago, it used to be such a good tank. Now? Like somebody already mentioned, the VK100 for example beats it in every way possible by a lot, except for a little drop in mobility, but it’s not like the KV4 was a fast tank to begin with.

  37. I’m honestly looking to Free XP / Blue Print past this tank… I’m sick of it. The KV-3 was much better

  38. Why have you carpeted your tank 😂

  39. *PointyHairedJedi has entered the chat*

  40. Yea, I do like seeing the post-battle results.

  41. Wargaming: how can we balance Kv-4?
    Someone in balancing department: make it a premium(name it something ridiculously) and completely remove the frontal weakspot and make the gun deal 80 extra damage
    Wargaming: good idea

  42. I would love to see post game results with every video

  43. KV 4 used to be the KV fortress, but no more.

    The power creep took a baseball bat to that tier 8 heavy.

  44. Thanks for the heads up on this thing. I don’t know what’s the point of putting this tank out there. I’m beginning to believe that WG has come up with a process that makes all the tanks perform better or not at all according to a players record.

  45. Really? You need 10 minutes to answer the question? Looking at stats is not enough???

  46. luckily i had grind st 1years ago when this tank still a bit more competitive and the game havent get power creep like now

  47. I actually don’t mind the kv-4, I grinded up the is4 line a 2nd time so I could get the t95e2. Found out the tank can be pretty meme worthy with just the 122 if you carry a shit ton of HE.

  48. Post game yes

  49. ha, at least you have armour and a good gun.
    *cries in 112*

  50. I always shit on this tank whenever I meet it , it’s just free damage

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