Is the Leopard 1 Good Yet in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. The Leopard 1 is getting in update 1.5.1 – but is it enough?


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  1. And thus the E50M becomes even more irrelevant….

  2. Muhammad Kharismawan

    Having its own niche and so efficient on it is good enough really…
    It’s just RNG is such a sh*t concept

  3. Serbian Highlander

    Obj.268 is for sure the worst tier ten tank

  4. In World of Tanks, no armor means: Jag Pz E 100, type 5, HESH clan and the rest of the artillery force wants to know your location…

    War Thunder: no armor best armor!!!

  5. When quickybaby says Ranked is a shit show, World of Warships players be like ” First Time ? “

  6. Leopard PTA, otherwise known as the Leopard “Paper-Thin-Armor”

  7. They need to give back 100ho and heat as premium. Give the standard ammo 1600m/s and make the heat also fast.

  8. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    “That was literally looking death in the face”

  9. ranked is a joke Make ranked great again

  10. Let’s be honest, the current WoT meta is just about the battlefield the Leopard was designed for. With all the gold spam, anything that hits it is gonna go through, so you might as well spec into the mobility and firepower sides of the tank triangle.

    • Actually no. Armour is meta. Not only does it, to a degree, protects against prem ammo, it also substancially protects agains all the HE and HESH rounds flying around.

  11. Add more console content! I’d love to hear your opinion on the mercenary tech tree, mostly on the machine

  12. For me , leo 1 should only have 390 alpha and dpm as before but with the buffed aim time and dispersion + those traverse and moving dispersions

  13. Didnt explain why playing leopard is bad

  14. Finally the leopard as it should have always been

  15. Hello QB . How are you today? I have enjoyed your video’s and cannot wait to watch your next one. I must say that they really do look well made and entertaining. I have to go now and finish a few chores but I look forward to chatting again soon.

    Kindest regards

  16. leopard 1 doesn’t fire APCR, it fires APFSDS.
    Wargaming needs to add a picture for it to differentiate, but it at least says APDS in the garage
    (you can just say it as APDS)

  17. Luís Augusto Panadés

    You have a Leopard for years and any compensation from Wargaming by the status totally uncompetitive of the vehicle them they just do it a bit better but still not with any advantage… Wargaming is really ridiculous. This vehicle needs much more accuracy to be effectively played.
    Russians still have better aimtime and much much much much much better armor and dpm.
    OK, at least the vehicle now is fun to play. That setting that they put a long time ago was thing of retarded.

    • I have a obj257 and its quite shit actually , gets penned by every tank for some odd reason no matter how good I try to angle (everybody shoots prem ammo anyway).
      Also playing against tier x tanks that hit for over 800 dmg (or more) each shot is so much fun ? NOT

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      It is quite diferent to be penned by HE in overmatch of your armor condition.

      257 is a monster near other german vehicles. I am playing VK 100.01 (p) Aufs B, it is one of the only decent vehicles of germany. You pass tiger I (P) that is a complete shit and enters a decent vechicle. At least one from germany.

  18. Good YET? Leo1 was my first tier 10, I got it years back and grinded through the awfulpanther to get to it. It was a GOOD tank back then, it’s just been powercreeped all over.

  19. @4:00 to skip all the stat bs

  20. But the question on every Leopard’s mind is the same.

    Is it still entirely made out of ammoracks?

    • DugThatOutMyself

      In case you didn`t know. That ammorack is considered a problem with the most recent versions of the tank. So it`s realistic

  21. Giving it 420 dmg was stupid. Now its more powerful than the allied Tier X 120mm guns.

  22. It seems as if the Leopard finally got the love which it so desperately deserved. QB and most of the community seem to be more than happy with the nerfs but there is one big factor I have to add into the equation before I am willing to hop on the fanwagon. The great and powerful Claus Kellerman is still on vacation and has not yet released a video about the Leo so we can’t know for sure if Wargaming made the Leopard great again 😉

  23. we already know that accuracy means shit, so .29 is no help

  24. сисај курац квикибејби

  25. Inb4 they make the same gun changes to the E-50M so that it becomes an Obj. 430U contender.

  26. WG : Players.

    WE : Did you do it?

    WG : Yes.

    WE : What did it cost?

    WG : …STb-1.

  27. feather the bucket on UDES? What?? 😀

  28. Not bad, not bad at all. At least, now Leo 1 has something to fight with. Still miles worse than Russian MTs though.

  29. in my opinion….the leo is not good enough…the gun is worster than before the buff! i droved few rounds on testserver and it was a disappointment! i guess the stupid rng with +-25% ruins this tank

  30. Cant wait for this update to be apply in WOTB

  31. Will the PT get the gun changes? It uses the same gun?
    L7A1, L7A3 what ever that means.

  32. I don’t know… comparing the buffs received by this tank, and the buffs received by the E50M, I think Leo 1 has been buffed for too fkng many times… 10 times over the E50M, and those where serious buffs. This is because of too many cry babies that don’t know how to switch playing from armored tanks to lighter armored ones. Penetration, damage, mobility buffs. Those are huge.
    And while indeed it doesn’t have the best armor, we all know that the WT E100 didn’t have had the best armor, but was removed from the game even after subsequent heavy buffs to it because it was so overpowered despite being always a one-shot for arties. So don’t complain that much on the lack of armor. Put into perspective with other forgotten tanks. E50M needs as many buffs as this Leo 1 received.

  33. 10:46 is it offical the new eminem?

  34. I have to say thanks for the game play video as i can’t get my computer to work at the moment

  35. My first tier 10 like 6+ years ago… The light tank grind was pretty brutal back then, lots of suiscouting.

  36. Old man FPS! That’ll be me then!!?

  37. 10:44 is anyone not gonna mention Quicky Baby’s leopard talk?

  38. Finally!

  39. Finally, I can stop playing my M60 because ‘It’s a better Leopard 1 than the Leopard 1’… Leopard 1 really needed that gun handling buff…

  40. I always have to laugh when snipers get APCR ammo as premium as APCR is absolutely atrocious at range losing a ton of penetration.

    Sniping is still best done with HEAT as it loses no penetration over range. Sure you can hit spaced armour but so can you with APCR which, by the time it hits, already has much lower pen.

    The only good APCR shell is that on the T92 light as it loses only 2mm of pen over 500m range which is amazing.

  41. Joackim Lauridsen

    I’m just sitting here with my udes 15/16 with 1000 shell velocity and being happy if I roll over 320 with my 440 alpha ? this tank is better then my udes at well everything except the gun depression

  42. hmmm those EBRs really seemed OP in both replays

  43. “Old man’s FPS” – exactly 🙂

  44. The E 50 already had 0.29 accuracy with the (very) long 8.8cm

  45. ThatAussieBloke

    your stutter seems worse QB

  46. @quickybaby you should commentate cricket matches 🙂 you are fast enough – your flow hehe 🙂

  47. Von Schwabbeltitt

    Is Maus Good Yet?

  48. So its a laser gun

  49. Andrea Gasperetti

    “I would rather have more penetration” was a nice “that’s what she said” moment ??

  50. And this is the problem with the game, they need to start to nerf tanks, not buff them. The game is getting faster and faster. And last I looked tanks are not fast.

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