Is the Leopard 1 Worth Getting?? A Leopard 1 Review & Guide

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. That was a really good review and the comments and play on the second replay were spot on in my opinion. When sniping with the leopard it is helpful to stand still for the shot due to the dispersion values. Therefore when using a playstyle like T62A who has much better dispersion values, i.e. snap shotting on the move and exposing yourself as little as possible (which is the correct way to do it of course), it will feel about as accurate as the russian gun I think. Even though on paper it looks better. You only really get the extra performance in comparison when you only shoot while standing still, which would be a horrible playstyle considering the main feature of the Leopard really is it’s mobility.

  2. Thank you so much lemming ????? xD these idiots said that shit and I thought of all the times I’ve gone city in a russian med or my m48 and gotten high calibers and what not

  3. I’ve been playing through Škoda T 50 at the moment and am loving every moment of it, despite how often it gets ammo racked when hit. Close to Indien-Panzer, and am wondering if the Leo 1 would be a good alternate alternate choice after I get my TVP (already have 907, 140, 121).

  4. Hi LR. You didn’t answer your question. Is it worth getting? Or should I get the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen first?

  5. I know you are a better player than me, I know you have more battles than I do, I know the leopard misses quite a few shots while sniping, or you don’t pen some tanks that you should easily pen. Call it luck, or RNG, or simply that it’s a Russian game, idk! But I still feel that a well hidden Leo can do tons of damage at distance. And I think you miss a lot of shots because you are on the move when you shoot. I’m not saying you are bad at it, of course, I think it’s that tank, you need to let it fully aim … imo …And bouncing the side of an E-100, well they are kinda troll with their side armor 😛

    Anyway, I loved the video, and I learned a few things too!

  6. XYZ purple player… lmao be straight up and call em out ??? you’d be MVP_2017

  7. It's not what you think

    Up next: O-ho guide. Please cunt, I love you

  8. Lemming, love the vid, good work.
    Just to point out that the Leopard won’t hit anything at 7,000 m that’s a bit optimistic even for German accuracy ?

  9. Lemming could you do a review on the STB 1? How can you survive the Gun handling? SEA server logic thinking that the Leo 1 is so accurate but in reality is not lel

  10. Keep up the good work lemming i am learning from your videos thx m8.

  11. Alexander Addison

    Timeley video, Leo 1 is top of the tree on EU for april.

  12. exetra @cetra who cares if its correct:P

  13. You are awesome Lemming, I learn a lot from watching your vids. Keep it up!!

  14. Alrighty!! Thanks for the great video lemming xxx

  15. It isn’t canadian reviewer if there isn’t sorry at least for one. TY!

  16. As always mate, good info, I find the gun on the Leo really hot and cold, sometimes you can make awesome shots then others it can’t hit crap…
    And arty just loves seeing this tank on the other side, I use sml and large repair and Lge Med kit as well. Have safe stowage on Loader as well.
    Bags2247 NA

  17. HouseMusicLover001

    Lemming has a unique style of reviewing tanks. This review is really educational, and I appreciate that he does not focus at all on numbers, if you know what I mean 🙂
    Keep up the great work, I love watching your livestreams.

  18. The rule here is pretty simple IMHO:
    It’s a medium with little to no armor – play it like a medium with weak armor. This is why you get superb gun stats.

  19. you forgot about how often does the leopard low rolls xD

  20. I didn’t enjoy mine at all, a not even outstanding gun on a really bad platform.

  21. The leopard one seems like a useless redundancy after the light tanks come out. The Leo and ru both have no armor, but the ru is faster and has almost the same gun, and with a crazy view range. Amirite?

  22. Flagged as child abuse

  23. GymLeader_Giovanni

    Love all the uh, “Assman” names for your crews xD

  24. Great review and replay. Nice to see an unbiased and openly honest review.

  25. Hi! Can you guys please tell me which tanks are considered a sniping tanks?

  26. +1 for arty kill

  27. i have been playing games since i was in my 20`s, i have just turned 60 and im still not good, i play for fun, and its a joy to watch and learn from a guy who knows his stuff, thank you..!!

  28. John Asbjørn Innvær

    I changed how I played my Leopard PTA different after this video. Thank u

  29. The whole “sniper leopard” thing super triggers me. It’s ice to see that I’m not the only one who plays the Leo on the front line. The PT A is my fav tank and I’m close to 3 marking it and honestly I’m just as aggressive as I am in my t 54.

  30. Would coated optics instead of vents be very useful for those camping TDs?
    (for camo penetration purposes)

  31. Hey Lemming, is there any reason to get the Leo over the 30B if I already have a 13 90 and haven’t started the German line? thanks in advance if you have the time to answer

  32. I will put your advice into practice when I get my Leopard 1 five years from now. Lol.

  33. in my experience the Leopard 1’s gun is ok at sniping. so .26 accuracy can not snipe the commander’s hatch of a tank at 7000 metres. just my experience :’) loooool
    I really like the sarcasm in your videos =)

    thanks for sharing this vid!

  34. I think your move on Highway was very smart given the tanks your opponent had. However, I also think you got lucky that the heavies didn’t push you or that their flanking T57 got fixated on your T57 rather than removing you from that spot and allowing his teammates to advance safely. Plus your team blew thru the 1 line which gave your team a major advantage fairly early. Again, smart play, but I didn’t feel what you were doing was the game changer. Then there’s the hypocrisy of the second replay. You aggressively rail against the Leo 1 as a sniper, yet you spend most of your time sniping in the second replay–more than half your total damage was done over 300 meters! If you define “sniping” as camping a bush the whole game, I agree with you that it’s a misuse of the Leo 1. However, this tank is SUPERB firing from range. Both Dez Gamez and Quickybaby featured a video of Skeyone2080 abusing his opponents on Highway to the tune of 13k damage and very little of it came from behind a bush. I would encourage you to check it out and let us know what you think. BTW, thanks for the videos, they’re very useful and I’ve learned some good stuff watching. TC.

  35. is the AX next?

  36. Fernando Herrera

    The only tier 10 medium tank I actually hate. The gun makes everything about this tank useless.

  37. Fernando Herrera

    You should do a comparison of the Russian mediums. My favorites seem for me are the 430 and the t62a. I’m curious to know how you feel about all of them and how they compare.

  38. Theclone15trooper

    The leopard 1 “accuracy” problem stems not from the 0.28 acc, but the fact it more than double the Russian meds dispersion while moving and tank traversing, so you have to stop and aim to use your 0.28 accuracy. That’s the fundamental issue with this tank, though I still love mine.

  39. I just used your advice on pushing the 1 line on Fiery Sallent and won a battle 😛 I used a wreck of enemy Grille though to push towards the cap (that was hilarious). One of the most fun games I had lately.

  40. your game Graphics look great. I’m concerned with the frames for input lag issues?

  41. Richard Andersen

    Great video, keep up the good work!
    Do you play the PTA the same way?

  42. How about ‘Hedgehogs’ for TDs?
    … Nah, that’s too complimentary. how about ‘Hedge-pigs’?.

  43. Chimonakimi WoT-Console

    On console we have a module viewer and yes, your ammo rack is a giant box on it’s front left where you pointed out. It starts roughly before below the turret ring, halfway forward-looking roughly right behind your front drive wheel.

  44. Waifu Racer 2000

    The problem with german tanks (And this is why the leo’s gun suffers as well imo) German tanks cant hit targets reliably if they not aimed point blank. Even if you have stab, its impossible. They are usually accurate, but if the gun isnt fully aimed its gonna miss. Meanwhile in Soviet mother Russia, you dont have to wait for the aim, you take the shot, and if you have stab and vents, it gonna hit. For example: Im going 56kmh with the t54, really good crew, 5 skills, stab, vents, rammer, i put the autoaim at an at 15 which is 300meters away, and while driving back to cover i fired 3 ap shells and it penned, not just penned, it high-rolld as well. Meanwhile with the pta or ru251 6 skilled crew, same setup, and im lucky if my shell even hits close to the target, altough they have the same accuracy, if not better then the t54. Fuck wot srsly. No Russian biaz. Yeah my ass

  45. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    I think evict would be a good term for digging campers out Lemming. Also oust, dislodge, and depose are good words too.

  46. People Are Stupid

    Lemming I believe you are playing so much self centric, I never trust you if you were my team.

  47. As an average player I find going double repair kit helps a lot :

  48. Really helpful video Lemming! Plan on doing a similar video on the Obj.140 or T-62 lines?

  49. NoHomeLike

    The driver occupies the left-most portion of the frontal hull, and behind the rest of it is a giant ammo rack hit zone

  50. is teh Ax and m48 patton have the same gameplay ?

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