Is the M60 Worth it in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks released the M60 in the bonds shop at a hefty 15,000 price point – here’s all you need to know about it!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. DO THE KV-4!! You dont have anything about it

  2. Bartholomew Macaluso

    HA! Wish I had the time to commit so much to make the kind of achievements necessary to get the special tanks. As it is, I been playing since 2015 or 14 not sure but I only have about 8k games played.. Well, I do have a couple from the first campaigns before the exotic reward tanks came out from the 2nd campaign… Nice! I would have hoped the American M60 would have been better but I dont make the rules.

  3. The Prussian Loner

    M60 Patton in the WoT Blitz is not a pretty good medium since the front hull can be penetrated more easily and its credit coefficient is super low rather than other Tier X premiums available in the Blitz. I am sure that the suck-ness of M60 will be carried on from Blitz into the PC…

  4. M60’s in real life are slow AF WTF

  5. Why do you always waste time with the numbers
    We all know WG is hiding stats… And I don’t mean only gun dispersion on the move and terrain resistance and other hidden stats shown by… there are clearly other hidden stats in this game. Showing tank stats that are in the game or visible in tanks gg is just not informative but misleading. Cause WG is clearly full of shit. Please don’t mislead people. M60 IS NOT WORTH 15000 BONDS… DON’T FUCKING LISTEN TO THIS WG SALES PITCH… QB&WG BULLSSHIT…. Pay 7k bonds…..or don’t get it

  6. When my dad was in the army, he and other drunk army guys in Germany did donuts in a M60 until it flipped

  7. Wargaming: We’re releasing a bunch unique premiums for purchase!
    Me: Oh cool but wait there’s a catch isn’t there?
    Wargaming: Uh… Well… Yes actually. They’re only available for bonds.
    Me: Oh yay well they’re technically free…
    Me: **looks at price**
    Me: Yeah I’ve got less than 1000 bonds and they take way too long to accumulate. Thanks for doing something cool but locking it behind a in game currency that is a near impossible grind for a more casual player like myself who has a job and doesn’t have the time to sink into the game to acquire all the bonds for this gg. dont bother to think about the casuals for once.

    • These are *reward* tanks. If you don’t put in the effort and just play casually you don’t deserve an extra reward on top of the normal income.

  8. “the armor in this thing is negligible at best”.. if that is the best.. what is the worst? 😀

  9. When I heard about a M60 in WoT, I imagined the turret was going to be something of a design like the M60A2/A3.

    Magach series for Israel tech tree for more heavy Patton cousins :3c

  10. Wows gives like 6 months notice and wot does a good job letting people know when they change tech trees

  11. WG did the M60 dirty with that weak armor. Not to mention that giant tumor on top.

  12. Great idea in that MANY players of NA WOT actually were crew of the M60. Nice to play a tank you actually drove in real life.

  13. I got 3 of these M60 as Clan Wars rewards in 3 different accounts in 3 different clans and hoped never to see them sold like this because they’re rare. Maybe not any more ?

  14. Hey QB, why don’t you do a tech tree showcase of your favorite tank for every tier?

    I know it’s technically not a tech tree, but I hope u get what I mean. Just go through every tier using ur favorite tank in that tier.

  15. Quickybaby does know the orginal wtf e100 still exists on console right he should go try it someday year or something

  16. How long will the m60 be in shop for?

  17. any loader that could not load a round in under 5 sec, lived in the tank, until his knuckles dragged on the ground,—

  18. I really appreciate your daily videos, it actually makes me wanna play the game more.

  19. Fucking losers getting m60s

  20. 16:18 They released the tank for supporters only for money, yeah… no tanks are safe.

  21. M60除了隐蔽之外,其他的强无敌

  22. Mitchell Anderson's World of Tanks

    If it was worth it they wouldn’t have put it in bond shop so it is worthless

  23. Would be cool to have the VKK back

  24. 10:20 Why tho? Literally burning credits.

  25. I picked the 121B and I’m in love with it. The gun is amazing. View range is sweet and it looks cool.

  26. But QB, I thought you already had an M60. I’m confused.

  27. WG needs to rethink its processes in how to allocate “bonds” for the average player who does not play clan wars, front line or other game modes that gives Bonds as rewards for gameplay; as once again they are basically discriminating against the casual and/or average player who does not get access to “rewards tanks” as these sorts of players are not going to get such tanks by receiving small amounts of bonds from random pub matches. As playing “ranked battles” is not something I would consider, as I don’t have any tier X tanks currently, and have no plans to be in any sorts of battles where “premium rounds” are shot like water flowing down hill!

    • Since _reward_ tanks are rewards they shouldn’t be given freely. The average player should have to play other gamemodes like FL or RB if they want to get the reward faster.

  28. Waiting on the wt e 100 for bonds. The one German that can balance some Russian tanks. Would love a vk 7201k or t95e6. A t 22 would be cool . Wargaming put the 907A in the bond shop it’s not the clan wars one. Also the 268 version 5

  29. Same tank as Patton but without armor…

  30. The top clans trash is our treasure. Thanks wargaming please add more tanks. No one is playing the 279 in ranked just the Chieftian and the 907 real op tanks.

  31. Completly ruined my m60 by giving it to all the plebs now…. Rip wg nomore is it about skill.

  32. I don’t understand why people think it’s not fair to clan wars players, in all actuality they probably will have to play less then someone who has to grind for the bonds, they are just babies who think they’re special.

    • Probably because WG said that the CW reward tanks would be exclusive for CW.
      The same shit as WG selling the Mutant for example.

  33. In just upset I spent 10 bonds on improved equipment. Could of picked up a m60 along with my 121B but live and learn .

  34. Ouh look… the tank that was given to noobs wot blitz player without even knowing how the heck do they get it and how can others got that tank…

    Great Video… Keep up the good work…

  35. How do I get 15k bonds if I only play random battles on a free-to-play account?

  36. Its too ugly! 121B look much better!

  37. so what is the point of playing CW, now that every “shitter” can get a reward vehicle

  38. Quickybaby is now show how to tank review, showing how bad the M60 compared to the M48 Patton in the standard tech tree

  39. Curious on the 121B view coming as it was my first clan wars reward pick (in hindsight a terrible mistake compared to what I could have picked but I just liked its tree version).

  40. its awful. I wish I could trade it in for an other

  41. John Magne Stubsveen

    Hm, the shape of the upper front hull armour doesn’t look right. The armour around the driver’s hatch should be sloped, but it looks like it’s completely horizontal on the in-game 3D model.

  42. I’m saving the bonds for the WT Auf E 100 xD
    ( even though the tank has been completely removed from the game )

  43. Haven’t played it, but just looking at it, they got it so wrong it’s kind of insulting. I served on that tank.

  44. I really hope that they will release another tier 10 tank like the obj 907 or chieftain

  45. its like wows

  46. I hope they’ll release the Foch 155 in the bond shop !

  47. QB please make a video on ranked battles and witch tanks are suitable for this mode

  48. Dam that was some serious RNG rolls with your damage, 390 alpha, rolls 400 + 90% of the time, Conspiracy 😮

  49. Typical QB… shooting too much premium ammo xD

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