Is the Object 274a Polar Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???

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Source: QuickyBaby

The World of Object 274a Polar Challenge requires huge amounts of play – is it possible? I answer!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Thank QB, I appreciate it.

  2. I think there is one thing different from the previous marathons – if I remember correctly, previously experience earned in tier 9 and 10 tanks did not count towards the sum of the experience needed for the next stage. Now it does.

  3. i’ll play game for fun and when event last day i will decide if i want it or not

  4. this tank is so fucking ugly lol

  5. No one apart from a YouTube streamer thinks that four hours a day for ten days is remotely fun or achievable.

  6. Amit's Online Classroom

    Is this tank batter than LIS

  7. I might complete stage 1-3 if there are some nice rewards there, more than that I’m not going to bother with, and I’m not going to buy the tank.

  8. Id love to see the old marathon system once again. 1 month, 150k exp and 150 kills per nation

  9. That’s easy, man. You go in, spam gold, get out, nice result.

  10. A Soviet Premiun tank? Such a novel thing! WG is really introduced new things in WOT! Got me by surprise.

  11. I’d maybe try to grind through that marathon if this tank was a russian heavy, but getting a medium tank that is not really different from the CS52-LIS (which i managed to get for a 90% discount in the last marathon after investing way more time into it than i was planning to) or any other hull-down medium tank is just not worth the grind for me.

  12. Never missed a QB marathon class boys!

  13. Oh wow, another Tier VIII Soviet.

  14. Spend about 2 hours of your work wage or grind hours of your time to get it for free? Wargaming done the maths and knows the out come $$$$$

  15. You know, with that goatee you kinda look like satan

  16. James Sunny Crockett

    its becoming a job, no fun included anymore.

  17. Why even bother it will be in the premium crap shot in a month and cost $30. WG Take my $$$ and shut up

  18. Is it possible to gift that reward to me? Please? My base exp is 393 only. Thanks in advance, QB! dbanker_ph – NA

  19. Wg should start paying ppl if events become like part time job and time consuming x)

  20. That is quite funny, because I’m playing WoT about 7 years and I have got around 10k battles… And now wg wants me to play ~550 battles in 10 days? That is riidiculous

    • What’s ridiculous about that? WG is a business, they want you to play as much as you can and spend as much as you can. That’s how businesses work.

  21. Jovidianto Soesilodewo

    At least you can use IXs….. it’s the best tier tbh even a lot better than Xs, which I think why it is easier to do this rather than the last marathon using all Xs. IXs matchmaking is a lot better anyway. it’s called a challenge, but I don’t feel challenged as I don’t even bother doing these in the first place. If you’re competitive then go for it all the way, if you’re casual then it should not matter anyway. Tho, from the looks of the reward tank itself, I get the feeling people might be upset or might not like another OP tank introduced into the game exclusively for competitive players. It’s a “reward” tank after all.

  22. Yeah not worth it.
    Last time I tried to get a “free” premium was the T25 Pilot. It burnt me out from WoT for over 2 years during which I completely stopped playing that game.

  23. it is much easier to go to job and buy this shit after two days than play ten days from morning to night

  24. i reach the Obj as fast i can open my wallet.

  25. Hi Quicky, I have been watching serveral of your Challenge videos and you always make an estimated time to invest. Have you backtetsted this on your previuos challenges. I would be highly interested.

  26. Impossible missions lol, WG wants everyone to get a 30/40% discount is the tank worth it QB

  27. Looking forward to QB’s usually marathon rage stream. It always helps me through these marathons. Looking forward to earning another tier 8 premium.

  28. @QuickyBaby why do you always say that you average 800BaseXP on your main and only 600BaseXP on your f2p? In tha last 30 days, you averaged like 666base on your main. Its harder to tell on your f2p as you probably had som premium time. But it looks as if it was at least equal in BaseXP/game.

  29. Economically, what’s happening here is that WG wants you to complete first 3-4 stages easily, then get bogged down, get perhaps to stage 6-7, and then think – oh, I’m so far down the line, I better use the 60-70% discount, and shell out actual money. Unless you are single, unemployed, and quarantined at home and your time does not mean anything to you, or a total unicum, there’s just no freaking chance that you can complete this stinky pile of shite of an event

  30. Can you use tier 9-10 for the grinding path (xp one) ?

  31. 450 battles doesn’t sound so bad until you’re 200 in. I see this going 1 of 2 ways for me. A – I stick with it and actually get a free tank or B – I get to level 7 or 8 and just use the discount ( most likely)

  32. thank you QB for the information about the Polar Challenge

  33. A clan mate does these every year…and he puts in 10 hours a day every day…he’s a 1950 player…we figured it out he puts in 100 hours every season….and he get’s the tanks for free…Good luck friends!!

  34. Is the tank even worth the time??

  35. Going off my WOT account average xp for November it’s only going to take me 53 games a day. Keep in mind NA server going off the November ratings my rating is higher than 69% of you. My win rate is higher than 76% of you. If you want to try good luck but for most of you it’s not gonna be a smooth ride. Remember during the marathon good play is replaced by do the most damage as fast as you can before you die. Rinse repeat. Painful games for the next 10 days. Lots of follow the heavies and leave the flank open since I’m not in it to win it games. GL QB For Queen and Country!

  36. Good luck grind buddy

  37. I like that you made education first – listen up students 🙂

  38. I have a type 59 already so I honestly don’t see the point in having more than one premium tank. If the one you have is fun then why bother having more?

  39. Nope I just gonna skip this one. I am not this hardcore player and can not care less 😀 even if its free. well not free cuz u have to put a shit ton of time in it. Thx but thx not.

  40. RNG and random is shit in that case …in the way you described there is no chance that you can do … these are unrealistic estimates … you need much more than he calculated ..

  41. best advice at the end… a real responsible content creator… get a real life and enjoy wot in the side….

  42. This right here makes me hate this game.

  43. Brick Fox Productions

    ooooo the spreadsheets; QB you make tanks soooo fun. 😛

  44. WG: Makes a CHALLENGE Challenging
    QB and his followers : Surprised pikachu face

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