Is the Renegade Challenge POSSIBLE in World of Tanks???

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The World of Tanks T54E2 Renegade Challenge requires huge amounts of play – is it even possible? I answer!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online published by Wargaming is available as a download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.



    You can get them for much cheaper because they always sell them afterwards unless you get * 70% off minimum.*

    Think I’m lying? T25Pilot, T-44, TS-5, Premium Carnarvon I’m looking at you. And you can get these outrageously cheaper durring future Christmas events

  2. With these missions i play only my tier 8 premiums so basicly i grind credits while doing the mission.If i get to 70-80% i buy it.During the week i only play in evenings for a few hours,because i work.Weekends i can catch up and put in some long session.Unfortunetly i will miss the first day cause of work and year end function in evening.

  3. The way the U.S. Navy treats it’s HMs is like how WG treats it’s casual players or weekend warriors. Navy utterly fucks it’s Corpsmen out of advancement, WG shunts casual players from ever having a chance.

  4. I was going to try and do it until I watched this.

  5. I want to be anonymous when I play WOT, but I dont want to give up XVM because then I wont be able to seal club anymore. WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  6. Dragonlord Deathwing

    Thats Tottally Stupid. Wargamings Money Greed is so massive. Im so proud i stopped playing this stupid Game.

  7. the big cupola makes me want it!

  8. Yeah these missions are bs. I would love to have this tank, but I have school and don’t have the time or skill to complete this in a reasonable amount of time, and I also don’t feel like spending however much it will cost. Incredibly stupid

  9. last time i went for one of these it was for the su130,which i actually got two days before the deadline. i also got carpal tunnel and had to stop playing for two weeks lol

  10. Anyone noticed WG dont really want to give creditboosters anymore?

  11. Question is, is this tank good??? and how better than t26e5??

  12. So many exp do get?! ? Must be an OP tank, no? ?

  13. Fuck wargaming. Anyone who spends money on this tank is fucking retarded supporting this crap.

  14. my wole life worth more than this shit

  15. The Idea of playing WOT for 10 days straight …i turn this shit off after 5 battles when i get those WTF moments , bye

  16. Arnon Lokitsataporn

    100 exp pfft, i cant even get 50 lol

  17. Well… QB I dare you to Complete the challenge on your F2P Account

  18. Not even trying…

  19. you should not reach last stage, that’s all. WG calculates, that normal player pass stage 4 and get 40% or max. stage 5 and 50% discount. At stage 5 is the first significant raise of needed exp. i’m not 100% sure, but in previous marathons i think this was the case at stage 6, not stage 5.

  20. Aight. Where’s that Kevin guy at. Someone hold him down, don’t put this dread on our man quicky baby

  21. Do it in F2P!

  22. Don’t do this QB ! Please ! Don’t destroy yourself ! Please do a video on what you did instead of playing (something that you enjoyed and that is useful time for human kind 😉 )

  23. WG logic explained: As a heavy tank the Renegade appeals to a wider base of players than the EBR or the TS5, therefore it will sell better. So teasing the players with 30 to 50 percent discounts instead of 60 to 80 percent or giving the tank away “for free” – as in the previous marathons – by making the marathon missions harder will result in more cold, hard cash. Alternatively, they just apply the same logic by which premium heavy tanks are more expensive than mediums or lights.

  24. My statement: not worth it.

    I have to give that I have completely stopped playing WOT and I’m a bit disconnected from the actual meta, but… After spending insane amount of money and time in this game, I feel like the pixels aren’t worth it now.

  25. Wargaming really, really, REALLY hate their players.

  26. I don’t know how the hell ppl don’t get it, it is possible to take this tank for free if you want enough. If you don’t have enough time, but still want it, you will buy it on 40,50-70,80% discount. Simple as that.

  27. I am going to try for the free way as best I can but it seems WoT is getting more pay 2 win as weeks go by. No longer is it the same game that was in 2011

  28. I dont care about the challanges anymore. Basically i could make easy for myself, just working 4 hours more within the month to get the extra money for buying this tank. This is only 4 hours instead of 42 to 50 hour grinding. But even that, i wont do because then i do what Wargaming wants… spending money. Not gonna happen.

  29. Easy. Its bullying the not so experienced player to get their money 😀
    Nice move from a buisness perspective!

  30. WG can screw themselves if they think I would even try this

  31. te tank it nice camo to batt a play so mach hours for have free i dont ,im not crazy :),i play 1,2,3,4, mision , for my knolege…if can buy the tank good i buy if not … the tank cant stay in wot garage….good day mate u best …. hello from italy..

  32. Consider that someone earns 5 € per hour in some shitty part time job. Easy math

  33. I wonder if the guy who ran the Alpine Tiger marathon has been released from the Gulag yet?

  34. this would be some-what easy to complete if we got all the stages in 1st day because i can do first 3 mission (for 6-10 tier) in 1 day
    AND they should make it alot easier because we didn’t get anything for halloween!

  35. No thanks. WG won’t get any money from me this time.

  36. Yep, tried it on the Italian challenge… never again. But I got the tank tho, for free. Grinding mostly done on LTs especially my Type 62

  37. Nope not for me…I don’t play that much anymore. Nontheless…that tank (even without the skin) looks absolutely gorgeous.

  38. TMI. My brain is died!

  39. The challenge is only made for pro…

  40. The Christmas event in World of Warships is way better. Less grindy and you get a tier 10 ship for free, not some measly tier 8

  41. Maybe just grind to the first day premium prize

  42. this fella is a fucking asshole

  43. you ask why? the answer to anything WG has ever done to screw over their playerbase: money.
    it’s always about the filthy money, they’d rather take 10 bucks now than 25 bucks tomorrow. we should’ve learnt that by now they don’t even give the slightest fluff about us anymore… and they will never listen. they never really have.

  44. I’ve returned from a long break in WoT, and what im finding is terrifying. Im completly lost (maps completly changed,my crews are a mess, blueprints, shitloads of tokens, emblems and unknown currency, directives, new consumables, way too many people shooting gold in random battles,etc), and what ive notice is that during this last 1 year and a half break, the pay to win component is too high. The problem with this renegade tank grind, is that is meant for us to pauy for the tank, and then through the stages, get the discount.

  45. I think WOT wants us to buy the tank ?? but its not my intention?

  46. very well said, I enjoyed the analysis thank man

  47. T54E2 ?????

  48. Wargaming is just insulting everyone at this point

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