Is the T28 PROTOTYPE any good in 2020? – World of Tanks

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  1. First. Have a nice weekend and dont forget to comment your thoughts!

  2. Is there any map circon likes?

  3. Is T-10 worth it in 2020?,

  4. How the fk did the arty get to a1?

  5. I love the new (not even sure if it’s that new) video thumbnail style with the purple outline and all that. I noticed it recently.

  6. More is better…

  7. What do think of the top gun of the T32?

  8. I was just discussing tanks with a friend and I realized (at least on the NA server) Bert seems to have gone extinct since the wheeled vehicles hit. Anyone else notice this?

  9. Liked it for the SU-14.

  10. IS-3 has 1500 hp at T8….the Oni has 1550 hp at T7. how dis work?

  11. Actualy its pretty shit now than it used to be

  12. You should make some more so you can give your experience and personal thoughts on tanks.

  13. I played the T28 prot. and thought it was decent, because it’s basically a heavy tank but with better DPM than any heavy. But even if it was great, what’s the point when the E4 is a shitshow? PS: This series is a great idea. I would like for you to talk about the Lowe. It’s a tank I adore but I think most people believe otherwise.

  14. tier 6 also has to deal with m44s, and lefhs when tier 6 isnt bottom tier

    my god that su 14, that is the last place id ever think he would be XD

  15. what about the other T 28?

  16. i actually liked this tank lol. it’s not great but it’s more than usable

  17. This is really good, can you do the AMX 48?

  18. Meneer Circonflexes, what a great video. Can’t wait to see more of them <3

  19. Honestly, I’d prefer if you waited for the changes, and the did the series.

    I could see me watching a video about every tank, and so waiting for the changes would mean most of them will be relevant.

  20. I am liking these videos so far. Keep them coming!

  21. Yes, keep these up. Like to see tanks we never see anywhere else.

  22. Yes keep doing these kinds of reviews

  23. Unfortunately I play console so my experience is a little different, but I think the T-28 prot is op af. It absolutely steamrolls tier 8’s and holds its own against tier 9’s. I’ve even had good games against tier 10’s. You just point your front towards the enemy and blast away. I love the thing! I also love the AMX M4 51 and 54 tho so maybe I have a niche playstyle but seriously the T28 prot is ez

  24. 06:07 So anyways, I started blasting….

  25. More of these please..
    Thank you..

  26. 8:27 Look E75,he knowed where is arty.But,how? 2nd thing,show result of battle,i want to see dmg of that arty.

  27. Hope you have a great weekend as well Circon. Really liked these two videos, hopefully you get enough support and continue this series.

  28. Yes, bring on the review series!

  29. I love idea idea but I think it’s premature. These videos won’t be relevant once the damage and HP update launches. Be patient

  30. Yes more of this kind of videos

  31. Yes, I like the idea.

  32. This is the first tank i pursued that got nerfed or was obsolete because of powercreep by the time i got it.

  33. I like the idea of this series. It’ll be good to see them as they are now to have something to compare them to once the changes are made.

  34. The T-28 Prototype is an American tier 8 “jack of all trades ” TD that suffers from poor character traits and needs to be seriously looked at, in order to bring it back to the forefront of WoT, as they have done for other tanks that needed to be tweaked to bring it back to prominence, without making them OPed! Love to listen to your recommendations and thoughts on WoT in your “are they worth it” series…!

  35. Yes. i ground thru this tank with the open top snd 2018 sit show all around and did really well in it and loved

  36. I like this type of video, keep it up mr Circon!

  37. Is a fake tank that is completely made up any good in 2020? Nope.
    the T28 Prototype should be removed already, its a waste of data.

    Also that HP change won’t solve anything, they’re just inflating numbers. Tier 1-6 should go up, everything else is arguably fine.

  38. I like the idea of the topic you’ve got here. personally id watch a “revised” version of this video if the changes come through and actually change anything, but i dont know how close to a majority i am. Good idea in any case, looking forward to seeing more, before or after the changes, whatever you decide!

  39. I think this is a good series. Sure, the tanks might get changed but from my understanding the HP rework will mostly affect the lower tiers and the ammo rework will be whatever it’s going to be but we don’t know when these changes will drop. For all we know these changes will come out at the end of 2020 if not later.

  40. Christiaan le Roux

    T28 is more fun

  41. I’ve been playing the T28 and it has been painful. Especially with the Russian bias and bounce magnets or autoloaders. The front upper plate is still relatively strong if angled properly and the gun OK at short ranges. You have to play this tank as second row support. What WOT really needs to do is set mm diff as one tier max in pub games and limit gold to say 5 rounds per tank.

  42. Do it. The reworks will take 2-3 years anyway, so plenty of time.

  43. This thing can do a surprising amount of damage in frontline when the enemy is pushing into you.

  44. As always you come up with great suggestions as you actually play the game. However WG has a man with a spreadsheet.

  45. The T28 Prot. has one big benefit: it leads to the T30, the best vehicle tier for tier in that tech tree. The E4 is a step back…after my poor oppinion.

  46. I think that this could be good to start at the end of February, tbh if the ammo changes aren’t moved forward in testing by then with a release date announced the ammo changes will not be coming till the end of the summer.

  47. Has the Chinese T-34-2 medium got EVEN worse for 2020, as it’s got to be one of the most unpopular T8’s…..?

  48. I think it’s a matter of perspective.
    It can traverse the turret… many TDs can not… point t28.
    It bounces shells like a boss. Its armour is not as good as some but much better than others… so we’ll say better than average but not great… I often bounce 2-4k
    It has a tier 10 gun on a tier 8 chassis.. that’s great in many match… giving me dominance. But, it does put me in a lot of tier 10 games… bummer. So, I just play a little less aggressively… I pen tier 10s all day long.
    I don’t agree with your assessment.
    I don’t think it is a great tank… I’m grinding to the t30 but, it has brawled very nices for me on some maps and has done well as a snipper on others… the key is to play the map right IMO.

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