IS THE TYPE 5 HEAVY DEAD in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks heavily nerfed HE rounds, something the Type 5 Heavy depended on, does this mean the tank is DEAD?


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Since the first nerf…

  2. Who knows qb

  3. Is the type 5 dead you say? Def not. My 1st and still favorite t10 heavy

  4. Oh and also to everyone here. Don’t use the HE gun. That gun is rly bad. Use the 600 damage gun with the gild rounds. It becomes godlike

  5. Type 5 has been dead for a while

  6. when i shot scorpion t7 in to the face with my he on 53 tp and can’t pen him ,yup best logic

  7. Come on… Dont’ lie.. This tank is bullshit today. Please QB.. 1 IN 100 battles you dont received premium shots in a type5. First time I dont like your videos men.

  8. The Cat's Backyard

    Remember when QB said, “you’re an absolute noob if you play either one of these tanks”? 😀 It makes this video tickle a bit. LOL.

  9. Spaced armor should mostly stop HE shells tbh or be 95% affective

  10. When i started to play WoT on console i really want it the Type 5 after 5 years i still don’t have it, lol

  11. 😅new patch is the best thing, brainless HE noob can die now. What a sweet patch

  12. I was really more concerned about what the HE nerfs would do to the classic KV-2 and the SU-152.

  13. As a canadian i must say your canadian impression is great, well done

  14. You complains it deal 500-600 per non-pen shot, and you complains it deal below 200 per non-pen shot. What exactly do you want? I thought it’s a good news to player like you. BTW, I find it hard to believe that you plays Type 5.

  15. Still at 659k subs huh qb.

  16. Well. HE shells tend to actually pen tanks with low armor now. I stop trying to donk HE on heavy armor since its shite

  17. Náh i using only 14cm gun on Godzila for now. HE is more situational then beffore.

  18. I still can’t belive such bullshit rework hit live servers

  19. How did he do that with a camera? 8:30 (movement camera) ??

  20. ‘-‘) It becomes a heavily armored turret TD

  21. Clearly the other team consisted of payed actors. Anyone that owns a Type 5 knows full well, you will almost Never see a non-premium round fired at you. It just doesn’t happen in a real game.

  22. I had to sell my kv2 because of this shit

  23. Well done

  24. Ya. Just flank with the type 5 heavy and shoot them from behind. That will work well in the 4 minute games we so so much now. I have not even seen one of those lately in a battle.

  25. Real question is is WOT dead LUL beacuse it’s shit in it’s current state

  26. QB, what are you talking about? Anime crew going on a 5 minute rambling is the absolute best thing ever that WG did 😍

  27. The thing is, how many games are you going to get a situation where the slow and massive Type 5 is flanking other tanks and have enough time to put in an HE shot?
    The current situation makes it at best a worse E100. At least the E100 still has the option of HEAT to challenge other tanks from the front, but the type 5 with its lack of mobility, low pen, and HE couldn’t hope to do anything against most heavy tanks without some really exceptional situations that would have worked just as well or better had it been other tanks

  28. QuickyBaby, Thank you from France. I was so feared about HE nerfs.I’m now reassured!

  29. 8:44 why is that face so cute? Not QB, the tank.

  30. Does that mean that other vehicles that rely on their HE rounds are going to feel the same pain? Like the KV-2, the SU-152 and all of the other vehicles that work well with their Derp guns?

  31. I love the type 5, it’s so underestimated and so powerful if you play it right

  32. omg that enemy E100 camping on base and firing HE. My eyeees

  33. Sure…. AP works on mines…. Try maps where Hull Down tanks can just wait for you to peak….. = Destroyed! Over and over again … Destroyed before any other HT

  34. I just spam gold like everyone else using the smaller gun and it works fine. but yeah the thing needs a gun buff, and speaking of buffs, ffs O-ho really needs one. Even removing the mini turrets would be a massive buff.

  35. absolutely loved the intro!

  36. This nerf is the reason I stopped playing wot

  37. I am Canadian and I am not apologetic for anything I do. Nor do I apologize for anything previous generations have done.

  38. the intro was amazing 🙂

  39. Me : spots Type5 heavy… giggles and loads gold

  40. Because of the HE changes you actually need some skill to play this tank now.

  41. I joined this game simply for this tank (line). No nerf is gonna stop me from getting this tank.

  42. Paid actors, Mines winning spawn, not even 3 gunmark on the tank, what happend to you Skill4ltu?

  43. Type 5 aint broken. Thé game is… More and more money WG wants nothing more. WG don’t Care about thé rest. That’s thé real issue here

  44. Quesadilla Sombrero

    the fv215b 183 works well with intuition perk.

  45. like allways eat sheet….

  46. Type 5 was best when it came out, now the game has turned into a gold slug fest in tier 10. I NEVER try to shoot gold but these games are steamrolled by gold spammers that I am forced to spam gold too.

  47. Awkward start

  48. the suspense at the beginning. I almost thought this was gonna be a quiet one

  49. DJ MADMAN COOK Photographer Jiri Kuchar

    they destroyed the old atmosphere where you could use HE to enjoy the game. This is so boring game now. Why do they change something what worked for years?

  50. Lets goooo … Its been so long since ive seen the Type 5 HT

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