Is the WZ-132-1 Worth it in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

WZ-132-1 was the best light tank in World Tanks when it was first – but how does it do in 2021?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here.


  1. Tibeau de ganseman

    Waits for teammate’s to be shot what a teamplayer you are

  2. No – and after that word you could finish video ;p

  3. Completely unrelated, but did you hear that WoT Console is getting a Sturmtiger line?

  4. I have this tank and 3 marked it. Don’t get this tank.

  5. i forgot this thing existed, i just never come across them on the battlefield

  6. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    Awesome Light Tank thx you the video

  7. powerlizard gaming

    at first quickybaby was getting recked by rng i mean in 60% of the shhots

  8. yay back to greenscreenick!

  9. Him playing this tank this way as every shot goes right through his armor gives me anxiety, it plays like a t-49, a support tank with alpha

  10. WG’s best salesman

  11. I swear I’ve seen this video before…but how good it is…or whatever the video was…

  12. By the way new console exclusive “Sturmtiger line” coming in 12 october!

  13. its nice to see QB video about my favorite light techtree

  14. 0:21 you mean constantinople.

  15. Please bring the old intro back! /Day 3

  16. QB, could you do the Sheridan next

  17. I like to play this underdog:)

  18. Hallo qb. I just wanted to say that I think you should check Awesome epic guys last video. Tell me your opinion and give them a shout-out if you want.

  19. Oh he picked up new orders from the headquarters of slotmachines

  20. Ralphy’s Replays

    The sturmtiger is coming to console?? thought to let people know.

  21. Yes gotta get the little tank, it’s really a nice machine.

  22. Its a descent all around tank to play alone if u are going to play with TDs in platoon the best options are Manticore, the T-100 Lt or the AMX, maybe the german because of the top speed but the lack of cammo hold u back

  23. HolyHandgrenadeOfAntioch

    The 131 back when it had the big boi gun, as well as the 59-sth with the crazy low pen autoloader….that were the good times of this line for me. It was novel, hard to play and unique.
    But wargaming had to repeatedly streamline and straight up butt fck lights in general and this line in particular, that there are no redeeming qualities left.
    Argueing that the pathetic turret armor on this is a selling point is just bending reality, QB. Must be the jetlag 😛

  24. No tank is worth buying, the ones you grind and earn are the best. The only tank I would ever buy bis is the PZS35, Valentine or T28 Honor E F-30


    Pls help bring back victory shoot in air

  26. No, it isn’t worth it at all. It is just really bad compromise between T-100 Lt and 121B.

  27. anyone notice the ebr name was quickynoob1 ?LOL

  28. Love the tier 9 one.

  29. I almost always finish in first 3 with this tank

  30. I love finding a total stranger that you just seem to have perfect synergy with.

  31. I miss the washing machine in the back…

  32. ewanrichardson 02

    hi there people, I was wondering as I’m a PS4 player, is there any real difference between consul and PC for this game as I’ve played it for about 5years now on consul and will be going over too PC and is it worth starting all over again or should I just stick to being on consol. Please someone answer my Q’s

  33. Imagine a combat capacity buff to all lights, like just about biting the ass of mediums in terms of gun performance. Instantly the damn EBRs will be pressured that much harder if other lights could fight back

  34. i can no longer do missions now because you either do damage or stun and you need both…

  35. Remember the old tier VIII wz132 :))

  36. Please, keep showing is just how terrible the accuracy is… Can’t wait to see more bad players in this tank…

  37. @Ian Badoi you can still do both. You just need to be more lucky. Since arty is 90% luck and 10% skill

  38. Came here just to say no its not

  39. @Flavia Pitariu my mission is to be first in my team also have 2900 assisted damage… i did one or the other, not both…

  40. @Ian Badoi the problem is having to rely on your team. Best get a platoon going or doing it in grand battles

  41. The gun’s accuracy is… hmmmmm lovely

  42. In Wot playing tier X is not worth ! quite often you earn sub zero, cause you need to spam gold. Usually on weekend is full of 279E Chieftain and EBR105… MM put one potato team agains Unicum and game end in 3 min.
    I honestly have stopped to play _Tier X and find more fun at tier VII / VIII .

  43. I need kill this tank for get the Chinese line complete. But of course, nobody play with him

  44. Quickybaby you saw the name of the EBR ?

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