Is This The Best Tank for Steel Hunter!? | World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020 Gameplay

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In today’s video I am going to show you some live gameplay action in my favorite special game mode in World of Tanks – The Steel Hunter mode. I do not even know why, but I simply can not stop playing it, there is something addictive to it. While I had to force myself playing Frontline, I have to force myself NOT to play this mode… Maybe winning, maybe that is so addictive? 😛

What are your thoughts about it?

Have a nice week, my friends! 🙂


  1. Let’s go Dez

  2. so which tank is the best for Steel Hunter ???

  3. I really love Steel Hunter, especially now when you cant lose points/shevrons. Now i can play with complete fun, and now i can play bit more aggressive without being punished if i die sometimes

  4. Can’t wait to drive a double barrel kv 1

  5. Raven with patton’s turret, mobility hull and not-autoloader Cannon is the best IMO. Universal, but deadly AF with consumables…especially for german tanks in Steel Hunter. Greetings Mr.D 😀

  6. So what do you think about this Game Mode? Like it, don’t care, hate it?
    Btw, we are on a crazy streak on the stream at the moment, 7 Battles and 5 WINS, tune in:

  7. Yes please men give us a glimpse on what kind of grind is expecting for us

  8. Anti tank machinegun is OVERPOWER

  9. this mode shows how good wot without arty is
    edit: and without prem. ammo

  10. should be doable.
    just need 6 tokens for a tonk myself so dont need to push the pedal to the metal fully
    i hope the gamemode is decently fun for me. but as someone who hasnt tried it yet im not looking forward for battle royale

  11. I don’t get it everyone pens me with heat but I always bounce

  12. The US Tank 100% . Already through with steelhunter playing it only. Super good dpm and the Special attacks of it make it even better

  13. Dez gets enemies that are borderline bots, when I got in a match I got wrecked by 2 people and when they finished killing me, they didn’t attack eachother. There are problems in this game mode with friends teaming and queing together. Also some tanks are super difficult to pen and even if you’re in a fast tank they catch up to you real fast. I still don’t know what I think about this game mode. Maybe if I try platooning with a friend it’ll be better. Hopefully.

    • They had issues with team queing the last night. They need a reporting system for it

    • @Golden Hate Yes, so far the only solution is to send a video to support and hope for the best. And I really don’t feel like doing that every time I see 2 people playing solo together. Kinda rough and unfair to all the solo players. Hopefully they ban these people fast. If they want to play together they can simply platoon but no that’d be fair I guess… smh

    • blazereaper1 I don’t think they should suffer an account ban for it, but I do think they should be banned from steel hunter

    • @Golden Hate Well that’d be even better, but I don’t know if it’s possible. Just to ban them from one game mode. I do hope it is though.

  14. for me it is just repetetive and boring. frontline is better for me.

  15. SteelHunt should be the normal ranked battle. It’s a really awesome gamemode! And I like Arlequin, it’s very nice to get away from your enemies 😀

  16. Does someone have a46?

  17. I don’t know why but I get so scared in steel hunter 😫😖 I don’t know why, probably being a little tank all alone in the big city.

  18. Steel Hunter Is just Mad Max but with tanks

    *Change My Mind*

  19. I play this mode and completly ignore standard wot. Higher pen does less damage, no annoying arty and fair fights for everyone. No overpowered russian tanks or tier difference, just a fun battle royale with special abilities

  20. Xx_MLGnoscoper69_xX

    I love french tank with that super fast magazine ist so fast and deadly

  21. I enjoyed the british and american most.

  22. Yeah I am rank 15 already! Dez, did you know there is a dog in the hangar thas is jerking himself off? Just watch one of the animations 😛

  23. a thing i dont like is that the results only factor in how long you survive and not the damage dealt/bounced


  25. Steel Hunter is dry as dust. My way to finish it fast is stay and wait to be in the last 3 players and without problem take the 200 pionts in every game. I wanna finish it in the first day and forget about it to the next month.

  26. More gameplay from that gamemode pls
    Love your videos

  27. For me Raven/Harbinger, more for Raven are the best tanks. Raven can handle russian and german derps even though low amount of HP, because angled armor is really durable against theirs’ useless HEAT, also gun has great DPM and pen of course, and top tier autoloader is godlike. Harbinger has amazing howitzer (top conf.) that shoots every 3 seconds for 500 with berserker activated, and both have really good armor

  28. I’ll still trying to diggest this Tier II & Tier III bulsh*t (600k credits actually) as gift…. …. ….. Like….. ….. …. Wtf!

  29. Good thing they changed the progression system. Sure, the Top 5 players get points, but most of my points I make from the “3k damage = 200 Steel Hunter Points” missions. Which means, hiding in the corner is not neccessary anymore. Go out there, make some damage, …, profit!

  30. Why are u playing double barell tank like auto loader?

  31. That would be neat if you could make strange amalgamations of tanks in that mode. Then play with it in multiplayer, but you only play against others who have amalgamations too. Maybe same ranks or a rank or two up or down. That would be sweet. Perhaps making it a event that you can play in multiplayer matches with it. Like 2 wks long or once a month for a week the possibilities are endless.

  32. the British tank is the best !!

  33. i also had a crazy game today, i was just finish the grind on get a tier 9 reward tank since i missed a token from frontlines, managed be the last one alive, 9418 damage, 2610 blocked and 3 kills.
    my tank was the german heavy armor + hard hitting gun build.

  34. 3 videos in less than 24 hours you are on fire.

  35. Its fortnight in wot. Not a big fan.

  36. The german tank with armor upgrade and rate of fire upgrades

  37. little easter egg from this video: its length is 20:20 mins XD

  38. The tank at 2:15 is ugly.

  39. Personally I prefer the US tank with armor stuff and the gun with good dmg, because I prefer mobolity and good gun instead of heavy tank, I don’t manage to play them… but from my point of wiew you play it perfectly x)

  40. Got 16000 damage 7 kills 2500 blocked damage and a single shot would have placed me second or first in the raven so yeah it is definitly the raven in my opinion.

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