Is this working? :o

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  1. First

  2. Michael Morrison

    Sir, can we have more, please.

  3. Quivering Potato

    Thx for keeping it on youtube, nice ending Lemming haha

  4. Yea do more 🙂
    Didn´t look exactly like 720p to me all the time though

  5. Really loved the stream

  6. Hello its me Bat Chatter from zour past streams, do zou got the T/55A jet

  7. i would like to see zou playing it

  8. Me personally the YouTube Stream is ALOT more acccesable than the Twitch stream. Hard to explain why realy 😀

  9. Sorry i could not watch live, but will watch this whole thing. I have 28k battles and have been getting a lot better since watching your stuff

  10. Next time, Announce that you gonna stream. I’ll definitely join…

  11. 🙁 missed it by 48mins

  12. When I stalk you on twitch every day and don’t see you 🙁

  13. Great stuff, will have to catch you live. Keep up the good work and good luck with the job application 😉

  14. nice fighting rush o7

  15. white tank better . t57 havy ore the the t110e5

  16. when do you live stream?

  17. NoHomeLike

    The larger less well-known nerf to the E5 was the reduction of the armor behind the front drive wheel from 279 to 76, which means sidescraping is even harder to pull off and you can be easily detracked with damage, now.

  18. Was great, you even answered my question ^.^!

  19. thanks for the stream!! please do it more often ?

  20. I would have thought you were in your mid to late 20’s from your previous vids. Take that as the compliment it is meant to be.

  21. Nice job on the YouTube stream.

  22. T-10 is my stat padding tank, really enjoy it, the ST-I & IS-4.

  23. Hey Lemming, thanks for the content. Hi from Montreal 🙂 and keep it up!

  24. Sorry I missed this, glad it’s posted 🙂

  25. Quick Guide on the IS7: Load 15 AP and at LEAST 15 APCR. Engage tanks under 100 m. Don’t think you hull armor is strong. Only strong thing is the turret, decent mobility and the punchy 490 gun. It kinda has a “fear factor”. People miss shots and shot strong armor when you rush them. Don’t engage more than one enemy at once. It is strong but not stronger than any other tier 10 tank. Always keep that in mind.

  26. As usual LemmingRush with his Super unicum skills. Senpai pls teach me haha. Loved the stream and go hunt and kill that 704 😉

  27. WAT lemming lives in Calgary?

  28. ay rush my ping sux at 250

  29. Great kick off stream. looking forward to more along with your regular YouTube vids. And a shout out to a fellow Albertan!

  30. good stream lemming keep it up bud. cool to hear that u live in Calgary. i’m in Edmonton.

  31. I never realized the voice is like BulletBarry na never mind it does not sound like it 28:50

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