Is Wargaming Killing Artillery on the Sandbox?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Wargaming testing some quite extensive nerfs to artillery on the Sandbox test server – making them easier to find and deal less damage/stunning.


World of Tanks a 2 Play game published by and is available as a download.


  1. WG make some ilegal modes and cheats legal, like Red dot, for example. Good player know game mechanic, know maps, and know how to evade, or hide, from artilery. Artilery is major part of game, specially in stronghold, advance or war games mode.

  2. I don’t think that arty is as bad as any auto reloading tank. Wargaming need to a another 3 tiers to accommodate these idiot machines.

  3. Tracers: “Weeeeeee”

    Me, on low graphics: “Wut”

  4. This is just plain stupid. they nerfed artys a lot when they took their damage, now they want to make arty uselless. artys allready have their damage and skill cutted out from the last nerf now they want to kill it complettely? artys don’t have dpm, HP, mobillity (most of them) and now they are even implemmenting the mod where when an arty shoot it pings on the map their position, this is just plain unfair to everyone that plays arty. i’m not the biggest arty player(far from that) but i enjoy taking my M53/55 for a spin from time to time and wreck the live out of all players i encounter, its like an antistress, ofc i prefer other tanks, i like my amx 30, my patton, the obj 704 but from time to time i enjoy play arty, i prefered the way it used to be, when you hit you hit, when you miss you miss, and think that is the way to play…maybe the new shells are not but but they need a little buff, expecially the AP ones…other than that it’s just to kill artys for good.

  5. After the massive arty nerf years back (arty stun implementation), all my arty have been grounded. They are now simply annoying to play with and annoying play against. Arty needs to revert back to its original form prior to that update as it taught players how to use cover. That and also limit arty to maximum two per arty per side. The whole stun mechanic made the game exceptionally frustrating.

  6. Just limit the spg count to 2 instead of creating that skill and puting traces, the damage modules is not great either, I would rather have a shell that after an X amount of radius does not do any module damage let’s say the last 1.5m, of the splash radius does not deal damage on the T92. A high explosive shell with high damage-pen but almost no splash is great but it should “work” with the same principles as the other he shell but with less splash radius, let’s say 4-5m instead the 7m. And the AP shell, needs to have 1000dmg min in order to make any sense

  7. I’ve been saying for years that Artillery has made World of Tanks a cover-based-shooter rather than a vehicular combat game. Positional map meta is everything. Corridors and covered areas are king. Any unorthodox plays by anything heavier than an EBR is going to be instantly swatted back into submission by the SPGs. This range of fixes is long overdue to help right the imbalance that has ruined many a map, and forced change after change to the maps that should otherwise work (Ruinberg, for example). Cannot wait for this to come to the main game, lets get it done!

  8. QB? Question?? End sted of nerfing arty, why dont they make them more affektiv by giving dem 5 free smoke shells ( Like in WOWS smoke screen) and 5 free star shells, that can light up dark areas (Fog of War). What do you think???

  9. I rly hope they will one day remove arty from the game!

  10. Fawlkes Lessaariss

    Am I mistaken in thinking that the SPG changes will go hand in hand with the HE changes? The shell exploding right next to your tank will no longer do 600 damage, because of the way it’s calculated in future? Or am I mistaken and the HE on an SPG will be calculated differently?

    Just take away the stunning, change nothing else. Done.

  12. I agree in if they implement This into the game, Then they should just remove the class. I personally like to play spg and love to land those shells on fast moving vehicles. But this will be impossible if they ad it to the game

  13. Increased damage and penetration … nice nerf bro.

  14. I never hated Arty as much as i do with the wheeled french tanks…

  15. Artillery shouldn’t be allowed to do damage. Until somebody is a certain distance from them

  16. WG should regulate the number of SPG per game

  17. Saw title
    Me:YES PLS

  18. I switched to playing blitz because there is no arty and it makes for a better game

  19. I’ll keep using the stun shells to piss everyone off.

  20. Next logic step is to remove arty missions.

  21. The best thing for artillery would be smoke rounds. The Russian potato computer excuse may have been acceptable 10 years ago but not now, especially when they can implement smoke in warships without issue.

  22. Arty currently is overpowered. You rarely get into matches with your tier X vehicles where there are less than 3 arties. If sth is played that often, it means it is overpowered.

  23. This is ridiculous, arty is already so easy to find and kill. There is no way this is a good thing.

  24. i think arty should be re-done extremely, with 3 round types and lots of ammo capacity with short reloads 10-15 seconds with current accuarcy + a new buff for all tanks the “i got hit” which makes that the next time an arty hits you after you already got hit by 1 arty , you just get 50% of its effect, so arty’s want to shoot more diffrent targets and not just bombard 1 player
    1 round type, HE DMG: a shell that does 200-300 DMG with an splash cicrle of ca 10 meters
    2 round type HE Stun: a HE shell that does 30- 50 Dmg and stuns for 5-8 seconds with same splash circle, no module dmg
    3 round type, Smoke round, arty can fire a big pile of smoke to somewhere for a few seconds to allow any tank in in it, to not be spotted (unless in auto detection range)
    3.5 smoke round but opposite, what ever is inside the smoke cant see out of it, so you dont shoot your vehicle to help them not get spottedt but you make that the enemy cant shoot at you
    3.9 just ask World of warships how to do smoke stuff and put that ymmo type insoide the game
    with this arty can support their own team much more, and isnt too annoing to for the enemy team.

  25. My 2 cents, Arty isn’t that broken. Instead of whipsawing with yet another change just a little less damage could have rebalanced the game. I have all the arty lines minus one and am grinding it.

  26. This is just another way to speed up game where arty is useless and heavy tanks are poor. as someone who does play arty this might ruin the game for me and a lot of other players. why don,t they listen to players and only have one arty in each game.

  27. If WG ever removes ARTY, people will swear at EBR anyway. When WG removes EBR people will swear at TD. And so it will continue until there will be only one tank in the game 😀

  28. Once again QB you missed the mark.The problem is not the SPG ,it is the numbers of SPGs in a match.Actually the problem is not SPGs , it is the entry of the clown cars in the game.

  29. Remember seeing QB once on the NA server pre artillery nerf. He was on my team in a Comet on Sand River. He was immediately targeted and one-shot by arty.

  30. well big issue or not I have a tier 10 already I spent a lot of time and getting up to a tier 10 already if they do anything too I’m definitely going to be Reagan on them like nothing but a cheap parlor trick

  31. Take out arty and replace them with infantry… like Armored Warfare…..

  32. artillery is definitely overpowered at tier 6 i get arty locked every other game as heavy. its horrible to be track locked for 1-2 min straight. i always end up quitting the game after and playing other games.

  33. I have the e3 and also t95 they should switch the t95 to the tier 10 and the three two one tier 9

  34. From gods of war to war invalids.

  35. The Problem with the Radio Operator is that every 4 man crew has no Radio operator. And the Commander takes its spot

  36. the big problem with that situation is you don’t have so many much room for shells how you going to post to put a three different types of shells and still be effective in the game and still be able to play the game and make it profitable to continue to play it

  37. Wargaming, please hear me out. IMPLEMENT THESE AMMO CHANGES TO ALL TANKS! Remove premium ammo, and just have 3 different types of ammo for 3 different types of situations. Make them cost roughly the same. That way, the game will be much more skill- and knowledge-based, rather than “whoever has more credits stashed for spamming premium ammo, wins”

  38. Kick out the Arties, then the TDs, followed by the Lights and Meds, so that the game will die out very fast with only Heavy players, dumb Arty haters….

  39. These changes are good, but they shouldn’t be gated behind crew skills. I assume that you don’t need Sound Detection to be able to see the indications on the minimap and the shell tracers, so that is the way it should be. This is well done and honestly impressive for Wargaming.

    QB makes mention that these changes might be overkill and makes the same old dogshit arguments that support artillery’s existence and claim for their necessity in the game. Artillery keeps tanks like the 279e in check? Almost like that tank shouldn’t exist in the first place. You claim that artillery is counteracting a problem, acting as the “armor police” so to speak, but that wouldn’t be necessary if tanks were just fucking designed properly and weren’t invulnerable. You wouldn’t need T92’s in the game to counteract 279e’s if 279e’s weren’t in the fucking game to begin with.

    Add these changes at the very least, and sure maybe buff the AP with more damage or shell velocity, rework the crew system, remove premium consumables, remove premium ammo, rebalance invulnerable tanks, remove premium equipments, balance or delete EBR’s, monetize the game via cosmetics like styles more. There you go, WoT isn’t a dogshit game anymore. Was that so hard? I’ll fix the game myself for free, Wargaming.

  40. Dr. Manfred Göder

    On the sandbox playing arty I was taken out by ebr in 2 out of every 3 games already in the starting phase of the game after first or second shot. In the remaining one game not being killed at start I made far less damage than in regular game today. Thus this is the clear end of arty. So WG please either take it out including missions or leave it being relevant in the game!!!

  41. I am a big fan of these changes, and I play arty as well at times when i want to relax.. at least this will let me try to outsmart players knowing they can see my tracers, and know my location. will be a lot of relocating. I always thought they should incorporate something like Armor Warfare has.. only thing missing, is arty being viewable by other arty for 5 seconds after they fire.


    i would have a na tag in sandbox…so no

  43. I cant go on the sand box server , is that only me???

  44. They have been trying for years to get arty out of the game…….fairest don’t nerf them!! Compensate players with exp, gold etc and remove them. The game will be poorer but nerfing something out of the game is disrespectful to the players and basically the players are paying for WG mistakes….like the EBRs

  45. The problem in my opinion is the stuns. People act like arty players love the stuns and prefer it to the way it were before the “nerf”. In my opinion, if I play arty, I don’t feel the impact of the stuns. Sure I get experience from it similar to spotting, but I wouldn’t shoot much differently if it didn’t have stuns. So with all the light tanks and the faster pace that you talked about in the video, I feel like just a few changes would have been much healthier than just gambling on a rework. Increase the experience from stuns, lower the stun duration and give heavy tanks either equipment, a skill perk or even just built in way to see arty direction.
    Imo it’s just going overboard when giving these options to lights and mediums. They already have the mobility advantage and are less likely to camp as well. What I’m saying is that heavy tanks are the ones that should get it easier with arty, but the ones gaining from it the most aren’t heavies.

  46. They could make this change but make it so that arty have more health and that HE does less damage to them so they are easier to spot but more resistant to other arty shells and so that the artys team have more time to save the arty because the ebr cant 2 shot them

  47. With current meta, missions,campaigns are un achievable, with these changes will make them impossible. Nerfing Arty makes reward tanks OP tanks more powerful……

  48. another Bullshitt change. WOT is dying faster and faster.

  49. Should try these nerfs in normal tanks, gold rounds nerfed in fact nee nerfed

  50. Doesn’t appear so bad. I play arty alot and will just have to adjust. Players hate arty when they die or team loses but I’ve also seen arty turn the game to their team side. and never hear a conmplaint. In real life I thought arty these days actually fired and moved for just the same reason’s, they could be detected and traced. So seems like shot, move, shot is the style to play when possible

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