Is WG Testing us with THIS?! | World of Tanks STRV 103B New Crew 2.0 Test

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Source: DezGamez

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of Tanks STRV 103B Best Accuracy Build with Crew 2.0. World of Tanks World of Tanks Crew 2.0 Rework Review, New 35 Crew Skills, Ultimate Skills and Crew 2.0 Guide and Overview. World of Tanks Crew Rework in 2021 Sandbox Testing.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Why Test?
02:05 Crew Skills
02:30 Little Mini-Rant
03:20 Continuing with the Skills
04:40 Announcement
06:20 First Live Battle
11:58 First Battle Results
12:20 Second Battle
18:48 Second Battle Results
19:30 Conclusion and Announcement

► https://.eu/en/news/general-news/crew-2-0-sandbox-2/

Last I showed you how I made Grille 15 more accurate on the Sandbox with Crew 2.0 than STRV 103B on the live server.. Today however, let’s see how does the most accurate tank look like with some of the skills.

What do you think?


  1. So, let me know what would you do to fix it? I mean, it is coming to the game, but it can not come in this state tho…
    Also, here is your chance to get 1 premium tank out of 10: 🔥
    BTW, here are the video chapers for better overview:
    00:00 Introduction

    00:50 Why we Test?

    02:05 Crew Skills

    02:30 Little Mini-Rant

    03:20 Continuing with the Skills

    04:40 Announcement

    06:20 First Live Battle

    11:58 First Battle Results

    12:20 Second Battle

    18:48 Second Battle Results

    19:30 Conclusion and Announcement

    • @louiethepitt i dont support it at all. That is why i said thx to dez for exposing how stupid it really is .

    • This is how wg tell players to bug off. It is the right time to switch to new games. Dez try man-eater game.

    • Well of course it will bc all our CCs are just giving up. Just like wargaming you telling us to accept it just bc they made the mistake of not testing it at each stage . Traders . We never asked them to spend years of time making changes and not tell us what they were doing they choice to hide the changes till they were done . We didnt do that . Grow a pair .

    • Keep everything as is and just add skill based matchmaking for the total apocalypse! 🙂

    • Retropaintball clips

      Please see if you can make a silly build of the Chinese light x ?!

  2. The percentages need to be way les like for example cammo 10% per point should be more like 2% per point And thats for al things. Second take the tallents out. They do to much harm aspecialy for les experient player.

    Name aszen1
    Server EU

  3. Maybe they want to reduce rng? They really Need to equal all Players and only give smal advantages with leveling systems
    Username: dragenraigen
    Server: PC EU

  4. This Crew 2.0 with new field upgrades will be to much for me, maybe some longer break from the game.. hm

    Server: EU
    nick: xbox_fanboy

  5. One thing I would change about 2.0 is just delete even the idea of it…

  6. All these meta BS skills, more or less lifted and shifted from WoWS, will make this to a MMORPG.. it’s fucking shit. It will turn into a pay to win game.

    And though I understand that you want views and clicks, this advertisement of this garbage is a disgrace. People, you WON’T GET THESE STATS without paying. If you viewed Quacky’s video, you can see the amount of XP you have to grind (or pay for..). Just.. say.. no.. and uninstall this poor excuse of a game.

  7. Quick question: Dez has a Female Commander on this tank, so why does she sound like she smokes five packs a day?

  8. I’d like Crew 2.0 exactly like this, but bringing SPGs power back. Seeing that Obj 261 dealing only 252 damage to the Strv 103B, with a 108mm gun, is a pain to watch.

  9. They must make some changes, this can’t hit live like that… I’m all for making some changes, but this will be game breaking. Imagine a new player fighting an old one with maxed crew 🤦
    Username: Cpt_alpha
    Server: EU

  10. Nick:TheHoott

  11. Server: EU
    Username: superTim1302
    I think Crew2.0 is so stupid. Only things i like about it is Sixsence for no perk and 1 commander for up to 3 tanks.
    But this new skill system is such bullshit. I agree that some crewmembers right know are under heavy pressure while others are useless. But i think it would be better to make jusr the commander a crewmate/crew and give 4 or 5 Solts he can choose perks for from all crewmembers we have right know.
    What i mean with that…
    You choose like adrenalinerush safe storage, camo and repair for the first 4 perks. The second 4 you then can choose smooth ride, snap shot, eagle eye and situanoal awareness or how the skills are called.
    So and if you have 4 slots you need brothers in arms 4 times to activate it. And repair, camo etc. all the perks you could use on every crewmate can be trained as many slots you have.

  12. It seems like WG really don’t think through the things they consider implementing in the game like we had seen with the premium turbo charger. I think it’s the same with crew 2.0. Although it brought some really nice features like free for all sixth sense it should be improved furthermore.

  13. this again is very bad for the game, first of all I doubt we’ll (free to play players) be able to achieve this kind of setup and game is already pay to win and after this it would totally be in favor of those pay to win players


  14. These new skills are pretty…we’ll call them interesting. Any chance you can test the T57 Heavy and or the Leopard 1?
    Thanks for the great videos, Dez.

  15. IDK what I would change.. maybe remove the after lvl80 bonus’?

  16. Skilled players have serious advantage over most others without excess boosters.
    But donkeys like carrots we are told.

  17. Rifty The Swifty

    And remember, this is BEFORE Field modifications……

  18. There are so many skills just out of balance, I wouldn’t even bother making a new crew system just add the obvious and easy ideas like being able to use a crew for 3 tanks…
    Username: sarkanyv1
    Server: EU

  19. Name: BigBadDonut
    Server: EU

  20. Crew 2.0? more like world of dead game…

  21. Rather then this total, farcical rework, couldn’t they have just kept the crew set-up, added some different skills to freshen it up and have a levels system for the existing skills such that some cost more crew xp than others. Job done, move on… but no, they want something more for their whales to spend money on and the rest of us can go f ourselves…

  22. I just need to use my t10 crews on my t9 and t8 tanks on same tree, nothing more
    Server : EU
    Username : ccorpse

  23. Patrick Robinson

    World of tanks is becoming even more shit i am glad i stop playing this peice of shit game world of wheels!

  24. Crew 2.0 will break the game with OP tanks.. 279e and t95 chieftain
    Username Zinic75
    Server EU

  25. in combination with field modificafions, you probably will be able to trade some of the crazy accuracy for even crazier DPM, because, this kind of accuracy is overdoing it a little already xd

    9Blackdog9, EU

  26. Seven Slot Battallion

    I think my biggest issue is they’re making you pay to keep the xp you’ve earned while playing. Not only this, but there is no benefit to anyone with most tanks researched. Sure, if I only have a single Russian t10 heavy, I can use that crew for two more. But in many players cases, there is no need to waste the money to keep several crews. Most of my crews are comparable in terms of skills. If you truly want to condense crews and allow them to be in more than one tank, allow us to combine crews into one. Ie, my is7, 277, 705A.

    NA Server

  27. yep you nead to try tvp test and i dont like this 2.0 game will be even worst! somi525 eu

  28. In my opinion they need to apply the changes one by one. So firstly make 6th sense and sound detection default to every one. Than convert the crew into one person and than let us train it to multiple vehicles. One change in every patch, gradually.
    Username: Supertanker_6
    Server EU

  29. I see it as it would be fun to see this in the normal server. BUT, there would be an even bigger gap between skilled/grinding players vs casual players. And this would be bad.
    Name: Kikinth
    Server: EU

  30. I would delete the last 2 rows of situational skills and remove the bonus effects that special crews have. Players who can do damage several times more than their HP don’t need buffs, they are good enough already.
    The changes I suggested might reduce the gap (or at least not further increase it) between players with different skills.

    Server: EU
    Name: BB0401

  31. This kinda remembers me when they tried to implement the skin skills thing some years ago

  32. Spotting in WoT has always been P2W; Crew 2.0 has just dialed that up to 11 lol. If I was F2P player in this game, just ditch it save yourself the headaches. Trust me best thing for you, I did and I am never going back

  33. Day 30 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  34. Good luck with the 360 tank crews, Dez :p!

  35. The crew 2.0 is broken, and like 85% of players dont want it in the game. To bad all at WG development team is idiots that dont listen to what the game really need to fix asap. Like MM

  36. Well, basically you played Strv 103C in War Thunder

  37. Try 183 or fv 4005

  38. TheRealPulverize

    good luck to all newer players or lesser active players vs the better and more hardcore players….WG is making the gap bigger with every update to the game.

  39. I would completely scrap all these skills and just use the old system with some small modifications, such as giving us free 6th sense, merging all crew members into 1 commander, and being able to use that commander for up to 3 tanks without need to retrain; is that so hard, WG?

    User: Snoopy25
    Server: NA

  40. username papa32ni
    server EU
    so op

  41. I would keep the current crew system but adding some skills and fixing the amount of xp required to upgrade skills. Besides the aesthetic changes (I don’t want to lose my crews and be unified into a single visible one, like in the test server), I believe this crew 2.0 is an absolute abomination. There is no need to “fix” a system that works well, it’s easy to understand and isn’t as OP as crew 2.0.

    Server: NA
    Name: Katrinza

  42. Ľubomír Volnár

    the crew 2.0 keeps leaving me speechless after every video i see on the topic… thanks for testing Dez, you’re epic! <3

  43. Crew 2.0 should not be in the game. It only breaks the already broken tanks even more,….
    Just give us the possibility to use our crews we have now in multiple tanks. That would be a great thing. Delete the rest.


  44. A thing I would change with Crew 2.0: Change the state of implementation to: Deleted and forgotten 😛

  45. I think that WG will totally rune the game if they put crew 2.0 into the game they already screwed up Arty in the last patch where they are pretty much useless! This will totally Break the Game!
    IGN: Direnight
    Server: NA

  46. Leopard 1 please?

  47. If the crew 2.0 is done as is it will be too complicated, and will be an advantage only to the already elite players. Also what affect will these changes have on say something like 279e or chieftain?

    IGN: TargetX75
    Server: EU

  48. Username: MmmMyDingDingDong
    Server: Asia

    What would I change? Easy. I would change the entire game development department. You’re fired, you’re fired, you’re *_ALL_* fired! As for Crew 2.0 itself, the only good idea it has is to try and make other skills viable instead of just the usual 3. However, ultimate abilities (?) need to go because it’s more broken than Chernobyl’s reactor number 4, crew instructors are trash and belong in the bin. Also, make crew training less grind-y.

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