Is World of Tanks Dying?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks Dying? It’s hard to question the longevity of a title you’ve played for 8 years, but today I’m doing just that.


World Tanks a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

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  1. I go into a lot of detail here, hope you can handle it 🙂 looking forward to reading all your opinions as always.

    • or also make front lines (the one game mode everyone liked for tier 8) available again for the mm to not have to deal with such cancer tier 10 games.

    • One of your best videos ever. Thank you. I was a blue player but I realized that I could not play the tanks I liked to be competetive but the tanks that WOT wanted us to ginde/buy. Also it was starting to cost too much money and to much time. I did not have time to play in clans to get bond, exceptionally good crews, credits to buy new tanks or bonds to buy improved equipment. So the difference between very good players, with very good crews, with improved equipment and enough credity to fire premum and me was growing every larger. And that deminished my experience. Thats why I stopped playing March 2018.

    • +LAM Alien The toxic community is why I stopped playing and moved to Warships much fewer raging kids ?

    • Floris Van Der Heijden

      Great speech QB! You’re right. I stopped playing and came back around the 1.0 “success” and stopped after a few months. And started a few weeks ago…

    • Hey QB. Nice video however do not forget that in each country there is a lot of English speaking folks:) greetings from Poland:). i;m one of those players that recently stopped playing WoT and I can tell you why. There is no changes! same maps, same types of games. One interesting thing that happen in few years regarding a game play was a battlegrounds mode (I”m not sure it is correct 30 vs 30 with capturing bases and attack on navy cannons) except that nothing interesting appeared in the game. You probably not aware of the fact that Polish tech tree was expected by polish community for long time a lot of our player base resign playing the game when they realized that Polish tech tree is just a bad joke. It is sad what they do however as long we are paying they wont change their way:(

  2. Captain Topfengolatsche

    I’m playin wot for a year and a half now my resume so far….. when i started the game there was no official mod site or hub,so they listen to their player but it takes a while for them to react. It would help a lot to take more frustation out and fun into the game to hold and raise their players.for example mm,frontline modus, tier 8 grand battles…etc you get the gist! If they want to survive they better came up with real solutions for the game,and one way is to honestly ask the players what is bad and good! but im afraid they dont wont to because of the shit storm they release but i has to be done to make a clear cut and go on with real progress…greetings to you quicky….! gl hf…

  3. Here in Australia we were always battling high ping when we were on the NA server. Then the transition to Singapore brought an improvement, unless a fisher damaged the cable with his drag net. Then, last year in October or November, we Got our own server in Sydney. I live in Sydney and my ping is 5-6 mms. But hardly a soul to play with during the day. We reach on a normal evening about 1200 players. I can understand that they put bots into the game. It is not so bad, especially for new comers. Less seal clubbers.
    Now, I do not mind to pay for the game. You’ll find 79 premium tanks in my garage. I use them to train my crews and to generate free experience and naturally credits. I never sell a tank. That makes it 393 tanks in the garage. I’m a pensioner and not flush with money but all this is affordable. Try owning a fishing boat. I spend more for one trip out than I spend in half a year on tanks.
    I agree with many points that were raised. MM has now on the Asia server been modified to single tier, 2 tiers and the very rare 357. Very nice to play and they should introduce it to all servers.

  4. WoT played mostly ppl with decent salery (adult) who can pay stupid amount of money in game. Fortine and pubg got a lot of kiddo but they not gona spend AAA game money on 1 single item (tank)

  5. I think the biggest problem of this game is that no new players can play the game they expected. They have to grind or pay to get high tier vehicles which are actually playable, and guide from the game itself is almost useless. The biggest thing is gold ammo. They must have designed it like to have higher penetration but less damage, limit the number of shells that player can carry, or something actually balancing the game. Anyway its obvious that the guide to newbie-‘use your tanks armor/cannon/etc. is useless in current system and all new players get disappointed.

  6. Hahah it took you very long time to realize that 😀 and yeah, nothing is surprising, this game is more and more retarded and it is clear that people are fed up with all the BS that Wargaying is putting in it and are not playing it anymore. I know couple of very good players, who were playing constantly from its very start, but are not playing for the past year or more, as they had enough of all its “balance” and premium BS etc… soooo yeah, WoT will die soon and it has to, as those arrogant morons in WG has to get buried

  7. And don’t forget the multiple nerfs to accuracy. They incentivised the use of premium ammo not only by over buffing armor and removing weak spots but also by making it less likely for you to actually hit what you are aiming at.

  8. I quit WoT cause to much premium ammo, even if i play light, most shoot HEAT HEAT HEAT.
    Premium ammo should be limited, like 20% of all ammo or smth, not like full load of premium ammo.

  9. i dont know whats happen to you fella :-))

    but i really glad at least you grow your BALLS and tell all true about game and WG style in media 🙂

    and i very like that moment when you talk about low tier tanks you just MUST get premium account if you wanna pass it, with this MM what they have now, its just to much hassle, bought new tank, need tracks, gun, sometimes turret if you wanna mount gun, and when u are stock with fylfe penetration and poor damage, no mobility meet few tiers higher tanks they just eat you like a cake, and end of the game you get 100 base exp :-/

  10. You spoke my mind man!

  11. I try to bring new people into the game. I brought my father into and I try to get my coworkers to play. The feedback that I get from them is that the game is not very nice to the newbies and if you don’t have the same amount of people going into the game as you do going out, the game will die.

  12. Great analysis. In a nutshell, WG had a great game then blew it through greed.

  13. I am glad you made this video!

  14. Wow QB. You always make great content, but this video is truly awesome! Excellent points made. I hope WG is taking note. One thing I would have added is that because of the MM they have totally destroyed the fun of platooning with friends. I have basically stopped doing that too after having like 48 out of 50 games in +2 MM. No more fun and I am sure this has costs a lot of player-base as well.

  15. A well thought through set of comments. Kudos

  16. Agreed.
    I think maps should get an honorable mention. Remember when wargaming decided to put a lot of overpowered bush positions in the corner of maps (steppes) WAS FINE BEFORE they added the stupid hill WITH BUSHES at the red line overlooking west.
    ( Fjords) absolute cancer map now north spawn loses 70% of the time
    (pilson )The bush line is no skill at all, lit and die not to mention the hills with bushes in the corner of maps. ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY)
    (Empires border) Wargaming, pls bitchslap whoever decided to give those spawns on assault. Also the map is just not fun, too corridor.
    (Glacier) half the time heavies dont even make it across the map to the brawl zone, at least tds shouldnt be able to fap in base and punish those heavies crossing.
    (Mountain pass) Somehow wargaming thought this map is ok, its basically a smaller version of empires border.

    Feel free to mention more maps.
    Also feel free to shit on Pilsen and Mountain Pass more, these maps make me drop moe everytime.

  17. Here is a short explanation why I barely play. 3/5/7 MM… I had so much fun in Frontlines! Yes it was the same map over and over again, but I played it almost every day! It was just great in almost every way! No OP Tier 9-10 gold spamming unicum tanks, just 1 tier MM. I even rolled out my rusty preferential premiums a few times and I had fun playing them…. but then Frontlines ended and we went back to 3/5/7. Almost all of my friends stopped playing(thats over 10 players), because of this. Not to mention the OP tanks, but the MM was the main problem. All of those players were buying tanks, premium time and gold. Not spending thousands of euros every month, but this was a consistent income for you WG. If you want to make money with this game, start thinking about making it fun again, or these negative numbers are just going to increase! Do something about it or F off, my money will just go else for other games.

  18. Quickybaby please make a video about WoT Console. What wargaming has done on console is insane and unplayable.

  19. Thanks from Germany,
    I play mostly German Tank`s. Most Times you have no chance against the Superrushen Tank`s. I play only 1/4 of the Time I played in 2016 or 2017. It is often to frustred and after one houre I quit. I don`t speend Money. If I need Money I sell a Tank till my Garage is empty.
    And than good by WG.
    To QuickyBaby, thanks YOU ARE THE BEST.

  20. This is the reason why I moved do WoWs. It!s just much more balanced. Sure, there are a couple of issues but overall it so much more relaxed and fun environment in comparison to WoT. However, havening played 20k games in WoT trough out 6 years I am very sad not playing it anymore and I would love to come back one day. Hopefully, thanks to your effort and effort of other community contributors that time may not be far away in the future. So huge thank you for your constructive criticism and recognition of these issues. You’re probably representing about 90% of EN speaking community in WoT and this is exactly what we need. A strong voice.

  21. Yes it has been dying since about a year or two, its the last few spasms before its end. This has happened some tine when warships was introduced

  22. When I started playing WoT (July 2015) the game runned well even on low end PCs. It was well optimized. It was very inclusive.
    The launch of Patch 1.0 changed this scenario. You need a better (more expensive) PC. Way less inclusive (so… More exclusive).
    The greatness of the “old” WoT was the larger player base.
    Patch 1.0 changed this scenario.

  23. to be honest, this game is not friendly to new players….

  24. +-2 is killing the game. No likes to lose to “OP” (op being tanks 2 tiers higher) tanks the tier 8-10 gap is too big. People don’t mind losing as long as they feel they did the best they could. When you come up against a tank 2 tiers higher you pucker up and prepare to get tracked and killed. What makes it worse is every grindathon the tier 10’s get special ways to lower the grind while they already have an easier time getting xp. They should be the easiest tanks to get the new tank with in the first place.

  25. For me personally Mach maker is a problem and overpowered premium tanks . Yes I play premium tanks , but not overpowered ones : IS-2 (Berlin), witch is basically a IS or a IS-2(Chinese) with drawbacks , T-54mod 1 , 112 , Excelsior and Skoda T 40 . One overpowered premium that I posses is , or should be T-34-85M , but I don’t see it affecting the game too much , from my perspective . I would ad a limit to carry premium rounds , only 40% or 35% of your total ammunition loadout . For example , IS-2 and IS-3 has 28 rounds capacity . The max limit should be: 11 BR-471D APCR (most soviet 122mm gold rounds ) . But this wont help because there are WZ-120-1 FTs and T26E5s witch will decimate me . Unless I play my T-10 , I can’t do anything to a Object 252 ( Defender ) or T26E5 ( Patriot ) . Yes , 122 has ridiculous armor along it’s communist friends , the IS-6 and WZ-111 , but they have not so good guns witch can decimate a tier 6 for example . Witch tank would you get shot by : a Object 252 ( 490 alpha ) or a IS-6 ( 390 alpha ) . At least we should thank to Wargamig that here is not like World of Tanks Blitz , believe me , some kind of fictional scums like Lupus are very bad for game . I feel bad because there are tanks like K-91 that aren’t played due to hard gameplay and others like Skorpion G ( most ridiculous turreted shit with better defender gun + speed concealment witch decimates KV-85 s and M6 s ) are played to much and are very popular . I beg WG to give love to KV-85 and K-91 .

  26. my reaction to thumbnail: Hopefully

  27. If you want an old school WOT experience you can try console’s version. It’s in a weird place with random pieces of update past the new MM and the reconstructing of SPGs. MM isn’t structured, SPgs do full damage, you can still buy the E25 from the store, and you can still earn a WT E100. It’s a bizzaro WOT if you have only played PC.

  28. WarGaming Give Us All 1 X Tier Tank E 100 Or Maus Or Something Good Then all will play

  29. Foch reacted like a kid when the Chrysler got added.

  30. I will tell you what happend – game is fu**** pay to win.
    You cannot play tier 10 without premium acc even if you make 3000dmg 2000spot without consumption.
    Above tier 7 doesn’t make sens to play without premium acc if you are avg player.

  31. I think more players would come back or begin it if they make maybe +1 MM max, remove the “Gold” ammo and tweak the armor so you can pentrate even tanks one tier higher then you. So if you are the better play you win and not loose because somebody shoots money at you ( last time i played i notice if they dont penetrate my tank after 2 shot 95% switched to gold because they dont knew the weakpoints). Also increase highly the experience points for the next tier tank but all tanks are now fully equipped and there are no stock tanks anymore ( hate it when i know i can get the new tank but i grind on the current to exchange free exp so i can do something with that tank reliable). But thats just my opinion which would bring me back to WoT.

  32. Marek Ondrej Valco

    I am an artylery player and in my opinion artillery were balanced before, it was your fault if u got hit, and you learned where to sit and where not to sit, I say give us back what we were, we were your guardian angels, we saved your lives, now we annoy enemies and quite frankly our allies to, the splash is bs and I say change it back, artillery is a part of the game and wargaming hit us so hard, no wonder there are less people playing, so many left because of these nerfs. anyway I do hope wargaming change I have spent more than 500 dollars on the game and I enjoyed it at first but now I see it as a wasted investment. I played about 15k battles and am a fairly recent player, but I hope that you will understand this comment

  33. after the mm changes and arty changes I saw a local declining in different servers (people that play a tank just cause its fun . There are many tanks like that on older techtrees not so much in the newer ones . ) it seemed to me that all of the focus was on tier 10 tanks and if that is the case people that are just starting will get punched mostly by the bad features . I looked at different clans and their population was changing and its bad rly bad. and with that means that one of the most important thing in multiplayer games its falling (Playing with friends ) as the old ones get too tired of the bad changes and the new ones are having big troubles getting on “track” so we are left with semi-new players that function by the survival its for the fittest . Simply lone players that cant attract new players. Me personally loved to play at low tiers (I-III) and I was surprised that by making a new account I was playing with players that have tier at least V the new are still coming but they don’t stay

  34. You’ll need to speak Russian, QB. I think the sole reason WG made all of those bad decisions is because they don’t understand English.

  35. Make a graph with amount of premium tanks released. Says it all

  36. Wg is like politicians. They lives in their own world and don’t see what is wrong in this game

  37. Nothing lasts forever. Its sad but true.

  38. I just logins n logout to get free stuff from WG

  39. Quit beating your wife

  40. Biggest problem is t8 mm. As a lot of you have said. Its often also the worst grind, since most of the games you are at the bottom and at that point xp needed for upgrades start to be unreachable for free xp. Also premium tanks, of which you have often paid at t8, and you want to play a lot with, cant compete with t10 tanks. Yesterday i played 11 games straight with my t44-100 and not once top tier, not even all t8 game. And that is not fun anymore.

    And then there is premium ammo. I think it kind of flattens the meaning of a tank type. I’ve just bought pz kpfw VII, and its supposed to be frontally very strong, but every tank i face, is going through lower plate.

    And the solution i’ve been thinking about is to limit the premium ammo capacity of a tank. Lets say 20% on average and if the capacity is like 140 rounds then figure out a reasonable number and that is the limit. And of course if you have some huge TD or something then it can be more than 20%. You get the idea. That forces players to think about when they have to shoot the premium ammo.

    Im reasonably “free to play” player and spend around 20€ on a year to the game and thats why i cant have full HEAT or APCR load on my tanks. And if your enemy can afford to shoot only premium that leads too often on a unfair situations especially on a higher tiers.

  41. Thanks for this, QB! It is, as you Brits say, ‘Spot On’!

  42. I’m also enjoying WOT less and less due to the lovely artillery <3. WG, if you want your players back, nerf or delete the ****** clickers.

  43. just over 2.5 years playing love the game hate the bad mm the 6 arty games i say 6 as more times then not when you move in to kill red player behind cover – a arty shot from my team stuns or kills me 90% of arty players dont mark shots – maps theres 3 maps that get played way too much wide park for tier 6 is too small the 10 noob tards on 1 team vs 15 pros on other wow i guess i could go on and on too bad the theres no time to fix the game we have new op tanks to sell !

  44. atleast it died for me and all my friends

  45. And to think, I was about to give this trash game another try. It’s a shame, the concept of WoT is amazing. But, that’s where it ends. Thanks QB, for saving this “Old Gamer” from wasting his time.

  46. Nice video! I think it’s absolutely possible to make the game more popular (and in the mid/long term more profitable) than ever. Do I have faith in them making the right steps (in time)? Let’s see… My triple bugbear are the awful new player experience, MM and the horrid stock grinds. You really should have the option to grind out all elements with the previous tank. Spend money or have a bad experience is not a good choice.

  47. I really want to know, how much WoT population will decrease because of this video.

  48. Something like the Lucky Leopards “What is wrong with World of Tanks” great video, watch it as well, but this is video about “WHY?” that happened in last years. I love the game too much to just leave it, but yes, I have recently unlocked my first T8 and had fun with it, but I remember, how it was when I started playing in 2017. I was just absolutely dominated by other players, didnt know how to do things like crew training and so on. Yeah. In my opinion, this is the problem with world of tanks, as the population decreases, new players just dont want to play this game, because of bad tutorials, stat padders, and annoying stuff in low tiers. SO I SAY YES QB, GO AND SAY WG HOW TO FIX THIS GAME, AND DONT WORRY, WE WILL SUPPORT YOU AS MUCH AS WE CAN! QUICKY VULT!

  49. WOT has always been more of a “pay to progress faster” type of game, you can make your arguments about p2w in later years but not through the whole time it has been around. The game is hard on newer players because of a meh tutorial, stock tanks and worse crews that aren’t even 100%. Trying to actually put a great tutorial in this game would be difficult simply because it is a knowledge based complex game. Seems simple from looking at it but tanks is it’s own beast to learn it.

  50. PUBG F2P =))

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