IS3 review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I didnt get an upload notification this time… weird

  2. 0:15

    Tier 9 heavy tank? Sorry, had to point that out.

  3. Good video. One thing I can say about the IS-3 is that if you’re hull down
    on an uphill slope, if you fuck off right after taking your shot you will
    find that if your enemy fires after you do he will most likely just hit the
    frontal plate on the opposite side at auto-bounce angles. Easy to fight off
    a Tiger II/E-75 etc. Without taking much damage if you can get the right

  4. I’d like to add two things:
    1) Safe Stowage is really important, because 128 mm guns can blow up the
    IS-3 with one shot. With Safe Stowage they can’t.
    2) You didn’t talk about one of the biggest strengths of the IS-3 (at least
    not specifically); its ability to reverse-sidescrape at hard cover, making
    itself virtually invulnerable. You see this a lot in WGL, but it is also
    useful in random battles, especially on city maps. The 110 can’t do this
    because it lacks the spaced side armor.

  5. Nice review
    Well IS 3 is fast, why, cuz non of his engines is historical 😛 Well not
    for German fanboys in Tiger II, they get historical engine, why not. 😛
    But gun is not the best, T34 gun is way better, 110, AMX 50 100, IS 3 gun
    is ok at best.

  6. So the asterisk next to someone’s name in Foch’s modpack means they have
    the stock turret? I never knew that.

  7. Sorry this isn’t related to the review, but are you gonna play AW? Would
    you consider dropping WoT for AW if everything annoying for you in WoT
    would be removed in AW, or do you think you’ve spent too much time and
    money on this game and no matter how good any other game will be, you will
    be dedicated to it?

  8. Wow 3 He Shells? I did think about taking out the 1 I carry bacause i run
    dry in that thing alot.

  9. stop missing all your shots

  10. IS3 used to brawl like crazy. Used to.
    IS3 used to have Crazy Russian accuracy. Used to.
    IS3 used to be able to run around like a med and deal damage on the move.
    Used to.
    I used to love going out in my IS3, even in higher tier battles. Used to.
    It can still deal damage, you just can’t go run around like you used to.
    Used to.


  11. Thanks for doing this… I just don’t know if I should get the gun first or
    something else?

  12. I’ve never penned or been penned through the IS-3 roof, angle is too steep
    normally even for over matching. Nothing like the Tiger II turret.

  13. TheRolling DoodzMC

    Lol best tier 8 heay tank gun has T34 and its MUCH better

  14. Hi there ! Can u make FV215b (183) is it worth the grind video with all
    line ? Because since few patches it was nerfed and buffed etc…. so its
    not the same TD in stats like it was when u uploaded first video of it.

  15. IS-3 = Tier VIII not Tier IX ^^

  16. IS-7 is ok but tbh I enjoyed the IS-8 more than the IS-7. IS-3 was fun ,but
    boring because it was just too easy to play it. So ,IS8 is the sweetspot in
    that line,at least for me.

  17. @TheFochYou: do you still prefer the IS-3 over 110 in team battles, and

  18. I would sat Tiger2 has best t8 HT gun, 225penn, same as is3, 2.3 aiming
    time, oh god is3 not even close, less damage per shot but better rate of
    fire so better dpm, 0.34 acuracy, god like compared to russian is3, is3
    just has more punch, nothing else!

  19. thank you for not doing anymore of that useless new british td line like
    other you tube guys

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