IS7 Review! Is it WORTH the grind?

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Source: TheFochYou

2nd game live:
Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Love reviews keep ep coming

  2. 8 views, 6 likes lol

  3. After playing like 300 games in IS-3 i think it doesn’t need GLD. With good
    crew and V stab the aiming spread is really tiny. I mean difference between
    unaimed and aimed a. circle is hardly noticable. Not a big deal and it is
    my opinion ofc

  4. A Sock Puppet Named Jeff.

    Thank you for the video, Foch, I really appreciated it. That first game was
    funny as hell.

  5. how to kill a face hugging is7, hope your in a taller tank,as soon as you
    see his gun aim up at you. Shoot straight at its gun like the at15 and fire
    HE and will crumble like paper.

  6. love your vids more and more 🙂 its awesome

  7. people bitch about the is-8 but im half way to the is-7 and i have to say
    its once of my most consistent tanks ive ever played and i have to say
    after driving tanks like the amx m4 and the e-75 the speed is absolutely
    awesome to have so play it as a med and youll be loving it i have to say
    though i use a gun laying drive with a rammer ad a vert stab i also have an
    op crew in it that ive carried with me through all of the russian heavies
    of this line to this point so i have brothers in arms on it with 100%
    smooth ride and clutch braking (makes it more medium like) so for me it
    aims insanely quick for a russian 122.

  8. Please Foch don’t let down the 113 players(all 5 of us) and make a Worth
    the grind video about that one too, plz.

  9. Foch, in one of his video replays, PHJ showed that you can shoot a IS-7
    when he’s facehugging you under the gun mantlet-shield-thingy, when he’s
    aiming up.

    He was in the IS-4 (pretty popular video, he went full Star Wars nerd with
    the lightsabers sounds edited in when dueling the IS-7) and the IS-7
    eventually realized that the IS-4 should have no chance at point-blank –
    but that shot under the gun shield won him the game.

    Just my 2 cents.

  10. Its easy to kill face hugging IS7 with an IS7. It has those little openings
    where the driver looks out of (rectangle shaped) and they are not weaker
    then the rest of the armor but they are not angled. I tried it many times
    and it worked and it makes the other IS7 driver rage a lot.
    Ive looked it up on wot inspector and it says that the armor is the same
    but I have beed pening that spot every time I tried to do it. Witchcraft

  11. actually i think there is a weakspot behind his gun mantle, so when you are
    facehugging him you should just shoot there when he rises his gun

  12. very stronk russian steel!
    Stalin would approve

  13. Great games , great review!

  14. Your English has improved alot.

  15. Finally some real review-lenght,more 30m like videos thx ☺

  16. The KV1S is a tier 5 o.0?

  17. Playing IS-7 in 3 easy steps:
    1.Find Waffle
    2.Kill Waffle
    3.Push Waffle

    was a lot of fun watching it live :D

  18. I also say tracks but it’s actually suspension xD

  19. Makes me think, is there any tier 10 not worth the grind? Are some more
    worthy than others?

  20. Game 2 was so good on the livestream :D

  21. lol, stupid video title. just get rid of the words between “Review!” and
    also the “?” at the end

  22. Foch, your colour contrast (especially in the end-plates) is kinda messed
    up. You might want to change that as it makes the video quality seem lower.
    Also, are you taking part in the CW campaign?

  23. maybie u can show movie first time with amx 13 90? I try find movie with
    this tank but not found :)

  24. Find the Waffle
    Push the Waffle :D

  25. Foch, the viewport on the right hatch is a weakspot and is easy to pen in a

  26. we need an is4 review

  27. Kemp waflle, unfair plane!

  28. Fuck yeah, new Foch video. Also, that 13 75 in the first clip is so damn
    OP. Take up corner perfect for IS-7 in bottom tier scout, get mad when
    you’re moved from said spot, ram IS-7 player for making sense, go full
    pancake mode against a multitude of tier 10’s, die. Tied stronkest driver
    EU, matched only by E 75 and E 100 in second clip.

  29. Anything special for 30k subs?

  30. Hey Foch!

    I`m currently on the IS as I grind for the IS-7,and I was wondering if you
    have any tips for me?

    I`m struggling with the IS as I have the Tiger l and to me,the Tiger l is a
    superior Teir 7 heavy tank,and also,I think you make great videos and I
    like how you call Waffentragers Waffles,have a good day/night!

  31. XD that amx 13 75 on his team was just like “ima heavy tank with big gun
    and BIGGER amour”

  32. wow perfect timing i am about 20k xp and 1.5 million credits away from
    is-7. personally i think the is-3 is a bad tank, the crippling ammo rack
    issues and turret weak spot kill it for me. personally i think the is-8 is
    a good tank when handled well and with a good crew, and will be keeping it.
    it has a unique playstyle imo that can be rewarding when done right.

  33. Lol…equivalent infinite…but HE will still dmg it yes?

  34. If you’re brawling with 1 or 2 platoon mates in the kv-85 the 122 can still
    be very effective

  35. I actually REALLY liked the IS-1/2. I loved my IS. I hated the IS-8…

  36. Already saw the second game live on twitch.. 😀 “Find a waffle, kill the
    waffle, push the waffle”… 

  37. Step 1, Find Waffle you say…hmmm

  38. Still waiting for this one to become top of the tree again so I can buy it!
    Awesome tank and certainly one that should be in every WoT players garage.

  39. OP duel

  40. omfg, in the frist replay NO ONE come to help you! fucking tomato retarded
    brainless team. oh my god this is why the random in this game come the
    bucket full of shit of the all ftp online game 

  41. I love shhoting newbies who drive tanks like this :D

  42. dat mano v mano brawl

  43. Nice thanks for review !

  44. Watching foch use tank inspector is like watching my grandma use a

  45. the people in the second game that camp the corner in the top tier TD are
    probably always the ones that shout on the forums and in game things like
    “Jagdtiger is weak no armor, why i always lose i just did what a TD only
    can do, i always have noob team and noob Heavy tanks that lose city…” do
    people still not realize that you wont get that much shots on the enemy
    team from there? only maybe if the enemy team is bad and peaks a lot over
    mid or drives over the hill… WoT players are a bit degenerated tbh, im
    not talking about new players but most these cretins have like over 7k
    games and still dont understand whats going on in the current meta game or
    at all…

  46. LMAO! Enemy E-100 such STRONK tonk skills! Sit in the open, don’t hide that
    lower plate and let an IS7 rip you apart!

    All he had to do was load a few HE, knocked out some modules and crew, and
    then reposition, but yanno, WOT, so much unicum!

  47. How to play IS7. Find the waffle, kill the waffle, push the waffle.

  48. you can research the top gun without having tracks

  49. LOL these rolls… Didn’t get any over +10% this year -.-

    Pretty much typical WG bullshit with the E-100 not being allowed to have
    side-armor, but even the IS-3 having these magic stripes on the side that
    continue throughout related tanks… Same about invisible hatches, but the
    bar on the E-100 being a hit-zone despite of already having that huge and
    weak lower plate and frontal turret plate.

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