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Source: DOLLARplays

I’m playing only with Israel tanks : Merkava Mk.3D , Merkava Mk.2b, Merkava Mk.1 and Magach 3 😉

War Thunder official website

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Packs of Savage Dogs – Dream Cave
Summon All Gods – Dream Cave
What’s New – The New Fools
Going Equals Winning – Magnus Ringblom
On The Knife – Future Joust
Transhumanism – ELFL(edit)

Intro song : Crash – FASSounds
Outro song : Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. Such a missed opportunity to add Israel as separate tech tree . Could’ve been implemented the same way as heli tree’s.

    • DOLLARplays Thank you very much for your reply Dollar. Best wishes from me

    • Tbh, the chinese tree should have followed the same route too. tier I-III are entirely made of copycats and lendlease.

    • Dollar you forgot the Jewwww Copter!!!

    • I would recommend that they add an Israeli subcategory for the American and British tech trees (cent mods for brits, magachs and merkavas for Americans.)

    • Technically Gaijin could do what Armored Warfare did – getting a tank in one tree would make the research of a different tank possible in another tree. This would make the Israeli tree really grindy though, since the unlocks would be scattered (eg. M-50 Super Sherman would obviously come from the US Sherman line, but the Merkava would be unlocked using the British Chieftain line).

  2. Thats a nabi musa

  3. Hey man you should checkout squad i think you would love it

  4. I loove use my asu-57 in top tier :v, u win 20 000 lions for one kill with goliat condecoration xd

  5. Hello, I like your videos a lot and I speak Spanish, I would like you to put subtitles on it please😬

  6. I why are you just not pushing to 6 when your tank is burning bro. 6:12

  7. I don’t understand the event after you first attack the main defense line

  8. good stuff!

  9. Some one please give me all the references!!!!!

  10. r u russian ??

  11. this is now my favorite channel
    maybe you could do a couple on snow runner?

  12. I still cannot place his accent. Its like several accents put together.


  14. Oooh my Goood! Kkkkkkk

    I don’t speak english and i don’t understand what you say but i like your videos here in Brazil

  15. Opening sequence with Moses is pretty awesome lol

  16. The lord might forgive, but the Merkava won’t!

  17. Sir Dollar, what accent do you have? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before

  18. life of depression

    Hitler is disappointed

  19. 10:20 top for me 😀

  20. Sadly my school stops me from grinding the event

  21. Mate… Juice has been bad since Babylon…
    Like they did not get trown in giant bronse Bulls and cooked to death for no reason…. Or sent to summer camps…

  22. The Ghost Of A Noob

    Why did you stop uploading on main channel

  23. I see you are a man of -culture- religion

  24. Pls, play with C1 Ariete and C1 Ariete PSO🇮🇹🇮🇹

  25. Love this channel lol

  26. Trevor Walker Jr.

    This guy is literally the Ceeday of war thunder. There I said it. Sorry I discovered Ceeday before dollar.

  27. You outdid yourself this time, this editing is amazing as always.

  28. hahahahahaaha com certeza você e o melhor mesmo eu não entendendo nada do que você fala

  29. 2:10 – Dollar 4 Gajin President! **waving the vote Dollar flag**

  30. I love that montage, all these sounds omg xD

  31. Player base: “we need bigger maps for top tier”
    Gaijin: *increases repair costs*

  32. Your young brother Syuqrie right?

  33. Merkava tanks look so cool

  34. I had to subscribe. Love the content lol

  35. Ariate PSO

  36. Way to spawn camp, douche.

  37. Q: Who are the 209 people who down voted this piece of comic genius?

    A: People who have poor taste in music 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Its good entertainment

  39. So I have a starfighter trophy and I am wondering if I should sell it.

  40. can you give me your vid settings?

  41. I played good once…


  42. Who is the actor of 1:05 look same christian bale

  43. Bringing me joy, new subscribe

  44. damn the israely tanks are ugly

  45. Ariete PSO still best girl

  46. 13:30 your team had one death total

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