ISU-122S – First Impressions – Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Only available for a limited time … and is surprisingly good!

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  1. ue57 best tank in the game

  2. whoo dude – you have OCD – wow – one of us! one of us!!

  3. I know that you are OS Irish – but have you ever been Osiris H ?

  4. The 2550 gold in the package is worth about €10 so the tank itself is
    “only” about €20. The 3 days of premium I don’t value much.

    The two other tier 7 premium TDs in the shop cost about €25 so I guess it’s
    a decent price for the tank.

  5. Osirish you keep misrepresenting traverse in your reviews. Tank Compare’s
    listed traverse is stock traverse without taking into consideration upgrade
    engines. Here is a link to explain what I am talking about.

    The actual traverse with top engine on the SU-152 = that of this premium.

    Minor issue but since you do a lot of these videos I thought you might
    appreciate having this info.

  6. Worth it? Yes, i like this td.
    Makes good money, my best was 88k
    Reload is insane, its close to 4 000 hp/min 😀
    Camo is really baad, i keep getting spotted by everything i do.

  7. It’s annoying that you can’t get it in the in-game shop. I was going to get
    a gold package now that they are discounted but I don’t want to spend even
    more to get this one.

  8. so its an su 122 44 without armor and speed…

    • +Mister Malik well the su-122-44 is blind. this has 20M more …

    • +Mister Malik Well yes but it does have slightly better DPM. I have seen a
      few of these in battle and one I was on my SU-122-44, first shot bounced
      off the mantlet but the next one penned his front and ammo rocked him…..
      through the front lol.

  9. Nice upload thanks! Although I don’t think I like the Pay-to-Win Quartet.
    Am I the only one that feels that way?

    • +Jasey357 If no one pays, World of Tanks goes away. Consider that the
      people who buy stuff from WG allow you to play for free!

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