^^| ISU-152 Hard to play mang Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. That GW Panther… pure genius

  2. love the ISU-152 nbest troll tank ever. even JP E100 shoots it can bounce
    off ur armor of the ISU, or my best was in obj 704 bounce a shoot from the
    death star b4 the nerf the guy was crying in chat coz of the bounce

  3. Those peace signs. xD

  4. ISU too weak ples buff. Make Gun mantlet protect the whole front of tank

  5. Aufklärungs Panther, best twitch Comment :D

  6. I love how the GW driver complains about his team after driving his arty up
    the middle off the map, pure comedy!

  7. The new GW Panther meta!

  8. I remember in the NA server, I had to do over 8k damage to get the mastery
    badge Circon, but with this thing it isn’t that hard if your team and the
    other are just in the right amount of bad. :)

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