ISU-152K, Biggest Alpha Damage on Premiums!? | World of Tanks ISU-152K Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks ISU-152K (ИСУ-152К), New Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks ИСУ-152К, New USSR Tank with Object 704’s Gun. World of Tank Patch 1.9+ Update News.


In today’s news I am going talk about one of the upcoming tanks WG is testing on the Supertest server, the ISU-152K, which at least at the moment, features the legendary BL-10 gun in tier 8.

I am also going show you IS-3 and Kranvagn new 3d-styles and the first revealed price tag for the Bounty Equipment.

What do you think?


  1. Keep in mind, all of this is early supertest leaks, it may or may not happen, but the main question is… Would YOU like to see this happening?

    • Mindaugas Plonis

      no enough isu152 in tech tree

    • No, I definitely don’t want to see this premium. I want to see them just put the BL-10 back on the tech tree ISU-152.

    • I’m for any new tank coming into the game.

    • I understand why people are salty about “yet another Russian premium”, but personally I don’t think this would be the worst kind of addition. That’s the silver lining.

      I think it will be situationally extremely annoying, but I doubt it would be considered much more of a threat than the tech tree version. When was the last time people were saying on the forums or on YouTube that “man, ISU-152 sure is a broken TD, I hope I don’t see it in the enemy match making?”

      At least personally, I can’t remember that… 😀

      Just like the tech tree version, this premium will be inconsistent. Sure, the premium has more pen but you can kinda do the same performance in the tech tree version – by shooting gold. Or, in some cases HE is better and I don’t know is it the same kind of HE shell?

      That is something that can affect, but the premium version has one degree less depression angle. One degree less might not seem much, but with a already inaccurate gun, with a _turretles_ platform- that difference will be big, I think. I don’t think the performance with this premium will be *that* drastically different from the tech tree version. I think SU-130PM will remain a better premium TD. At least with my playstyle.

      This thing will suck on hills and on elevated positions, making it more difficult / situational than the tech tree version – and especially compared to SU-130PM. Neither has particulary good armor, but at least the latter has more camo and agility.

      Sure, with this premium, if it is, even with a standard round, the pen difference is big, but I don’t think it will matter all that much, in the end. Good players will be nasty with this thing, but it is still way too much RNG dependent. The tech tree version is already really inconsistent. Having one degree less depression adds to that hugely.

      But, I’m willing to admit I’m wrong if I don’t know all the details? How much different are the gold and HE rounds? I think that can be important. Were they mentioned in the video or did I just miss it?

      Don’t get me wrong…I do agree that taking a certain gun away from the game and then later on adding it on a premium, albeit with some pretty big needs, is still kinda scummy. It reminds me of Lorraine 40t, how it used to be in the tech tree, then turned into one tier lower premium. I can understand why it leaves a bad taste- “hey here’s something that used to be in the game, now you can have it again with modifications, IF you pay us”

      WG has become used car salesman, who rents a Lada for you, then takes away the air conditioning, but adds a CD player and then asks you to pay more, because now the rental is new.

    • Yes. I want this to happen. WG needs to make as much money as humanly possible at the expense of eroding this game. Screw tech trees, just make ALL premium tanks from now on.

  2. ABC News breaking news intro… Nice choice, took me to my childhood years Dez :’)

  3. BL-10. Haaaleluya. Where’s my wallet 🥰🥰

  4. Ofc they bring it back on premiums

  5. That’s kind of insulting imo

  6. *WG: removes BL-10 for being too good at Tier 8*

    *Also WG: readds BL-10 but as a premium gun on the same tank*

  7. Fuck you War Gaming

  8. Dunkel CtankWITTE

    This game… Ugh

  9. WG: Hi guys we heard you miss the ISU-152 with top gun, so we will make premium instead.
    Players: ISU-152… K

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, this year’s Long-Awaited Reward:

  11. Thé wz-122-1 tds premium have more alpha i think

  12. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Money money money money money money~

  13. Dez: There sure is a lot of news coming in these days

    WG: How bout a lil more!!!

  14. SOLD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain

    You have to love the LTG that derped at 7:33.

    “I’m just going to stop in front of this ISU, what can go wron-”

  16. Just what we need, another russian OP tank.

  17. i hope its a a marathon

  18. so it is the ISU we researched and used to own.. And now they are gonna sell it to us? LOL,,, Fuck off WG you idiots

  19. Dysfunctional Communist

    I want it now

  20. They better put the bl10 back on original ISU152 then. Pay to win if premium has outright better gun…

  21. Another tank, same shitty maps.

  22. So who else TOOOOOOTALLY didn’t see them bringing back the old ISU as a fucking premium?

  23. 750 alpha dmg on a tier 8 hope this tank gets only tier 9-10 matchmaking what a desperate move WG make a OP tank for cash? Then wg will nerf it until its unplayble nc tactic

  24. Seems like the desperation for money grows every year WG.

  25. The roomba has 750 alpha too tho

  26. apparently, ISU-152K had actually ML-20S as main armament, whereas ISU-152-2 did have BL-10, so WG is just taking the piss with this one 😀

  27. Imagine spending 3,000,000 credits to upgrade a SINGLE bounty equipment by 2.5%
    5,000 bonds not looking so bad right now.

  28. The isu was one of my favourite tanks because it was so special at tier 8 but of course every tier 8 tank has to have a premium version…

  29. Well of course it does…

  30. I bet there will be no compensation for players that owned the isu-152 back when it had the bl-10 just like like with the schmalturm pz4 which is bad since both premiums are not only reused content but also removed content making it even worse as such both vehicles should be offered with a real discount for atleast some players Atleast its a russian td lets hope it comes in the tech tree with 7500 gold Price or less with discount

  31. WG nerfed a tank that was already unpopular and in doing so made it even more unpopular. This move by WG is so sad. WG, have the decency and give back the Tech Tree ISU-152 it’s iconic gun.

  32. Another piece of crap war Gaming is tryng to sell

  33. Wait for the new tier x premium WT E-100.

  34. So WG are not happy with some games lasting far too long! like 14-1 games, they now push for 15-0 games.
    All WG ever do is fix fukall, and add to the shit show of a MM.
    DPM also means nothing! it’s bullshit in high alpha guns! as this thing vaporises 95% of all T8s and below with 2 shots in about 12s.

  35. Nvidia Geforce 1070ti 8gb

    I think i sell this tank before 1 Month

  36. Glad to see WG is finally addressing the problem of power creep.

  37. 1700
    Suys dius
    E dius sohsb diush sih sihsv

  38. Garrulous Skeptic

    Nuts. I bought the 130

  39. More Russian Stronk tanks from WG ….😂😂👍

  40. Garrulous Skeptic

    Battle Pass? Im paying to play a ‘free to play’ that im paying to play?

  41. Has Dez gotten a new editor, or just felt like adding some extra into the episode?

  42. This should be a tier IX vehicles not VIII oh man!

  43. At this point, why not sell conversion kits that turn any t8 techtree tank into a premium tank? So ppl can choose theirselves. Much better than stealing the vehicles to resell them

  44. I never see BL10 is OP to be honest…. maybe because of I am a TD main… but ISU-152 was just couple HP more than SU-152… she doesnt have a good health to begin with…
    And WOTB still okay for ISU to have a BL10…. as well as Kv-1S and they are quite balanced

  45. It has more base pen then a grille 15. LMAO

  46. fuck wargaming

  47. As always “subject to chains” 🙂

  48. Everybody crying,
    everybody playing,
    everybody paying.

  49. WhiskeyTango Foxtrot_AU

    Bloody WG ! AGAIN.. they played with the amount of rounds in the BC 155 58 and it alpha just after I hsd grinded it ! Then the same with my Deathstar, nerfed its Hesh as well after I had grinded up to that too.. FFS, I have lost all respect for WG ! Both units now suffer from the poeer creep and other OP cars etc.. how about giving the BC 155 58 it’s full cassette back and the DeathStar its Hesh back since you have now made it a non tech tree TD.. do the right thing and also give the BL10 gun back too, yes..another I grinded through that has since been “played” with.. Not Happy WG !

  50. This is SOOOOOO WG. Fuck up a good game and FU fun tanks and then bring it back as a premium moneymaker. They are so shit that its almost funny.
    They will always look for money and we are to stupid to switch to another game and say “WT go F*** urself”

    Now i know again why i dont play this shit anymore.

    Dez, i would like to know if unicoms get benefits and perks from WG to promoot the game?

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