ISU-152K – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – -152K. It’s coming back with the BL-10 – the highest alpha in the game the ISU-152K!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Prem tank hitting hard ? huum let me guess… KV2 R ? 😉

  2. 703 II salvoshot laughs at this ISU152K alpha hahahhha cyka ruski debil barrel hits 780 hahaha cyka that’s good for gameplay !!

  3. Hardest damage prem tank is kv2r. Can do over 1.1k in a pen

  4. 8:12 thats why you should just play arty lololololol

  5. I stopped play wot becose of ebr , it is pointless

  6. 703-II got more alfa dmg. 780. 😉

  7. Would actually love to see the SU-122-54 back in the game instead….

  8. last night i meet a platoon enemy 3x152k they kill my T57 each shooot XDD

  9. Why tf is every body so salty man, I have played the game for 6 years and this is just another tank we will just have to deal with, just think about getting behind it in a light tank haha

  10. Why would i need another ISU,i got one already,and im good with that,i do lot of damage anyway when playing it,so no premium ISU152K for me. And doesn’t Russia have enough premium tanks in the game…guess not.

  11. Its like object 704 on tier 8

  12. Wargaming be like: The Bl-10 is only OP a tank we can’t monetize, amirite boyz?

  13. I disagree here, QB. Regardless of how well the tank is balanced, a burst damage of that amount isnt right on tier8.

    Fatal design error.

  14. Just add more soviet premium tanks coz we dont have enough of them

  15. The ISUK is just bader, the pen is still very good

  16. The infamous scum lord WG strikes again. Removed the best gun from this tank a while back and then comes back with that same removed gun which is now on a premium tank. Greed and stupidity of WG knows no bounds.

  17. I come from the land of Console, full of reskinned premium auto loaders, and all I have to say is it’s better than getting a premium auto loading RHM Borsig…

  18. 8:00 Short question. Does overmatching count for HE rounds too?

  19. KV-2(R) has had this alpha damage for a while in tier 6 though right?

  20. The original ISU-152 was my first tier 8 tank. I worked my butt off to get it and played it thousands of games. Probably the worst thing WG ever did was steal my BL-10 and now they want to sell it back to me? Big reason I hardly ever play any more. Whatever you work for, they’re just going to nerf or remove. Eff them guys.

  21. Yeah guys… come down… wargaming ist just doing its microtransaction thingy…
    As soon as wargaming ist done with microtransaction then can start focus on the real problems. Like EBR´s …

  22. u are annoying

  23. most people don’t have the skill to be aggressive hence teams that suicide in 3m. There should be a suicide medal if just to show people how many times they die in under 3m.

  24. We need to nerf isu152.. Also wg, BRRRIIING IT BACK FOR MONEEEEEY! AAAARRRR

  25. Yes more Russian bias premium tank.
    How about some Swedish tier VIII medium premiums!?
    I would prefer that more.

  26. I hope for the best but then im always disappointed. WG pushes Soviet bias, QB sells for WG. Clueless boobs comment on QBs videos. (yeah, I get I just did this)QB gets paid. WG is happy. QB is happy. The EU and NA servers continue to be saddled with Soviet bias, and predatory sales tactics. The game continues to spiral down everywhere except RU. Thank you WG, and thank you QB. You made your cash. Im sure you can justify being a shill for WG in your well developed frontal lobe.

  27. markuslukschick

    Sry QB but i stopped after 2 mins, nope that things is digusting, 286mm pen on a standard shell at Tier 8 just isn’t right, 260 like the original and no gold shells, that what be a sign that i might come back to this pay to win game

  28. DPM means very little on a hull lock td. It’s all about pen and alpha…and here we go.

  29. I’d like to have a Ferdinand with a 15cm gun.

  30. Joonatan Malmgren

    Well this is suprising

  31. dpm isn’t everything, sometime your alpha and penetration can cower enemy eg. no one wanna approach the shit barn or JgE100 so…basically that RoF nerf doesn’t even mean anything…too small impact
    asif you gonna engage in close combat with enemies with this ISU…you just snipe

  32. @QuickyBaby which exteral mods you use and from to download. plz tell

  33. I’m gonna buy this tank just for the BL10

  34. Of APCR and heat have the same pen APCR is way better.

  35. I would pay for a prem version of the old tier 6 VK 2801 w/its 105 derp gun.

  36. The little trade-off on the statistics side of things is very much worth it in my opinion.

  37. highest alpha premium tank before wete kv2 r, su130pm and su100y

  38. Hey guys look its world of russin tanks might as well change the name. I play on xbox one and god this game is gonna be dead if they keep going on this path.

  39. Thanks for this QB, always appreciate the good videos. Learning to hide and be patient is where I repeatedly fail in WOT. I want to help my suiciding teammate lights live longer, etc. This tank will help develop patience, as aggressive play will result in perforated armor and a trip to the garage. I look forward to it.

  40. Mehmet öztürk

    Anyone else noticing everyone using bounty equipment on all their tanks now ? People who make videos be it 3 marking or reviews they couldnt do it back than because you cant demount bond equipment with gold because that bounty eqipment is the best equipment and its behind a paywall. Just a headsup

  41. 750 alpha belongs to tier9 and above. But here we are with Russian bias.

  42. Maine Striper Guide

    I hate wargaming. Period. They are jerks

  43. Basically trade everything else for higher pen
    Nice move wg

  44. This looks like a case of WG running out of ideas. I know they favor the Russian vehicles and population, but it’s getting boring seeing the same Russian vehicles offered up as premium vehicles. They need to get more creative and spread their wings a bit more with other nations.

  45. Biggest cash grab 2020. Besides all that crates crap in World of Warships

  46. What graphics setting needs to be changed to avoid destructible elements blocking your view when they stick to the barrel? Thanks in advance.

  47. Sooner or later they’ll put in a M3 Lee premium tier 8 tank with all 3 of its guns usable 😆

  48. yay. another prem soviet tank, pass

  49. Any tank that has big alpha damage can be played in close combat. When you pack such a punch you can trade your HP to get a shot out and still have an OK battle.

  50. So in xbox version of would of tank they but a borsige borge wr bsige idk how to sepll it but they but it in they game as a premium tank with a 2 shot auto loader

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