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  1. ho, I want to play the update early so bad.

  2. yeah im first love it phly

  3. wow Im early!

  4. 4th, love you Phly

  5. 8.0 comred

  6. 4th comment

  7. Bryann Van Der Voort

    hey guys XD

  8. Po-2 and IS-3 in RB

  9. THE HD GAMER Alanas

    whats the sexiest animatronic for you?
    for me its a bit retextured chica


  11. want more

  12. does anyone know when patch 1.59 will come?

  13. Marilena DelaSălătruc

    hello m8

  14. 5th luv ya

  15. This tank is a troll tank.

  16. Blue Creeper92_YT

    also TIGER 2’s WONT FACE ATGMS??!?!?!

  17. Isnt the 3 missiles behind the 12?

  18. nevan wolfisberg

    War thunder is a dying game 

  19. damiano leonardi


  20. The Tetanus Clam

    Rip everyone on the receiving end…

  21. The three extra atgms are between the engine and the main ammobox

  22. Phly Would you try the Hs 123?

  23. 3 more missile in front of the engine

  24. phly pls do the F86A5 sabre with rocets

  25. So Gaijin’s just going to keep adding vehicles instead of decompressing the
    BR’s for tanks. dammit Gaijin, I want to enjoy WT, but you’re making it
    harder and harder with every patch


  27. Why is Japan always neglected in these updates and even when we do get
    something it’s only 1 thing whereas every other country gets like 3, we
    need an update only dedicated to Japan.

  28. I think that those 3 missin missiles are stored just in front of the

  29. when you hoover the mouse behind the 12 rounds you can see 3 more rounds on
    the opposite direction. No?

  30. Phly, there actually are 15 missles inside of the tank. There are three
    more behind the crew. Look once more ;)

  31. RIP War Thunder

  32. Francorius Rompas

    PHLY it actually carry 15 ATGMs , look at 1:57 you just pointed at 3 ATGMs
    on the back ,sorry if you already notices that later in the vid ,I can’t
    finish the vid cause need to go ,stay awesome!

  33. too bad you have to grind all the way to everything again.

  34. i think i saw the 3 missiles

  35. damn the t-62 is as fast as the leopard 1 in acceleration! Hope they
    introduce the cannon version soon.

  36. the extra 3 ATGM’s are modeled behind the 12 normal ones

  37. when is the new patch do to release

  38. HUANIQUA war thunder

    yes finally the tank

  39. Banana doge much doge


  40. Just got this on my ps4 and it is awesome :)

  41. Banana doge much doge

    so early

  42. Russian bias

  43. Phly u maused over the second amorack .. there is 15 :p

  44. and one more thing what time does she go back to the old bombs the stupid
    bar Nerf needs to be done away with I finally got used to dropping bombs
    with a timer and then they do the stupid bomb Nerf who set the bombs that
    explode on impact but the blast radius is retarded the bombs are more like
    anti-air bombs then the ground units you can still destroy bases but a 500
    pound bomb can’t even kill Panther when it lands on its head

  45. Custom battle idea: KV-2 with HE vs. IT-1. At least on 1 km range. KV 2 HE
    shell speed is comparable with ATGM. That can be fun)

  46. Is 1.59 in the normal game yet??

  47. Try to fire from cover with the wired missle. Like in the safe cover of a
    hill, fire upwards, than down

  48. is it me or is there 3 additional rocket containers sideways in the back,
    just behind the 12 you pointed out ?

  49. You have some Russian pride man

  50. This thing is OP as hell, Phly had mastered the art of ATGM

  51. i wish you did more ‘phly’ing. ;_;

  52. Try and team kill in custom realistic battles as a tank >:)

  53. Peace Army (리안)

    hey phly thanks for bombing the 3 tanks at A point a while ago.. with your
    Pe-8 hehe!

  54. I’m afraid he’s gonna burn us all out with these ATGM videos so when the
    update actually comes we won’t be interested :(

  55. Phly u had weird missile launches cause they were damaged by the leopard.

  56. are any tanks getting added armored ??

  57. phly can anyone get into the dev server?

  58. Muhammad Aqsath Faza

    decent armour, easy to guide the missile, very low profile, and fast.
    Compared to other nation atgm tank, this thing beyond all of them. yeah
    “Balanced” gameplay

  59. Ducsai Barnabás

    Wonder why u didnt shot at the Sturer after he backed up. Thats one of he
    advantages of atgms is that it can go over obstacles and come back down on
    the enemy. Takes practice and timing but it woth it…

  60. Is that possible to take down planes with ATGMs ?

  61. FluufyPvP -Minecraft

    The tank 9/11 very gud

  62. Phly do Me-262 with rockets and the mighty KV-2

  63. Ramoskills gaming

    PHly Ther is another belt OFF ammo in the back

  64. Those traps were meant to slow infantry moving en masse and also bog down
    light vehicles.

  65. will the ATGM tanks be premium?

  66. TheAcePlane Gaming

    phlydaily plz fly the f-84b-26

  67. how do you get dev server

  68. The only reason phly doesn’t talk about how shitty the Russians and br are
    to the game is because gaijin pays him to keep quiet

  69. I think there are 3 rockets after the other rockets before the engine

  70. Play the Patton 3!!! Plz

  71. gosh I just have to say it, it really gets under my skin when he says
    “Roger that” when he talking to himself…

  72. Nice video, but could you play something other than this atgm tank!? There
    are 3 others you could make a video with.

  73. one thing i wish WT did differently is that they didnt make it so you have
    to have 6 vehicles from a teir to move up. like just let me go down the tec

  74. holy fucking shit the salt in this comments section tho

  75. The leos are not badass againsr atgm

  76. Can’t you just aim up and fire then slowly guide the missile down onto the
    top of the tank?

  77. BlueRosse Gaming

    dude watch in front of the engine behind gunner ther 3 more….. lol

  78. Where do all those golden eagles come from?

  79. there are 15 missiles modelled…. the last 3 are just in front of the
    engine, under the turret ring

  80. hey Phly play with Baron or some other person.

  81. Play either the M48 or T29 next please

  82. Drakon it Дракон

  83. 77horsefreak77- Roblox

    tu 4 vs me 262s

  84. Careful. Gijin in their infinite fuckery have said that they will copyright
    strike any YouTube channel that posts a video drawing attention to any bug
    or cheat in Warthunder.

  85. wait, 22k rp? how!? I’m guessing that’s dev server shizzle

  86. Bobby the builder

    how do i update mine?cause i see this and its version is 1.59 but compared
    to mine is 1.57 but i can still play why?

  87. ItzzDustyspartan32

    plz drive the German KV-2

  88. kasheriey banquillo

    phly can MGs detonate the ATGM while it is in the air?

  89. do bombers verses the missle tank.

  90. Dammit, Phly. I thought 1.59 was live. Change the title.

  91. Killerbill54 Gaming

    You should try hitting tanks at long range

  92. Gamer Saurus Rex

    anyone know when 1.59 is going to be released

  93. Do t29 next

  94. Phly do Me-262 with rockets and the mighty KV-2
    like for Phly to do it

  95. There are 3 more in the back

  96. war thunder gameing

    play wih me to dey May neim is larskr

  97. Shaunjr Grossnickle

    phly would you say War gaming is copying war thunder

  98. About pronunciation:
    Google translate’s function “Listen” pronuncing its nearly correct, if you
    can type in russian
    Try this

  99. Aren’t the 3 missiles behind the other 12?

  100. Jeriah Varipapa


  101. it’s right in front of the engines you rolled right over it ffs phly

  102. it is at br 8.0 since you are in realistic battle mode, switch to ab to see
    the 7.7

  103. Daniel Gonzalez

    premium tank?

  104. Watch agian the part where u turn on x-ray and look near the engine ,there
    are 3 more rockets :P

  105. Pinecone Pinetree

    Phly please tryout the m48 soon

  106. the last 3 missiles was infront of the engine Lmao

  107. missiles*


    is it on dev server

  109. sould I buy the D-day pack

  110. does anyone know if the missiles cost silver lions per shot like heatfs?

  111. 18:04 those are anti infantry light vehicle traps

  112. Am i the only one that feels the ATGM’s will ruin the game once the patch
    comes out, You know some of those games where you’ve got about 6 tigers on
    your team and 1 panther… imagine 6 it-1’s and 1 t-10m… Gotta love
    I mean, you don’t even have to try with this thing.

  113. Beachside Gaming

    Hey does anyone know how to launch war thunder using the Nividia Gamer
    Experience program whenever I try to optimize it’s setting it just tells me
    “can’t optimize game settings”

  114. Hey Phly, are you going to do any HOI4 gameplay?

  115. TheInternetDictator is using vulgar langerage and being a jerk

  116. Heverson N. Rodrigues

    Phly, can try to control the rocket with binoculous?

  117. its right behind the 12 u fucking idiot

  118. edgar fernanado calsin pacsi

    a question like so many eagles win gold?

  119. WTF? 981555 Golden Eagles??? Is it beta-test or something? :)

  120. When is patch 2.59 coming out?

  121. google translate Novorossiysk and listen to. that is pretty accurate

  122. Plz do next m551 shirden

  123. yes there are Missiles

  124. I still don’t get how the hell you have so many ge

  125. I see myself !! 14:16 :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  126. Russia did not use it because it had 12 rounds and the gunner could miss
    and then you would have 11 more rounds to use

  127. hey phly I have a question about the missile-would it’s penetration ability
    go down as flight time increases due to less weight from less fuel?

  128. pollito495 Gamer

    PhlyDaily te gusta el español?//do u like the spanish?

  129. The name of the map is Novo Rossiysk, and you can call it just New-Russian
    Port :D

  130. Squished turret

  131. When is 1.59 coming out for god sakes I have been waiting for a while
    anyone know ?

  132. U fockin' plonker

    Oi how the f*ck does one get access to the dev server????
    Only says this for me

  133. well it’s novorossiysk…
    Just use google translator

  134. Michael Waldmeier

    please more IT-1 gameplay?

  135. Phly.. you do realize that right behind the 12 rockets are 3 more, stacked
    on top of each other

  136. The map is pronounced “Noh-vor-oh-sisk”. Also the Panther you shot that you
    thought absorbed the rocket, didn’t, it was dead, the shrapnel hit somebody
    nearby and that’s why you got a “Hit”

  137. Has it been released?? The update??

  138. I love that Yoooou guys so much :D

  139. How do you get the dev server?

  140. Phly, there are 3 rockets placed at the back of the tank next to the

  141. Has anyone here tested if it is possible to shoot down these ATGMs with

  142. so will the m551 actually shoot straight now? Seems like the IT1 shoots so
    straight and the atgms follow perfectly, yet the m551 atgms go all over the

  143. 105 Sherman and P 63 A 10, use the banana cannon!

  144. is it a AA or an AT tank?

  145. I can´t decide, Sheridan, IT-1 or Raketenjagdpanzer ?!

  146. I’m pretty new at this game. Can someone explain why sometimes, eventho I
    have a green marker, my shot don’t penetrate the enemy armor? Sometimes it
    doesn’t even register as a hit…
    Its happened more than once now and the target wasn’t behind cover or

  147. This thank shouldn’t be in War Thunder, but fuck it right? Put enough tanks
    and all of the problems go away

  148. When is 1.59 released?

  149. Phly you need glasses there were 3 more ATGM’s in the back

  150. Dick butt Nick butt

    phly your a fucking idiot the 3 other rockets are in the back of the crew

  151. Something for you guys to know, me and my friend tested to see if spaced
    armor and other types of “addon” armor can block HEAT, and from what we
    found out is that HEAT isn’t stopped by them.

  152. The amount of shrapnels created from those rockets is crazy compared to
    regular HEATFS round knowing both use HEAT warheads. Can someone tell me if
    gaijin has also fixed regular HEAT/HEATFS ?

  153. Why are there those green X5 things over every vehicle?

  154. The Duke of Norton

    Sorry to be a pedant, but missile is how you spell missile.

  155. There are an additional 3 missiles between the engine and the 12 missiles
    that you pointed out

  156. I LOVE the fact that the dev servers are closed yet here he is with
    gameplay, hate how devs always boosts youtubers and leave us to get raped.

  157. Phly there’s three more missiles behind the 12 rack and one currently
    loaded. That is 15+1 my dude.

  158. if you take a closer look to these wooden crosses on the street, you’ll see
    there is barbed wire around them, so i think they are used for blocking
    infantry, not tanks, useless in the game of course and only decorations

  159. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    PHLY!!! Take Out The Talented Kids: The “Wirraway” And The “M3A1”. Phly
    Please Take Out These One Of The Least Used Machines That Are
    Multi-Useable. Please Give Me A Thumb Up If You Want To See PhlyDaily Show
    Us And Take Out These Uncommon Machines!

  160. The other three rockets are right behind the 12 stack.

  161. Where did u get patch 1.59???

  162. Hey Phly, can you fly the BB-1?

  163. Phly M48 PLZ


  165. platinum Squirrel

    Actually the tank was just dead, nothing got deflected

  166. Doesn’t ATGM stand for (air to ground missile) ?

  167. ok phly this is how u pronounce this map
    ; )

  168. wdfwgagyfgagyga

    why cant we choose the maps we want to play in war thunder?

  169. that thing is speedy

  170. Cameron Brantley


  171. #phlyisblind

  172. There’s another three behind the 12 rockets if u look when it’s in X-ray
    mode (ammo)

  173. Does anyone know how much the Strv 81. bundle is going to cost ?

  174. connor Qualizza

    yo the wood traps are for soldiers and barbed wire makes it so the soldiers
    go around them

  175. Petar Jovanovic

    Novo-ro-see-yusk is the map I think.

  176. 19:24 the ammo is black, all that should have gone off when it got hit…

  177. noh-vuh-ruh-seesk


  179. Darcey Lawrence

    Phly plzzzzzzzzzzzz revisit the ship request series again

  180. The German rocket Thing plus :)

  181. only i skip the first 20 seconds becouse they are just lame music and stuff
    that i will see later on?

  182. This is another reason why I won’t play 8.0 or 7.7 tanks.

  183. Bunkerevs Gaming

    Phly, perhaps the leopard damaged your missle launcher (kind of like the
    cannon breach or barrel on a tank) and caused the missle to have a chance
    of misfire if the missle loading system was damaged.

  184. Seamangifted Jr.

    Why cant you copy and paste the words in google translate phly? Instead of
    us telling you

  185. When is the update dropping?

  186. Sek Potato aka AfonsoQ

    I dont want that shit ingame. Enough with rocket science.

  187. it would be cool if they animated tank loaders actually loading shells in
    tds and stuff

  188. there are more missiles in front of the engine behind the original missile

  189. Those things need to do more damage, it is bs that it is a 2, sometimes 3

  190. If someone hit your missile while it is one launcher,the explosion can kill
    the tank?

  191. Phlydaily man you are the man everybody else streams world of tanks but you
    chose war thunder man I love you but I have a suggestion maybe play
    Arma 3 you would be funny cop ???

  192. Sam Varty (WTGoldenEagleMercenary)

    Just so you know Phly, the Leopard I is pronounced “Lea-Purred” as in the
    cat, not “Leo-Pard”

  193. Bling Commander

    Need to see if the German ATGM is going to be the struggle bus I hear it is
    looking like!!!!

  194. francisco ostos

    Op has a new definition in warthunder,and its russiaaaan ,of course

  195. remember the rocket ship you made in crossout? yeah,here are some ideas of
    mine to improve it

    add 1 buzzsaw to each side, put a harvester on the car jack, add a machine
    gun drone, add a cricket launcher,color it sky blue to blend with the
    sky,replace the original parts you used to hold the car jack with a
    chameleon and armor it with van doors

  196. Hey Phly I love your vids. I have a question tho… how on earth did you
    get 980K+ Golden Eagles? Did you really pay the equivalent ammount of money
    to get it or did you use a backdoor? please reply, thank you.

  197. Abdou Djalil Boulkroun

    you idiot the 3 others are there

  198. Basil Alzubaydi

    WTF, I’ve got to put up with this bullshit now as well as SABOT rounds in
    my Tiger? :(

  199. When the pussy too good

    does the IT-1 come after the T-54 1951?

  200. Jamie Velasquez

    hey phly how to get 1.59 dev server?

  201. Pls Play with baronvongamez again!!!!
    Was the best Team ever?

  202. SIlentXHunter gaming

    again phly needs glasses

  203. Phly, what’s your KD on this? You are amazing at this game

  204. Them “lightly armored tank traps” are for slowing down infantry but it can
    stop or slow down stuff at the beginning tier

  205. Honestly, now I feel really silly about how much I was worried about this
    tank. When I first saw it in that leaked video I got pretty pissed, for one
    because I thought it was just going to be Russian and for two because I
    thought the ATGMs would be over powered, but with how much the missiles
    react realistically it’s not THAT easy to hit something compared to using
    just a cannon.

  206. More divion

  207. Division

  208. Man, that thing reloads in a really cool way

  209. I keep seeing vids on mouse aimed ATGMs…. German one though with the
    WSAD keys I have not seen anyone do well with that tank other then at very
    very close range that seems counter productive… has anyone done will
    with the German ATGMs?

  210. Phly, the extra 3 rounds are right behind the main stack, righ infront of
    the engine

  211. Sans The pungeon master

    you passed right over the three missiles.

  212. How the hell do you get 50000 lions and 40000 research point in 1 match?
    And allmost 1M of eagles? WTF?

  213. hey phly u should do a tanks vs bomers the b29 vs the it-1

  214. Pingwin Miłosz

    It’s basically “Novorossisk”

  215. do the Russians really need this? they already got the fist float tank and
    now a atgm? come on, give the Germans some cool toys too!

  216. having a great day. thanks phly

  217. Surprised those missiles don’t one hit often. A good balancer

  218. I play war thunder everyday for 3 hours. 10/10 would play again

  219. Семён Лопаткин

    hey dude u missed those 3 more rounds staying between engine deck and
    another 12 rounds XD

  220. love the re-arm animation.

  221. KKTrain Springer

    What your into music please I wanna listen to it all day.

  222. Can that thing do anything to a Maus?

  223. Monique Norat-Torres

    you freaken rekt that tiger

  224. Monique Norat-Torres

    1 shotted

  225. on the IT-1, the last 3 are in between the turret and the engine bay. you
    moused over it several times.

  226. 3-inch gun carrier and swordfish: for bf1

  227. showed u got lions when u killed some ppl/ai ?

  228. there are 15 missiles in the tank, 12 in that middle stack and 3 in a stack
    parallel against the engine.

  229. You think the T-60s will come into warthunder?

  230. chucknorriswontdies

    I swear to god they put this shit in the game to pleas Putin

  231. Why is no one bringing the ME 262 out

  232. Thepowerfulkiller

    Since IT-1 is based on the t62 chassis,surely they are gonna release the
    t62 in the next update right?

  233. The 3 missiles are in front of the engine

  234. with the rocket that’s controlled by wasd can’t you rocket view and guide
    it cross map just an idea

  235. Phly for the next video try the M3 Lee with the F2H

  236. Love that this is SO P2W, same as the Rocket “tanks”

  237. Tank traps are made of medal

  238. Or steel

  239. Is 1.59 released yet?

  240. “Sturer” not Stuart

  241. Hey phly how do you know when the dev sever is up, every time I try it’s
    only down, thanks :)

  242. +phlydaily It can hold 15 rounds. You just didn’t see the other 3 rounds
    that are right In front of the engine.

  243. Hey! dope video brah.

  244. how do we get in the DEV sever

  245. and it can hol 15 because if you look behide that 12 ammo their 3 more

  246. The pronunciation I’m going with is norovirus.

  247. Literally at the rate this game is “advancing”, we should have an Abrams in
    the game in 2-3 years….

  248. Dear Phly,
    First let me say I love you’re videos. Started watching when I started
    playing world of warshipped. I’ve kinda gotten burned out on WoW and have
    started playing warthunder because of you and baron. I’ve spent some time
    on the wiki, but am having a hard time deciding on what tree I want to
    start grinding. The play style I’m after is long range shooting and fast
    repositioning. The M18 seems like what I want, but I’m not sure. Do you
    have any suggestions for me?

  249. B29 and Sherman tank plz

  250. The War thunder Ps4 community is gonna die if they fucking fix the bugs

    Before you keyboard warrior start harassing me saying : “oh WT isn’t for
    ps4,console peasant” Oh something you nerds normally say..

    Anyway,Over 224k ps4 players play this game….We’re the ones keeping this
    dying game on life support.

  251. It shouldn’t face any WWII Era vehicle. These new fangled things should be
    in thier own class. 8.0 German line is now worthless. We have the Leo.
    That’s it. Our missiles are not point and click as much as others, so yah
    good luck. Maybe, instead of BR, they should just go by years used, so a
    Maus never sees these and remains somewhat relevant. Idk? Pretty big change
    for this game imo.

  252. The map is called nov-oro–see-sk
    But because I’m English I miss the first O ?

  253. Really u should pay more attention. Really u put the mouse on the 3
    ATGM!!!!!! that it is just between the 12 and the engine :”D if u count it
    is 15 so the external rack is needless, I am not doing this just to
    criticize is jut for improove new reviews, Becouse if u do this FAILS
    People wont watch ur videos vecouse they will be un reliable U PUT THE MOUS
    ON THE OTHER 3 ATGM!!!!! :”)!!!!

  254. Are they giving Golden Eagles on the dev server now? I might have to
    download it now so I can free XP some new tanks.

  255. What’s up with the American AA with the minigun? Is it coming after the
    1.59 patch?

  256. Thepowerfulkiller

    Thnks,any idea when will 1.61 be released.

  257. i like your song what is name?

  258. I dont know if you WT fans wached the new x men film but the sceen with ti
    submarine fiering the music in the backround its from War Thunder the
    hangar music soo this is interesting .

  259. 1.59 is out?

  260. Shadowgamer Stormrua

    Hey you are the bomb

  261. Shadowgamer Stormrua

    Your lucky that the update came on pc

  262. Shadowgamer Stormrua

    On ps4 we haven’t got the next update yet

  263. have you noticed that phly spelled missile wrong in the title

  264. dude take out the yak 30

  265. 01:57 there’s 3 more rockets

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