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Source: DawgThunder


  1. for god sake dawg, day 5 of saying OH MY GOD Theres a fapping seal! 0:23 pls pin me brotha!!

  2. I love how i have to avoid all gunfights with my m1 abrams at all costs to not get one shotted but this guy just shoots random spots and it allways pens, but Noone pens him

  3. you can always tell if someone has been playing top tier for too long because they LRF literally everything even if it’s 50 m away

  4. чай поставьте

  5. 4:14 wait is that part of the in-game soundtrack? or you put it in?

  6. Allgermanic Realm

    spawn camper and low quality – why should i subscribe and like lol

  7. 0:04 POV: When I don’t have enough money to buy the rest of the thank 🙁 / What more can I say except that it’s a good video

  8. Oh look another malzi ripoff

  9. ive been watching ur content for just ab a month from now and just now im seeing that u have a dog pfp

  10. Ballatine's Finesse

    0:43 ukrainian game changer be like

  11. If only you had the chance to play the IT-1 pre missile nerf. thing was insane and so much fun. atgm didnt fly in circles with a delay, it went straight and instant response. i get the changes makes it more realistic and it may have been a bit op but i still miss its glory days (still a really great vehicle but much much harder to hit helis or shoot through holes and over hills)

  12. Oh man why didn’t you bought vehicles one by one while progressing 😂

  13. its so gay gameplay

  14. The first clip is how I felt after the event ended:

    “Oh sweet! I researched quite a bit in the F16 line! Even got the SU with a coupon”

    *Checks from which plane I need to buy for the F16*

    “Twin Mustang… And I need to research and buy the A10 line… Fudge_me.png”

  15. hey man do you have the sav 20 and if so could you pls make a vid of using it as an aa

  16. Wow hi dawgthundeer im back its me bias!!! Your here with another banger!1!1!1!

  17. A•stro•nono•mía


  18. Didn’t know they voiced nations

  19. Amirhesam Masoudi

    دا دختری؟

  20. lol 0:49 fa**ot with ukr flag

  21. yeah, it’s lot better before the nerf, but still it’s a great tank if u know how to hide your hull

  22. Gorilla 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    The IT2 was my most hated vehicle ever trying to fight it was hell on earth. The world could bear me laugh when I finally unlocked it.

  24. 2:30 жениться собираемся?
    This music usually used at weddings

  25. gaijin progression moment

  26. Back then when war thunder was fun to play you didn’t need to buy all previous vehicles just research them

  27. Андрей Алтунин

    Исторические кадры

  28. Poor guy only need to be patience for the next major update in few days and he wouldn’t have to buy all those mandatory tank destroyers lol could’ve saved your SL for something else..

  29. Лайк

  30. 5:52 i exploded 💀

  31. Bro is skilled mf

  32. blud doesnt play AA nor TD 😭🙏

  33. Советская сила💪

  34. Dude killed shitman with Ukraine flag. RESPECT 🫡 ❤😊!!!!!!

  35. you may not like it, but IT-1 is how peak performance looked like.

  36. *crying in having to save up for the challenger 2 because my dumbass bough the free abrams instead*

  37. Gayjin continuing to forget warthunder is first and foremost a GAME and that ease of control and fun should trump all uselessly realistic nitty gritty

  38. i thought the STRV 122s hull cannot be penned?

  39. бля песня из загса

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