It can EVEN do damage!

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Why do I EVEN bother?
    Do the WG balance team EVEN care anymore?
    Is their EVEN a bush on half the maps anymore?
    Does this EVEN class as a tank?
    Doesn’t Wargaming EVEN need my money anymore if they are releasing terrible tanks like this and the mousepoop?
    Does Circon EVEN read the comments?

  2. Hi twitch chat

  3. After an amazing game, “Let’s play golf”

  4. How does he have that penetration/armor indicator? Is it a mod?

  5. Circon, if you play well WG will never buff this thing….

  6. This tank bugs the life out of me. They banned a great tank T50_2 because ppl complained like hell about it being OP, then a few years later introduce a tank with the same issues. Bit like the old WT-E100 then the fochB. Sometimes I wonder if they drink do much vodka and forget old decisions and why they were made:).

    • Chris Smith Foch B similarity with WTE only starts at having autoloader and ends there. In the end it’s still a shit platform with no turret and autoloader couldn’t help that.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Chris Smith Foch B is a terrible piece of shit. ELC EVEN 90 is also pretty fucking terrible, you’re driving a car with a shitty autoloader that has tier 1 dpm, fantastic.

  7. I just want this tank on console so fucking bad.

  8. Is there an Odd 90?

  9. “Give me 25 seconds and I’ll fuck any of you”


  10. This tank needs “I’ll be back” painted on the side of its tiny turret.

  11. Not EVEN tired of these puns

  12. I’ll be back


  13. EVEN more puns!

  14. I was wondering why I had an odd feeling of deja vu and then I saw my hello yt in twitch chat

  15. Does anyone know how to identify a Sheriff in this game? I keep seeing this 250 gold for killing one, but I’ve never seen one, that I know of.

  16. Im back bitch! ?

  17. Waasit o thought the zoom out mod was banned?

  18. The WZ probably got surrounded by corpses when he charged in earlier in the game

  19. Gimme 25 seconds imma fock you up!

  20. Some1 can tell me how to install circon mods? i tried to do the same thing i always did with other models, but nothing happens …

  21. cmstront plays World of Tanks

    Even aan m’n moeder vragen.

  22. Are you my dad?

  23. Is it allowed to have the armor thickness?

  24. Youtube wouldn’t EVEN be the same without these spicy memes…

  25. Do you *EVEN* helicopter view mod?

  26. Completely carried that team.



  29. Camp hard UDES Camp HARD brother !

  30. Why I don’t get this f retarded enemy players? Always getting really bot players on my team, like more than half of top tiers go retard and full suicide.

  31. If the reload and time between shots weren’t so bad then i think this would be a really god tank .We need some like 10-15 second reload and a 1 second time between shots.

  32. Circon will you do the Sheridan ? I’v barely seen anyone play that.

  33. You can’t EVEN push the tank I guess 😀

  34. WOT game starting: Everyone on the left go right and everyone on the right go left.
    It’s Hollywood!

  35. “I got to camp guys, let me through, no early spawning, I need to camp really fast guys!” ?????????????????

  36. Primo Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Tharaka Wijerathne

    When Circon went throgh the cap circle at the end I was like “u idiot”. Then he turned right and went to the flank of the baited Jpanther2 I was like “u sneaky bastrad”.
    Epic gameplay.

  38. “Let’s do some golf” – loving that 😀

  39. How do you zoom out so far with you camera?


  41. LOL top gun with a scout 🙂

  42. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    I’m confused – why not just eat that last shot to ensure your gun will hit the enemy?

  43. min8-max40 ping O_O I need fiber

  44. SuperShermanTanker

    This tank will be forever called MEEP MEEP I’ll be back…. 25 SECONDS

  45. Is it EVEN playable without mods ???

  46. Waiting for
    It can EVEN get a third mark

  47. This gun is probably called a recoilless rifle irl 😀

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