It can EVEN scout!

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your replays here: !


  1. I enjoy the reviews you do but why use the mods you use in game i.e. The zoom out mod. Huge advantage to see where the enemies are and where their guns are pointing. I may just unsubscribe or just watch review videoes only.

  2. Mathaphucking RC car dawg.

  3. this tank is insane in the hands of a good player. played against one in my is3. he was unspotted flanking and hunting lone tanks the entire game. noone could hit him. 4k dmg 3k spotting. tier 10 game

  4. He can’t EVEN ram a T-54 ltwt.!

  5. I expected at least 1 damage from that ram, I was disappointed.

  6. Kamikaze denied. Almost man, greater speed next time :DDDDD

  7. WALL-E can`t ram shit^^

  8. Maddafukkin RC Car! lmao 😀 😀

  9. SlapThatBurger - WT

    Loving the video names

  10. this singing sounds a lot like pink guy

  11. gian davidson fernandes alnmeida

    Hey al, shoot it all now
    Before they fade out
    C’mon, noooobs
    Hey al, shoot it all now
    Put your gold on
    A miss? Duuuude!
    Don’t make me spot all agaaaaaaain
    Such noob team, I caaaan’t EVEN play this game

  12. Got game with 1k+ dmg and 9k spot and it was for first class

  13. great video laughed the whole time

  14. And tank just became fan favorite.

  15. Phewahhhhhh!!!! *only damages himself ??

  16. title should be it can even ram lul

  17. That ram, ….. I’ve seen it all now.

  18. So ELC is strong rammer !! hahaha

  19. I heard that the new Somua tier 8 french heavy is the secret premium tank this month.

  20. Hey now,
    you’re a scout tank

  21. Lost Not Forgotten - Gaming

    50$ gift card and a potato machine? get huniepop xD

  22. Jingles needs to see that ram at the end xD

  23. I can’t even either, I can only odd

  24. hhahahahahah best fuckin ram ever!

  25. That ram at the end …LMAO. TY for the vid

  26. It’s a pretty good tank once people learn how to use it.. it’s so tiny, plus the accuracy nerfs means it just doesn’t get hit.

  27. Step 1: 6:00

  28. The Ram, it does nothing!!

  29. Anthony Kosztadinov

    Is it worth buying?

  30. he EVEN won that game

  31. That’s the most I’ve seen you laugh in all your YouTube videos hahaha… and I woke my kids up from me laughing so hard too hahaha

  32. It scouts but it doesn’t ram

  33. 3:35 Did you wear your brown pants???!???

  34. The blood curdling scream he let out before the ram was so convincing. Then he only took off some paint

  35. Nice RC tenk!

  36. This tank is the new memes bois

  37. RC car xddd

  38. HWAA SOH!

  39. That was funny as hell,

  40. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    How funny would it be if he had shouted “THIS IS NOT THE DROID YOURE LOOKING FOR” when he first got spotted

  41. That ram was a solid meme

  42. wow amazing to see u got ACE for that i got one battle 7455 spot damage and 900 own dmg 2nd mastery only on the Asian server ELC even not popular on the EU server ????????

  43. In hoc signo vinces

    that game ending…. that one bounced!

  44. Load the Skill rounds

    The album is gonna have smash mouth covers as well! I’m in

  45. Loved the karate style ram!

  46. I am sorry but if you play from 6:05 at 2X speed tho

  47. The Yellow Pages A to K

    don’t stop what you are doing, It’s so fucking funny 🙂

  48. so basically….. this thing is like the old t-50-2

    high speed, and small as fuk

  49. looooooool
    I rewatched this ram maybe 30 times and still laughing and crying at the same time ! haha ^^
    you made my day, now I can go to work with the smile 🙂

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