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Source: OddBawZ

The -30 Super in a Premium French Tank. Today, I decided to activate ALL of my boosters in one shot and take it out to try and the AMX-40 for a video on a later date!

The SUMMER event is live now and Gaijin has added a “Special” crate that you should never do! 🙂 I'm here to prove it by losing over 12 MILLION Silver Lions!

I decided to play 3 and no matter what happened, I would it!

Not going to lie… I was a little bit nervous doing this challenge since there was a lot at stake!


  1. @Marin3r little bit hard when I can’t see anyone, even though my head is always on a swivel and using my binos, there’s always that one fucker that blends in with the terrain.

  2. @Sumtingwong Must be Sumtingwong with your drop chances… ^^

  3. @Yeet Sus Maybe you are rushing it too much? That’s what I did.
    Being an AB player, I used to be too much on my “W” key. In the last weeks I became more cautious and instantly had better results. Also, something you can see Odd doing on masterclass-level: reading the tactical situation of the battel. He always analyses the enemies nations and vehicles-capabilities they bring. Based on that he anticipates the locations in which enemies are to be expected.
    In short: try to adapt an analytical tactical mindset. I know, easier said than done. 😉

  4. Defa Anges Tunggara

    At 1/3 of yours, still 4 thing showed up so far, just booster, back up, order and SL its not even exceed 100k sl drop 🙁

  5. I kinda like the AMX-30S but the lack of lineup prevents me to use it, and NO i would not play it with a 9.7! That leaves the 8.3 tanks as (a questionable) option if I ever unlock all 5 (+3 8.0).
    This video is also a good example that the 40000 score is actually a lot to grind, and u have to do it over and over again for 3 weeks!

  6. 18:00 – Night or day, snow or dust, cloudy or fair weather. I’ll watch your videos OddBawz because your entertainment is the better.

  7. One day I will be as rich as you odd, I just need premiums to do it

  8. Hey odd, i have had a lot of fun with the Daimler armored car, recently, destryoing panthers and panzer 4s. Its fast and has a potent 40mm cannon. I would love for you to check it out! with love from germany

  9. I true;y believe that if you stack up or use a BIG amount of a booster or boosters it gives you a tip on the scale a lot more towards the losing side and seems like for some odd reason you can get killed way easier. I’m not positive but that’s what I seem to notice. Does anyone else notice this type of thing? Now seeing how OddBawZ stacked every booster known to WT man you can see what I mean as they give em a shit line of a team against a god line up of enemy nations and they then throw you on bad maps n(exp. night) the tank your using isn’t good on. But these dim maps or dawn/sun set are horrible as well and never mind flying a plane on one pfffffff…… But for that many boosters Xp and SL that didnt seem like you got really much for that amount used and being in 1st place. But that’s my thoughts anyways an I may be wrong but who really knows.

  10. Crazy, I’ve opened 7 or 8 and have gotten 2 vehicles out of it

  11. Yo ODD where’s Steve?? He hasn’t posted in three weeks and his last video he was all like, “see ya tomorrow fans” and then poof he’s down for a month. Now I can see needing a vacation, I need one myself but it just seems a little odd that he just disappeared. But I don’t keep up with Twitter accounts ect. Just YouTube I try to limit my phone apps YouTube takes up enough of my brain power lol but any news can you at least let us know he’s fine?

  12. You see, the reason you didn’t get anything of value is cause you didn’t do like me, and spend 5 times the amount you just did, aka 65 mil SL. When I did that with the April Fools crates, I got the AU-1, and I’m so happy I did, cause it’s such a fun CAS plane!

  13. APC-Thunder is why I don’t play anymore.

    Removing hull break was the worst thing gaijin has ever done to this game. Half these “tanks” were cancer when hull break was still around, let alone after it.

  14. I have to, unfortunately. I hit a bog real hard and I’m grinding but I just can’t get a break. My teams just don’t back me up or ever run for the objectives. Or i get a horrible uptier and my shells just bounce. But the game is amazing. I just need pointers I guess. This game is so frustrating, but there’s just nothing like it.

  15. Nice, i can’t stack booster.
    The game delete the current active booster if a activate a new one.

  16. I been working 12 hours a day 7 days a week and your videos are the only thing that get me through it thanks man

  17. Is that a furry? hahahahahaha it sounded even funnier with the accent.

  18. Day 50 of asking Oddbawz to play the M56 scorpion

  19. They made the FlakRak 10.0 because it is completely defenseless against the ka50 and most planes at 11.0. The Roland system is just awful.

  20. When you active booster that is over 500% :

  21. I got an m1 carabine from opening one loot box, how lucky is that?

  22. If you are low on silver lions turn off auto repair.

  23. I spent 5 years worth of sl (55m) on 1000 boxes and all i got was a p59

  24. Lucky I wish I had of only spent 12 million SL on packages I was sitting there for around 40 to 30 minutes just opening packages one after another I ended up spending 59 million SL I still 42 million SL left but that’s more than I wish I had of spent

  25. Mr. Steal Your Girl

    Thats what i always do in games, like, my friends be like:
    “Why are you spending so much money on this? It is too risky”

    “Because i have everything else already”

  26. Shittypeepeepoopoofart

    why would you do that bro

  27. every single tank battle I’ve done recently also has been bad nations and bush/object abuse full

  28. i love your gibrish with a sent of english

  29. did you notice how that it shows how much ammo is in your mg now

  30. i got 1mill from opening 3

  31. on only 40 box i get the P59A, now i swear i will never complain about Bad luck in War thunder

  32. Games rigged for creators. you didn’t get revenge bombed after first kill


    you could have done a center mass shot and easy kill him

    WHAT THE FUCK????? YOU WERE AIMING AT THE WALL AT 8:36 , WHY DIDNT YOU SHOOT THROUGH IT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    how???? how is this possible?? am i dreaming???

  34. xd i spend all my 20 000 000


    I bought and opened 30, and literally got nothing but boosters, wagers, backups, 1 1million sl, 1 500k sl, and a few lower ones giving me pretty much all of the sl I spent back. Waste of time but I can’t say waste of sl if I didn’t lose any now can I? Lol.

  36. Lucas Phillipe Ribeiro Silva

    Can someone give me some SLs? I got less than 1000, and no premium for this unemployed Brazilian player 😛

  37. Wait, I thought boosters didn’t stack with boosters of the same type…

  38. Рулон Хуйдайлуков

    50 boxes = fj4-b 232

  39. 7:15 how could he get him with ESS?

  40. I opened 400 boxes so far and got 2 decal coupons, 2 more things which you cannot get as a coupon (and you get 1 mil SL if you had the thing already, I think it was lower level warbond shop vehicles), a T-34E coupon, and an FJ-4B VMF-232 (9.0 jet plane).

    The tons of boosters, orders and SL you get are kinda useless. But with 2 vehicles for 24 million SL, one of them tradable, I cannot really complain. I will probably dump another 30 mil or so, considering I still got 76 mil and from playing mostly rank 3-4 still gaining SL even without premium.

  41. My man just spend more SL in a video than me in 1000 hours.

  42. no i will do it

  43. hey 4 kills in a ground battle is one of my best kill streak, I’m still new to warthunder and its so hard!

  44. I dont even have 12 000 silver lions. I probably have researched like 30tanks but cant buy them coz I just dont have silver lions. Super balanced game.

  45. If it really is 0.0001% you would need to open 10000 boxes on average which would cost you 600,000,000 Silver Lions.

  46. 12 mil SL on scam crates? just go play the f4j phantom 2 and you can lose even more

  47. My Friend bought for total of 96mil and he only got KV-220 😀

  48. Dude, u from Scotland?

  49. those boxes are really a scam.

  50. scottish accent?

  51. Well doesn’t matter

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