It FINALLY HAPPENED in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Do you have any cursed tanks in World Tanks? For me it's the , but finally I have something worthwhile to talk about!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. T57 is a heavy tank (in its name), not a TD

  2. 1:02 when you want to sleep but you are trying to find a good spot on the bed

  3. 3:06 “You can defenitely outplay your opponents”

    – immediately starts firing gold.

  4. i remember one line from the movie “Dune”…….”Gods, what a monster”

  5. This man, just let it look like he could casually walk through every round like this. i just had few games that were good. i play wot like 7-8 years now, and still gets punched in most games. sometimes i believe my “heavy” tanks just made out of paper. my type 4 heavy has no chance to bounce grenades (and yes i know how to sidescrape) but it feels like most enemies have 1000mm of penetration :/

  6. Wish they made a setting where you unlocked the hull in snipe mode but still had it lock to the gun restraints

  7. Oh I wish armor was a thing still when I stopped playing. All heavy tanks and tank destroyers with chunky armor just saw exclusively gold rounds. Throw the skill out the window players are a plague

  8. I use double repair kits in this tank… no food

  9. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Is the T57 a td? Damn.

  10. Bob Anthony Cabudoy

    more of a offensive player? so sniping at the back and blaming team for a losing game is offensive gameplay now? hmmmm weird

  11. vitaliy nurmuradov

    at the end the tank looked like a duck with the bullet holes lmao, quacky baby doing what quacky baby does

  12. Great White North

    Sorry QB but E3 > E4. The E3 is my best tier 10 by far. Nothing like loading the gold and cutting through 268-4’s at will. Lol. Only one that comes close for fun and successful battles for me is the tier 10 Swedish medium.

  13. anyone elses screen go dark as he fughts the type 4 heavy

  14. Watched this live and we were discussing what this video would be titled….. 🙂

  15. E3 a tank need a support and a jungler

  16. Now we have bobject which is terrifying even though we all know how to fight it

  17. It might just be me but that A frame on the back of that TD makes it look like a lawnmower.

  18. I was watching live during this match and man! this is the reason why I started watching Quickybaby playing world of tanks! the beast is back..

  19. Until I do 10k damage with in in CW games

  20. E4 is just terrible. R2D2 is a glowing target, completely eliminates the frontal armor usefulness.

  21. Nice camooo.. I want that on my E3

  22. it finally happened? what you reached 10k damage?!!!!

  23. I give you some tips. The E3 needs at least 1 platoon mate. Like that, you can push or stop the opponents from flanking “so easily”. You do not use turbo on it. (I repair under 3 secs btw.)
    But today the E3 is not as strong as it used to be like a year ago or 2 years ago. You can literally compare this tank to the V4. See how much stronger the lower plate is, it can move around a lot faster. If you can hide the lower plate, it has better armor, but that’s all really. The E3 is a very hard tank to play solo, that’s why even the best wot player plays this tank in a platoon and only this one.
    But we agree on that one. Also a little tip how big differences there are. I know so far one and only one guy with any kind of arty that’s so much superior to anyone else with an arty that he basically 3 marked all of them. That’s something because the known mark hunters don’t even dare to try it. So that guy knows and the rest doesn’t.

  24. did you really need to load the gold for the poor type 4 though…like really?

  25. How come the tank looks different,it got some uogrades around,definitely looks better . Did i miss some new feature?

  26. QB does something good:
    “We did it”
    QB does something bad:
    “I did it”

    Talking about moral ambiguity ^^

  27. A4 steam enthusiast

    Really enjoyed your tech tree showcase yesterday!

  28. Have the tracks always been this wide?

  29. How do you get hit over and over in the tracks and its not for 500dmg per shot as well?

  30. april 2021: QB still enters free camera mode in the middle of a goddamn firefight.

  31. Those wide tracks remind me of the rear wheels of a tractor, where they sometimes have comically wide sets of wheels.

  32. Obj 430 is cursed for me. Just isnt my playstyle i guess.

  33. Less on joke why the hell can’t blitz get these crazy ass skins like wtf is the e3 part of fast and furious or Going to space!?
    Also the e3 is such a small tier 10 the light tanks laugh at it

  34. T110E3 was my first tier X and one of my favorite tanks.

  35. Great tank

  36. Am I mistaken, or is it only possible for a ftp player to get 9 BP points?

  37. My cursed tank is T55A, reward from campaign. I did perfect battles, wonderful and awesome battles. 1400 base exp and never got Ace Tanker in 450 battles.

  38. derjochwn _jungeTV

    for the ALGORYTHM!!!

  39. I love the E3

  40. Benjamin Márk Zelicicovici

    Hey guys, I am currently at the T30, is the E4 worth getting or should I stick with the tier 9 and long live big boomstick?

  41. really cool camo

  42. Who else was distracted by the spot on his forehead?

  43. Y Front warrior

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