It Got a Free Rammer To Make It Even Better?! | World of Tanks Progetto 46 Buffed

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Source: DezGamez

mod. 46 Premium Tank Buffed and Medium Tanks Nerfed. World of Tanks Update 1.10 Patch Review – Italian Medium Tanks, New Equipment 2.0, Map Reworks.

Today I am going to talk about one of the most stupid things in the update 1.10 in World of Tanks. While they are nerfing all the auto-reloading tech tree medium tanks, they decided to buff Progetto 46, by literally building the Rammer into it by default. Now it has more DPM than the B at 9…

What do you think, what CAN YOU think or say about that?


  1. I understand if they are going to do it with a weak, underpowered premium tanks… but this one is one of the best already!
    FIX: Just leave the Rammer alone on this one, like premium arty was able to keep it’s AP and HEAT rounds, and we would be done, do not simply build it in!?
    What do you think… Oeh, anyway, have a nice day, my friends!

    • NothingSweetAboutMe

      Yes, this makes sense. Keep the rammer so it takes up an equipment slot. Would be happier with this than my other comment.

    • For me it is a nerf, i had bond gun rammer on it to reload under 6 seconds. I feel like i am the only one who thinks about it that way.

    • @aaron casto Given what you say about the advertising of ability to add a rammer, it kind of makes sense now even though I believe previously having the ability to equip it with a rammer and now not being able to do that while also making so many other changes to equipment should allow them to not buff the tank simply because I very much doubt that everyone chose to equip this tank with a rammer. That being said, if WG insists on keeping this buff on this one tank they should also buff all other tanks by 10%. Apparently what they did with this tank to begin with is epic screw up.

    • @flea1951 You can get 3 prems back per yr for the credits you sold them 4 , ticket to WG …

    • Basically there’s a law where when you buy something you get what you paid for and if that changes then you have the legal right to demand your money back

  2. Standard B is almost “unplayable”, they really wrecked it with a chainsaw! Luckily i only have 16K left…..
    From a fun tank to something that does not hit anything and with a huge aimtime.
    New equipment, many times i just sitt in game and look att this crap, to end up closing the game and do something else. been there from the Beta, have they broke me……

    • What is with new equipment?:before you could have 2 binocs and 2 tool boxes and use it in all tanks, especially easy when using mod. First they eliminated camo manager, now this one. Want it on all tanks? Pay…

  3. Nothing can suprise me any more in this game 🙂

  4. It is the worst update in game ever. We basically forced to use equipment what WG wants us to use. Also bond equipment is pointless now

  5. In order to European law they are not able to do negative changes to any products that have been sold.

  6. on the map cliff the toke away the bushes next to the house on location e 1

  7. What about IS-3A? Same case?

  8. I already hated this tank as it was already OP now I hate it even more 😀

  9. The moral of this game is I give up……

  10. The new radio sounds for the communication system sounds like two robots making bebe

  11. Imagine if for a day, the community could handle the balancing of the game. Imagine how good this game could be? So basically, nerf most Soviet tanks and a lot of premium tanks.

  12. Wot was few fixes away being a really good game, now taking big steps back…

  13. maps are too small for these upgrades

  14. AmazingGamingplayz

    I wonder which tank will have 5 equipment slots…

  15. Funny just what I said on forum, tuesday morning.
    “Progetto M35 mod. 46 – 51,16% before BUFF. (yes you only compensated for loss of reload, but this just means the buff is a free slot)”

    But there is an even more ridiculous buff for a premium.


    Changed the reload time from 4.3 to 3.87 s

    The poor tank only had an average win-rate of 61,37% on european servers, heavily under-performing.
    Of course since its only a Tier 3 the impact for most players is allot less, new players however…maybe it wasn’t good enough as a seal-clubber before this buff.

  16. 6:53 Progetto has better armor as well lol

  17. Well so its simply bufed

  18. i know why im not playing this game anymore, sad story but nice video !!

  19. WG needs to grow some balls and start nerfing overperforming reward and premium tanks.

  20. All this while cdc is rotting away asssshooole wargaming

  21. Don’t get me wrong but compare progetto to bat chat 25t. Bat has shitty gun handling almost 2k for clip if you actually hit something and reload about 42 sec. Progetto has better armour, clip potential about 1400 and reload ~46 sec i assume but it is flexible and you have much more ammo 🙂 To be honest nobody asked for italian nerf but it was kinda needed, maybe they could leave the gun handling but not reload and accuracy. I know what your video is about and they should not change the abbility of mounting rammer on premium version and everything would be fine 🙂

  22. Now that i think about it, did they do something to the is3a as well, or have they left that one alone? Or can is3a not mount a gun rammer?

  23. Well, that proves that WG devs sine kinda walking shits

  24. Dez, this makes no sense, they buff the 46 when they are trashing the standard B & 65?
    You have an awesome crew trainer/ credit maker but now the teir IX & X aren’t worth getting? Go figure?

  25. The premium EBR escaped nerfs too……

  26. Informative content. Entertaining gameplay. Amusing accent.

  27. “It is just stupid. It is just stupid.” Totally on point, nothing more to say.
    Thanks for the good quality in your vidz, keep up the good work and the good entertainment.

  28. nerf 65 and standard and boots 46. i am stupid, but i dont understand.

  29. Can you do S.Conqueror with turbo charger?

  30. Megacool111 here
    OMGGGGG thanks so much, this is like the first time I ever won a giveaway!

    About the changes to premium tanks, it’s simply dumb…

  31. I think that the next thing they do to the Progetto is make it a reverse autoreloader

    Soviet style

  32. but its not a free bond rammer. WG please fix this right now

  33. Hi Dez. If using small first aid and repairs, I learned to put small first aid in the first (#4) slot, as the one you usually needed quickly was driver (to get away), and for that you’d press 4-4, and the small repair in the second (#5) slot, as the one you usually needed quickly was tracks (to get away), and for that you’d press 5-5. That way you get faster response time when you most need it.

  34. I have progetto but i was never able to mount gun rammer

  35. So when I get matched with this “Buffed” tank it will destroy me even quicker, I am so glad these changes correct some of the issues, with all the new tanks being played its turning into a sealclubber paradise.

  36. finally wg gave themselves the knock out blow. with every patch they were able to crawl up at the count of eight. now, they wont get up, they are knocked out. ty 4 10 years of crapgame. no worries, i will get by.

  37. i hope you help my gold ..wkwkwkwk thanks for make my game interesd

  38. Good on them!! How can you imagine that you’re paying real money for something and then it’s changed for something less valuable? It’s like buying brand new car and after first service visit, you’re told service is done we removed 6th gear, radio and AC cause your car was to good….. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. 3:23 wargaming doesn’t want to nerfed premium tanks but what happens to T-34-85M before with 185mm penetration with standard round but they reduced it to 150mm and reduced again to 144mm..and also to Skorpion G it was secretly nerfed..and they can buffed some premium tank like IS-6 which is good now because i bought it using bonds..

    • Kalle Kumpulainen

      Please tell me when 85m had 185mm pen? 😀

      And while youre at it, tell us how skorpion is nerfed, and when?

    • @Kalle Kumpulainen because when i first got the T-34-85M on the event few years ago as i remember it has higher penetration but i don’t really remember if it’s 185mm or 175mm but and it’s damage before was 240damage also it can penetrate an O-Ni..if you think im just lying then ask wargaming..about the Skorpion G i feel it was secretly nerfed because why i complained its concealment really bad..everyone knows it if they purchased that Skorpion when it was first sayin it because few years ago that tank was like invisible but now you’re always got lit..and also if im using my Skorpion G and enemy player used it,i got first crew has 4 Skills concealment is 505 when not using choco..515 or 517 when it has last 530 concealment if using both choco and directives..

  40. 5:35 i don’t like that symbolism on that tank the Bull or Ram in front and on the side of its turret..

  41. premium ebr got buffed too

  42. Pedro Mercado Lamagni

    Am i the only one who thinks these giveaways are a hoax?

  43. Dez try play top tier polish medium tank but only in turbo mode. Good luck

  44. I like they try do something, just they listen more to gamers. I have the Progetto 46, but not play it.

  45. What about IS-3A?? Did they do the same with it??

  46. I thing its good now. Now is Progetto atleast playable and i can go on from my 38,95 WR to higher stats! 🙂

  47. I appreciate your input on this dizzying game. I have to spend almost more time watching the unicums playing on YouTube as I play the game for all the pointers tips and advice! You are a very important part of that. I’m really not that good but i like playing the game as long as i keep in mind it’s a game and losing is part of it – within reason. I own the progetto so its good to hear but i parked it for credits needed to play another tank. looks like it’s time to dust it off and play it again. Thanks.

  48. Why can’t they just not change it and keep the rammer on the slot?

  49. Thank you daddy Dez for the humble gifts you have showered us with!

  50. Top10RandomVideos

    I was about to reinstall this game, but no wth is this bs

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