It is just like Worse Russian… | World of Tanks CS-52 LIS Review, LIS Challenge Marathon

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Source: DezGamez

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Let’s talk about our newest marathon tank CS-52 LIS, which marathon still running at the moment. I might be a bit late with the video, but still, wanted to share my thoughts about that.

What do you think?


  1. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad, it is DECENT.. But as it doesn’t offer anything special, I do not see too much value in it, over many other premium tanks!
    What do you think? Have you bought it, how are you doing in the marathon?
    PS! All Of the August GA Winners will be announced in my next video!
    Have a good one!

  2. Giveway at end of month?

  3. Honestly have not even started the marathon. Lost interest right before the start of it.

  4. I played on himmlersdorf (it is wrong I know) there was 4 ebrs in each team

  5. Wipe out the fascist states of murica

    i laughed my ass off when i saw people driving that thing already in the first hour of day one of that marathon, spending 60€ for that crap XD….walletwarriors lol. i wouldnt even take it for free.

  6. Lol that intro never gets old

  7. This tank is so……………….nothing special :((((

  8. You know wg shows you a tank, than they wait and than they release another one to top the previous, so that they get more salt-money

  9. The start confused me for a second ,but it was a fun intro

  10. your intros are awesomexD

  11. Sir, thats a wrong “Tube” site, that ELC clip is gonna get you demonetized…

    Also pls WG do something with that female crew voice it’s horrible

  12. Never been this early to a Dezgamez vid before…

  13. I have done 8 marathons in World Of Tanks for tier 8 premium tanks, including the last 6 which had the base XP grinds. I started this Marathon and got to stage 6 in two days then quit, I will not buy the tank. I don’t think I will be doing anymore WOT marathons of this sort. I liked the challenge of doing them before and got some really good premium tanks from them, but now I find the Marathons very boring and repetitive. It seems that WG is going to go back to the Marathon every 3 months thing it did last year. They have found that doing these Marathons which give discounts on premium tanks is profitable. But the bundle is overpriced in the first place so even with a 50 percent discount you are paying $32 + for the tank in the U.S. I also have seen the video Dez did about another tier 8 Russian medium premium, which to me seems superior to a lot, if not all the other premium tier 8 medium tanks out there, with only bad dispersion (Which on Russian tanks usually means nothing) and limited mobility. So again why bother with the Lis unless your a collector, love the game, or need a Premium Polish Medium tank.

  14. If I would get a discount from the marathon, how high of a discount should it be until it would become “worth it”?

  15. i have to disagree on 1 point, the gun handling is pretty good on this tank. i agree that it’s nothing really new or exciting, and it’s definitely not worth the price. I’d say just complete the marathon if you have spare time

  16. Dez: is it worth your time?
    Me: ( a tryhard sweaty boi almost a no lifer ): Well im allready almost done with stage 8 might as well finish it lul

  17. 2:39 no Dez it’s not like a worse version of the T-44-100 it is in fact a worse version.

  18. Ugh Ive committed to this and I dont know if I can make it anymore…
    Im still at stage 6 and it’s tuesday…

  19. I am trying to get it for free. As I hate life, I am also trying to mark the A46 at the same time 😛

  20. Dear DezGamez – polish food “smalec” is pronounced “smale_tz” not “smale_k”. Greetings from Poland, keep it up <3

  21. That intro made me laugh 🤣

  22. What’s to apologise for in that intro? Go Crazy man. Love your videos

  23. Smalec-you have to pronounce “c” like tz ex.tzardom or tzatziki maybe 😉

  24. I don’t wanna be mean but that tank offers more than this channel…

  25. The gold shells are some of the fastest in game. Allows for some funky stuff.

  26. Samuel Rojas Dominguez

    I like it, is not bad

  27. Mmm at the moment I prefer lancen over this tank, I’ll buy it anyways lol

  28. So guys is it worf it?

  29. That beginning was great

  30. how can i get a type 59 to test it, like a rental or something.

  31. No matter how good it is I have no intention paying the overpriced WG bs

  32. The start was just epic :D!

  33. It’s decent, but being able to get it 80% off makes it fantastic on top of getting 0 skill crew with it

  34. THX for honest review!

  35. The problem with the polish tanks is that their gold ammo is heat rather than apc like most other tanks. In theory it has better pen, but there are lots of places on tanks where heat does fuck all, so it is often worse than regular rounds.

  36. have the IS-6 winners been drawn?

  37. “if it is wurf…”

  38. T44-100 is silly money when it does come up for sale so I’d say this is probably worthwhile at about 50% discount. Also, it’s a great crew trainer and credit maker for the new Polish medium line. Has to be better than the Pudl?

  39. Thanks for your no BS opinion & I tend to agree that this isn’t anything special so I’m going to skip it. Keep up the great work

  40. I think I still like it tho. Going to try to get it to 70 but I think I’ll make it up to 60 only

  41. Hey Dez,
    if i want this alphadamage. Would you say i should buy CS or rather Lansen C?

  42. “It is just like worse Russian”
    Who woulda thought, right?

  43. Play the CS-52 as a glass cannon. Try take no hits if possible. Also APCR is nice with 1,569m/s shell velocity.

  44. Yeah so basically it’s a slightly worse T44-100 …

  45. Am sorry but I disagree with you… Look am not trying to be mean but why blame the armor if it not enough to bounce all the time.. The key feature is the gun, couse its a medium tank not a heavy. (Still love your content, keep it up)

  46. I got it for free yesterday and i tooks me 7 hours per day, honestly it’ like a lensen C, less manuvrable compared to lensen, but more armored, honestly i like it

  47. It comes to something when the goodies gained while grinding are worth more than the tank lol

  48. Comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.

  49. i mean.. if that thing had the turbine mode like the t10 .. then it would at least be kinda special :/ now its just meh, not bad but there are way better other tanks

  50. Minut 3:08 that voice XD

    Yea my first thought about it was “sooo just anny new prem medium, like i have enough” looking deeper into it made me think yea let me stick with T 44 100. More reliable and yea lower alpha and pen sucs but still i trust it more

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