It is NUTS and Nobody Knows it! | World of Tanks T32

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Source: DezGamez

New Best Tier Heavy Tank? World of Tanks T32, Buffed Amerian Heavy Tanks. What is new with World of Tanks 1. Patch.World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch Review – Italian Tank Destroyers, New Map Outpost, Kranvagn and AMX M4 54 Rebalance, Big Tank Rebalance, Matchmaking Changes, Big Map Rebalance and More.

1.1 Patch Notes:

Today I am going to play with T32, which got buffed in the 1.18… and let me tell you, it is quite a beast! You can even play it without a stabilizer and it works!

What do you think?


  1. With my secondary equipment setup, Bounty vents, rammer and Turbo, I have 6.65s reload… Quite NUTS!
    Have you tried it out?

    • I tried it and its really nice. It feels a bit like an medium gun. You should also try the tier 10 Amx. After the buff its just insane

  2. after the T29 the T32 was just crap.


    *Let’s just appreciate how they always manage to put a smile on our faces whenever we feel negative!*

  4. Cool video love it

  5. what WG did to T32 and AMX M4 let me belive, they didn’t fully lost their touch for balancing tanks from underdogs to none-OP community favourites. But there are a lot more of those to get in line

  6. What about the AMX 65t?

  7. Still rather play the nerfed the t29. T32 gun sucks with worse mm

  8. T32 was good before the buff the only thing the buff really did was give it extra penetration on standard and gold rounds.

  9. I 3 marked T32 years ago. Maybe I will try it again.

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    *I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*


    *Let’s just appreciate how they always manage to put a smile on our faces whenever we feel negative!*

  12. i was grinding the T32 to get to t110e5 and now my life is easier and i also loved the t32 before the buff, it had good enough armor, the gun was good, it was mobile enough for my play style

  13. So many bot comments, and I bet mine gets blocked …

  14. That second setup I would have traded places with the rammer and stability so I would have gotten the slot boost for the rammer. Awesome game none the less. 😁

  15. VK 45.02 A: *Sniffs* …

  16. I loved the t32 line and wanted to get the e5 but stopped at the m103 which isn’t bad. I just couldn’t stand getting penned right above the gun mantle as what’s the point of being hull downed against tanks if the other heavies could pen that part of the turret. Maybe one day I’ll try the m103 again if the line goes on track again. Till then I’ll enjoy the t32 again as it’s worth the price over the m103.

    • Yeah, it’s BS how WG gives Russian, Chinese, German and British turrets WAY more armor on the top of their turrets, but then give the American and French tanks 20 and have it sloped in such a way that the entire top is easily visible.

  17. The T32 experience was only surpassed by the 110 which was even more shit.
    The tank still is shit but a little less. Only playable when top tier.

  18. I have the T32 in my garage and have never played it, not once. After the T29, which was amazing hull down, to go to a Tier 8 Heavy tank with 114mm of frontal turret armor made absolutely zero sense to me. Must say though, this is a nice break from the Italian line. Thanks for the great content Dez!

  19. Incredible, the only tank with 3 marks that i have it’s T32 and was before penetration buff


    Because T32 it’s a fucking medium with a big turret;
    Generally i got around 3k dmg with T32 + 3k spot dmg

    So, mix your dmg with assistance, because T32 have a lot of visual range

    T32 turret it’s amazing too; Dont have a tumour like T29/E5/M103 and if you wiggle right-left, it’s possible block shoots with gun (and accuracy is enough to attack with a damaged gun)

    I sold my E5, my M103 to keep only my T32 because is the best free VIII

    ¿MM Tier VI-VIII?
    Deal dmg with T32

    ¿MM Tier IX-X?
    Mix your dmg (track, spot and deal dmg)

  20. Wyats your guys favorite non premium tank?

  21. T32 is nice and all, but it still cannot compete with t26e5

  22. Wish I could exchange my (specific nation) blueprints for universal blueprints, not sure when I’ll use 213 American fragments with everything unlocked (including arty) 🙁

  23. They buffed t32 that was already better version of patriot xD GG

  24. I swapped the stabilizer for the rotation device when the new equipment. It did fine for me because I wanted better haul travers for the mobility. I’m happy that the gun got all the love at the cost of 10 view range. I got a 3 perk crew and 52% on the 4th. Now, I wish WG would buff the T34’s gun’s aim time lowering the stat by at least .90 seconds and reload time down to 10 seconds at least. To make this tank worth buying again.

  25. Pershing: “please put me in tier 7 where I belong”

    German tech tree: slightly buffed “why am I versing an auto loading abrams wtf hans!!”

  26. I have finished the line, but still never sold my T32. Wish I knew about the buffs before I ground out the field mods on it.

  27. Thanks Dez! I gotta try this, I played the T1 and M6 last night, but didn’t notice any improvement with their “so called” buffs…So I’m hoping I can feel the difference on the T32.

  28. I remember the days, when T32 was used in CW with two different guns. One for alpha dmg and the other for dpm. the gunhandling was so worse, the vstab was a musthave and still trollish. Now its a high precision tool.

  29. Game is pure garbage

  30. Damage per shot and pen is terrible fir a tier 8 heavy

  31. LOL I recently sold it, as it didn’t seem to stand out and I already bought M-III-Y in the meanwhile. It looks really good now. That dpm is insane!

  32. Everyone forgot this beast…? Uh… how?! It’s the best tier 8 heavy for a reason! The turret and view range combined with thick tracks and decent front plate it’s a very tough machine in the right hands

  33. Nobody wants to take a break from the Vipera.

  34. I hated this thing after the T29. I might have to buy it again

  35. İ sold t29 and get t32. T32 really good tank now. Gun is real american gun now

  36. hope wargaming buff amx 50 100 ,this shit need some love

  37. Hey, Dez, you are amazing! But I guess I don’t have to tell you that 🙂 What I have to tell you is an idea!!! What would be the DPM of a vehicle considering the time it has to spent from the starting area to the firing line. Each vehicle has a different number for that and that means that the DPM of certain vehicles (like badger for example) is not what it is on paper but it is what it is from the moment when they are able to fire at the enemy for the first time in the battle.

  38. Everyone will rush for it and _BAM!!!_ rebalance!

  39. what about Patriot?

  40. 10 meters of extra penetration for T32 standard

  41. They could buff it all they want, so long as my RNG is clocked so abominably low there’s no way I can make it work. WG must’ve picked up on something uncomplimentary that I said on some platform and decided to punish me. My RNG is atrocious no matter what tank I use.

  42. There is one thing I dont get.
    Why are you switching to apcr for the wz-120 with the reason that the angles can be a bit to steep?
    You know that ap has better normilization than apcr, so for steeper angles ap should be better no?
    Or is it just that you were worried that 218 pen isnt enough for wz?

  43. A bit longer stream, all day you mean. <3

  44. I would personally never pick rammer over vents

  45. T32 was always strong af…

  46. Has been one of my go2’s for years
    Hull down close range knife fighter
    Haven’t played it in a few weeks
    It was a strong 8&1/2

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