It Should Never Be Sold Again in World of Tanks | Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

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Source: DezGamez

World of Pz. II Ausf. J, 100€ Premium Tank aka The Most Expensive Premium Tank. World of Tanks The Best Premium Tanks, Overpowered Premiums Tanks. World of Tanks II J, Tier 3 Premium German Light Tank.

Premium tank which is so broken, overpowered in the game that it should never be sold again!

What do you think?
in action / мир танков :
– German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf.


  1. What other tanks are bad for the game, like this one? ⛔
    Have a good one my friends! 😉

    • 105 leFH18B2 – and it looks like this thing is going to be in the next black market 😒😒😒

    • it was a mode for the first time you could play the game mode and that was fun .players said it was fun but the tanks were meant for a event . the event was fun but making the tank into the game was a mistake .Now when you play wheelies you dont take the game seriously and just yolo like in a sturmpanzer event expect the enemy tanks are slower

    • And WG will give a F* like they always do….

    • This abomination should never have been made or sold to begin with…It’s the ultimate p2w bullshit, it’s only not being complained about more because the only people using it are shitty seal clubbers.

    • EBR 75 FL And Lefhard

  2. Have killed this many times … The tier 3 french TD with its OP view range can penetrate easily 🙂

  3. Did you know that this tank was given for free on the console a few years ago.

  4. I spent money on last black market… never again… even though I got the Pz 2J it’s not worth spending that much, let me tell you

  5. This tank is SOOOO SH*T in Blitz they sold it for 5$.
    And you’ll get gold compensation if you sell it lol

  6. The Problem is not that this Tank exist. The Problem are the players who play this tank for fun or just to ruin the game of others, bc they think there d*ck would grow from that. If CCs play this tank its ok bc the audience would request it if not. And isnt it better 1 CC plays this tank insteed of 100,000 viewes buy and play this tank?


  8. Who else was thinking why the fukc he did not thot that last light ? Until he kill them both hhhh

  9. Use the code: PRIMEGAMING2020 to get 500 gold. Like this comment so more ppl can see it, have a good day.

  10. my T3 Skoda can pen it easily 🙂

  11. It’s really hilarious when one of these run into an AMX38, especially if both know what they’re doing lol

  12. Why not to sell? It is bad for the game, but is it only OP tank? How much skorpion G they sell after they introduce it? They are well aware what they are doing. Nowdays, they are games in which u have 3/4 of the teams are premium tanks.

  13. Make apcr shells of other low tiers better..

  14. The times I played the PzIIJ on the SEA server before WG sold them into the premium shop were enough to drown a hamlet. I enjoyed the broken tank as it was super rare in the SEA server cause I had a Russian box code so the WG staff can manually add the items into my account. Same for the BT-SV and a few other things.

  15. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    *sees title
    But deeeez, money money money, wee gee need money for vodka coz servers need vodka cooling to prevent it from crashing

  16. Tier 2: that Mini Maus,whatever it is called
    Tier 3: FCM 36 Pak40
    Tier 4: T-28 F30, Pz B2
    Tier 5: that motherfucking leFH
    Tier 6: idk
    Tier 7: E 25
    Rest is up to wheeled shits and OP premiums

  17. Love you Dez <3

  18. Whenever WG sells this thing, I roll out my sexton premium arty and the gold AP butters through it

  19. No new players in WoT the game dies

  20. Just pay to win…

  21. Ah yes this…i couldnt even pen the rear with a PZ C

  22. In a world where people buy a new Fifa every year and put thousands into it to get a new team in the game every year, this (some pay2win here and there, and u don’t even win anything from playing this tank apart from low tier win rate…) isn’t rly a thing people get upset about anymore…. I don’t rly care at least, don’t know about any1 else.

  23. stai, tu esti cumva roman???
    ca am vazut anuntul de la PZ II G in romana 🙂

  24. Food for the Marder II

  25. ”what is this $h*t”’…lol…😆

  26. This isn’t even in Blitz anymore, it was pretty op

  27. i have had one for a long time and sure every now and then you can get a good game…it is pay to lose now, the tier one gun just let’s you down worse then ever.

  28. wargaming is just SICK

  29. Plasmarion The Great

    Console players that get this for free:

  30. When he face an Hetzer it’s Hetzet

  31. Whenever i play tier 8 i see players who are garbage and i check their stats… BOOM! 100 battles and 3 tier 7 premium tank and its almost like this tank bad for new players and good for average players. Honestly wg why add this thing?

  32. Give it turbo, vents and optics, for more OPness

  33. pay 15 thousand gold to buy this, then pay a lot more gold to buy ammo for it ( every1 knows that ap is useless in this vechicle and gold is only option ) … GJ WG

  34. Welcome to the game. That’s nothing new. When I started to play 7 years ago, I had to fight versus FCM 36 Pak 40 on Prohorowka. Deal with it 😉

  35. le mini maus

  36. I don’t want to support this kind of monetization

  37. Just learning the game? Spend hundreds of whatever currency to buy all of the tier 8 premium tanks where you average one to two shots worth of damage per game. That’s WoT these days.

  38. I have this tank and i didnt play with it from ages reason why one enemy tanj was trying hard to pen me until he said to me in msg I’m hacker i use god. Mode i laughed i felt noob and quit it

  39. Joe Patrick Dela Cruz

    Dez: “Consider not selling this vehicle ever again for your own safety. Simply stop selling it. It is stupid. It is bad for the game.”

    Wargaming: *I’ll fuckin do it again*

  40. they sold the 2 J for the cheapest it’s ever been ($30 USD vs $100+) plus a month of gold plus a garage slot and I was baffled. Fortunately while you do see them more than you used to, many tier 3-4s have enough pen to sklizz through

  41. 2J easy to kill and outdated in the OP department.

  42. Definitely not as OP as it once was. I watched a platoon of them get shredded by BT7 arty’s

  43. I received this free from Console and got “Hetzered” five times in a row, never play it again…. =P

  44. It’s funny, whenever something German is OP it gets banned.

    I’m very sure…I’m German and I get banned alot…for superiority.


  45. PZ s35 on gold C:

  46. Weird thing I noticed about this tank, it’s that when you are facing one of them, and your team “manages” to destroy it somehow… the enemy team automatically gives up. Yesterday 2 of my companions destroyed one, and then in my Pz IIIE I just destroyed 6 players without even trying to. O.O

  47. Victor Latorre romero

    This thing is actually free on ps4. My noob ass sold it

  48. i bought this tank because i needed a big reserve of gold and it’s just so broken it is boring after 3 batles so i don’t even play it

  49. absent-minded goldfish

    Pz. 2 J goes on sale?

    * laughs in BT-7 arty *

  50. Like i always said: The problem is not the game (EBR’s, art, etc). The problem is WG”.
    This game could be easily the best game in the world, but the ones who are managing it are greedy and ignorant people.

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